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Stickied – Term used to describe being hit by a blue plasma grenade; plasma grenades stick to a target, hence the term.

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Pelican – A futuristic dropship. Can drop off vehicles and ferry Marines.

Wizard- An asymmetrical multiplayer level.



We cut to a small stage that's pitch-black. Then a light comes on…revealing Veemon in a tux, holding a sign that had words written on in red with a golden outline. In the background, Impmon was playing music on an old piano, fit for an old vaudeville (you know, those old variety shows?). As a matter of fact, the whole scene seemed reminiscent of an old-fashioned magic show, at least in terms of the introductions.

Chapter 27: Truce

Suddenly, a hook wrapped around him; the blue Rookie yelped as he was pulled off-stage. A slip of paper fell out of his sleeve, slowly falling to the ground…and it had one word on it.


Veemon grimaced as he struggled back on-stage, the cheerful tune ringing throughout the stage. The blue dragon managed to pulled out one more sign and prop it up onto a tripod before being yanked off with a shriek.

Bonding: Yolei

Then the curtains fell.

And off-camera, Impmon grumbled, "I HATE the piano!"

(Don't worry. Segment's over.)


/Yolei's Room, Inoue Apartment, Odaiba, Monday, December 19th, 8:47 PM/

Yolei Inoue felt a bit tired. It was understandable, considering it was night… but her slumber was more due to the stress from yesterday's 'fangirl' debacle. Man…I never want to go through that again.

A slight chill ran through her; despite her purple pajamas and thick, thigh-high leggings. It had gotten quite cold that day; she hoped that she wouldn't come down with something. Her eyes drifted momentarily to Poromon, who was sleeping quietly on the pillow next to her. I wish I had feathers. Then I wouldn't be so cold.

Dim light filtered in through the window; it was enough to provide some partial illumination in the bedroom. The Child of Caring calmly turned on her side and reached over the edge, clutching at the D-Terminal she had hidden underneath her mattress.

The D-Terminal; essentially, it was a PDA…with several other functions (one important one was that it held the Digieggs of Love and Sincerity in a digital form until whenever she used them for Armor Digivolution). One of the ones she had used extensively was the E-mail function.

She calmly selected the address for Ken's D-Terminal. After all, it wasn't THAT late…and she felt like talking to him. Well, typing to him, in any case.

She wished there was a 'chat' function on it; it would be better than e-mailing each other back-and-forth. And quicker. Then again, on a D-Terminal (which had no keyboard), a chat program would be about as fast as E-mail.

Yolei Inoue calmly typed in her message.


She sent it to Ken D-Terminal.

A few minutes later, a reply returned.


Yolei giggled nervously as she went through the long process of using the D-Terminal's buttons to select the letters on the on-screen keyboard. "SORRY ABOUT THAT."

Thirty seconds later.




Yolei nearly laughed out loud. "TRUE."


Yolei Inoue remained silent as she glanced up at the ceiling. Hmm…what indeed? "NOTHING MUCH REALLY."


The Child of Caring couldn't help but feel a sense of peace. Talking like this was almost therapeutic (even though she didn't need therapy…though Davis would say otherwise. ZING!); just a simple conversation between friends. Or was that 'more-than-friends'? "BY THE WAY…" She even went through the trouble of adding an ellipsis. "YOU WERE KIND OF COOL YESTERDAY."

A few minutes passed. Yolei swore that that comment had sent Ken into full blush mode.


I knew it, thought Yolei with a smile. Female intuition: both powerful and frightening in its accuracy.

For the next few hours, the two only talked about anything and everything that came to mind. Why? No reason. What reason do friends need to converse?


/Davis and Mantarou's Room, Inoue Apartment, Odaiba, 9:05 PM/

Meanwhile, as Yolei and Ken conversed electronically, Davis and Mantarou were electronically delivering a major smack-down…with bullets.

Game: Halo.

Difficulty: Heroic

Level: Silent Cartographer (4th level)

Area: The Starting Beach Assault

Davis and Mantarou conversed calmly as they both threw grenades simultaneously on-screen, whilst Veemon watched with rapt interest from Davis' bunk. The Child of Miracles said, "So Mantarou."

"Yeah Davis?" asked Mantarou as he wiped a bit of sweat off of his forehead.

"Do you think this whole pranking business should stop for good?"

Mantarou ducked behind a rock to avoid a shower of plasma fire as he said, "You're saying it hasn't?"

"Not that. I mean…in the future. Should Yolei and I formally agree on a peace treaty or something?"

"That's your decision to make bro," muttered Mantarou as his eyes darted over his half of the screen. "Look out! Grenade!"

Davis blinked as he twisted the joysticks of the controller, only to find a blue, pulsating grenade stuck on his character's visor. "AH! I'VE BEEN STICKIED!"


Davis moaned as he set the controller down. "Aw man!"

"At least you'll respawn."

"Only when the area's clear of bad guys! I'm gonna miss all the action!"

"Shouldn't have gotten stickied then."

"Fine. I got dibs on the Warthog's tail gun then."

As Davis watched Mantarou work his way through the enemy aliens – with the help of computer-controlled Marines – he thought in silence about the Prank War. Sure, he had gotten the last laugh (although Yolei didn't know he had been responsible…and even if she did, she couldn't prove it), but it had led to the crazy incident with the Female Rocketeers in Tamachi. Getting beat up by an enemy Digimon? He could handle that. Getting mauled by fangirls? A fate he would not wish on his worst enemies.

It made him wonder what would happen if he and Yolei kept on, egging each other further, upping the stakes – and the pranks – each time. At that rate, it wouldn't be long before their acts got them on the news. Hmm…I wonder if I'd look good on prime time TV?

The Child of Miracles shook his head. He didn't need to entertain any possibilities like that; he would follow Mantarou's advice. Tomorrow, he'd make his truce to Yolei. No matter how hard it would take him to say it.

"Davis, you've respawned!"

"Oh," muttered Davis as he grabbed his controller and turned towards the Warthog that had been dropped off by a Pelican dropship…and he paled. "HEY! You took the tail gun!"


"I called it!"

Mantarou childishly stuck his tongue out. "First come, first serve."

Davis' eyebrow twitched as a dark look came to his eyes. He pushed the left trigger; the button used for throwing grenades.


"YOU BLEW ME UP!" protested Mantarou.

Davis haughtily said, "Serves you right!"

Mantarou grumbled before a smile came to his face. "Fine then! I challenge you to a Slayer match on Wizard!"

"You're on!"

Veemon could only watch in fascination as the two brothers began setting up the multiplayer match