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Chapter 1: The Shout Heard 'Round the Corner Store


/Rooftop, Odaiba School, Odaiba, Wednesday, November 3rd, 12:12 PM/

"So how's the house hunt going?" asked Gatomon.

Demiveemon shrugged. "Don't know the exact details, but it's going better from what Davish has told me."

Right now, Gatomon, Demiveemon, Poromon, Upamon, and Patamon were on roof, staring down at the open courtyard where the students had lunch. The Digimon for the older kids were on top of the gym's rooftop; they didn't want to draw too much attention by being clumped together.

Even though Digimon were now known by society, public opinion of them was still a tad low after the war that had gripped Odaiba; numerous sides had gotten involved in the conflict, and it had left the city in ruins. Had it not been for Huanglongmon and the four Guardian Beasts, Odaiba would've still been in ruins.

But even though their homes had been rebuilt, Davis and Jun had had a hard time; when their parents Hiroto and Anzu had been killed by a parasitic race of Digimon called the Gravemon, that essentially left the two children without a lifeline. Come November 1st – the day after the payment for the apartment rent was due – their landlord forced them out of their apartment.

So far the past three days, Jun had been trying her hardest to get something done, as she was now Davis' legal guardian. After all, she was 18, and there were no other members in the Motomiya family tree.

Even so, they couldn't just sleep on the streets until they got something working…well, except that first night, but that's beside the point.

"Say Upamon, thanks for letting us stay at your place while Jun searches for a place to live," said Demiveemon as he gazed at Cody's In-Training partner.

The small Digimon smiled happily. "No problem! Cody and his mom were happy to help!"

One of the perks about the events that had occurred last week was that the Digidestined no longer had to hide their partners from their families. It was naturally awkward…but they were getting used to it. They still tried to keep their partners hidden whilst in public, because they didn't feel quite ready just yet.

But all in due time…all in due time.

Patamon remained silent as he looked down at the Digidestined; Davis, Kari, TK, Yolei, and Cody were eating quietly at one table. "Say, doesn't Davis look more upbeat than normal?"

Demiveemon nodded. "Jun said this morning that we were finally going to a new house after the school day ended. She said that she got us a new home."

"Wow! Really?" exclaimed Poromon.

Demiveemon nodded happily. Gatomon smiled. "Good for you. You guys deserve a good home."

"I wonder where we're going to live though…?" wondered Demiveemon out loud.


/Lunch Table, Odaiba School, Odaiba, 12:15 PM/

"So you're moving to a new house at last?" asked Kari out of concern.

"Yep!" said Davis enthusiastically as he munched into his roast beef sandwich.

Cody smiled slightly as he sipped his orange juice. "I'm glad. Still, you were welcome to stay at my home."

"Nah. I didn't want to be a bother. Besides, my GUARDIAN," Davis couldn't help but cringe slightly; the thought of Jun being his legal guardian gave him the willies for some reason. Maybe it was his old sibling rivalry wanting a way out. Anyhow, he continued, "Said that that we're moving into the home of one of her friends."

"Who is it?" asked TK as he slowly bit into a rice ball.

Davis shrugged. "Don't know."

"Any suspicions as to who?" asked Kari.

Davis couldn't help but smile slyly. "I have a feeling it might be her new sweetheart: Jim Kido."

Yolei blinked out of shock. "Joe's older brother?"

Davis nodded as the youngest Inoue child chomped down on a banana. "Think about it! I mean, Jun was on the phone with him for at least an HOUR last night! She's even sold her old Teenage Wolves and Matt Ishida posters to make some spare cash!"

"Well, that's probably a blessing for my brother," said TK with a grin.

That elicited a small round of laughs from the Digidestined; even Cody had a tiny chuckle, as he was also aware of how Jun had hounded Matt. The elder Motomiya child had once idolized Matt with the fervent passion that all fangirls seemed to possess. But during the events leading up to and during the War for the Real World, Jun and Jim had steadily fallen for each other in a relationship that had been forged by hardship and strife. It was safe to say – more like a fact – that Jun would not have survived the war without Jim by her side.

"Still, I wonder who the unlucky ones getting YOU as a new relative are," joked Yolei as she crumpled up her banana peel.

Davis snarled. "One day Yolei…I'LL GET YOU BACK!"

"Oh yeah?" retorted Yolei as she angrily stood.

"YEAH!" yelled Davis. Lightning crackled and surged between their eyes as they glared daggers at each other.


As the bell signaling the end of lunch sounded, Cody sighed. Sometimes, I wonder why they pick on each other so much…


/Hallway, Odaiba School, Odaiba, 2:13 PM/

As Jun quietly walked through the packed hallway towards her next class, she could barely contain the smile on her face.

She could barely believe that she had managed to make it all work. After stressed talks with her friend – and her friend's folks – considering the possibility of them becoming the legal guardians of Davis and herself, it had finally managed to get done. The legal papers had been signed and done with; Davis had never been one for legal mumbo-jumbo, and he basically let Jun do whatever she wanted as long as she got them a home (she even got that message on tape, so she could present it at the legal dealings).

Starting this afternoon, they'd be at a new home…and a new life would begin.

As she slowly neared her next close, Jun Motomiya sighed ruefully. …I wish things were back to normal.

Even though the Motomiyas were soon about to become part of another family, Jun craved the old days when her parents were still alive. Even though the parents worked a lot – and Jun shared a classic kind of sibling rivalry with Davis – family life had been stable…and, at the times the parents got time off, very enjoyable.

But now…those times were no more.

Jun stifled a sniffle. Don't cry Jun…not now. You're moving on…you can cry later.

With a smile on her face, Jun walked into her next class as the bell rang.


/Soccer Field, Odaiba School, Odaiba, 3:13 PM/

"And the crowd goes wild!" cheered Tai as one of the elementary kids kicked a soccer ball past his legs and into a goal.

On the sideline bleachers sat three people.

The girlfriend: Sora Takenouchi.

The best friend: Matt Ishida.

The best friend's girlfriend: Mimi Tachikawa.

Sora smiled as she watched Tai coach the younger children in the ways of soccer. "Tai looks so happy out there."

"At least he's managed to find a way to deal with the post-war trauma," joked Matt as he sipped a sports drink. Truth was, some of the Digidestined had been…well, bored after the final battle against BelialMyotismon. Even though they were completely spent physically and mentally, those few had wanted to continue on doing something. Tai had been one of them…so he had coped by volunteering to coach elementary children in the ways of soccer.

Mimi blinked as she watched the group of kids fake mob Tai, who let them do so. "Uh…is he being hurt?"

"Nah…he's just letting them have fun," said Sora.

"Hey guys!"

The three turned their heads to see TK, Kari, Yolei, and Cody walk towards them. Yolei looked around and asked, "Say, where's Izzy?"

"He's tutoring at computer class," replied Matt.

Kari glanced at the soccer field; Tai suddenly started yelping as the children latched onto his hair. She then giggled. "Silly Tai…I told him that he should've cut that hair down. It's too big a target."

TK then stared at Matt with a small smile on his face. "So…any more news about mom and dad?"

"They're planning it out…I give it about a few months," replied Matt with a smile.

After the events of the Odaiba War, Natsuko Takaishi and Hiroaki Ishida – after talking with each other to correct some old historical inaccuracies – had planned to remarry. Soon, TK and Natsuko's last name would be Ishida again…and the two brothers couldn't be happier.

Cody looked around quietly. "Say, where's Davis?"

"I think he left with Jun immediately after school ended," replied Kari. "Probably to see their new home."

Cody nodded. "I see…" He then turned to Yolei. "Yolei, do you mind if I walk home with you? I need to get some milk from your family's convenience store."

Yolei nodded; after all, Cody and Yolei lived in the same apartment complex. "Of course!"


/Odaiba, 3:30 PM/

"Can I take the blindfold off yet?"

"Not yet Davis!"

"Come on Jun! I'm blind here!"

"Just a little longer…"


"…doot doot doo…"

"Jun, if you start humming…"

"Here we are!"


"What was that?"

"That sounds out when the doors open Davis."

"…it sounds familiar though…"

"Okay, you can take it off!"

Davis immediately took off the red blindfold…and immediately realized why the 'ding' had sounded so familiar: it was the sound that accompanied the opening of the doors of the Inoue Convenience Store.

And standing several feet in front of them were all the Inoues save for Yolei: Mr. Sasuke and Mrs. Subaru, and the children; Mantarou, Momoe (Jun's friend), and Chizuru.

And they were all smiling.

Davis, however, was not. "Uh…why are we here?"

Jun smiled as she pinched her little brother's left cheek. "Why else?"

Before Davis could say anything, Sasuke hugged him fiercely. "Ah…! Welcome to the family, Davis Motomiya! Or should I say Davis 'Inoue'?"


Yolei and Cody walked in…and Yolei blinked. "Uh…hello everyone…dad…why are you hugging Davis?"

Sasuke chuckled as he let go and slapped Davis on the back with a good-natured smile. Momoe giggled as she embraced her friend; Jun then said, "Remember how I've been searching for a new home? Well…" Jun then turned around and clutched Davis' shoulders with a smile. "Say hello to your new siblings!"

Davis was silent.

Yolei was silent.

Then, an indescribable horror seeped into their bones…and then their disbelief erupted in full force.


As Davis and Yolei yelled simultaneously, Cody blinked out of surprise. "…I didn't see THIS coming."


To be continued…

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Chapter 2: The First Night


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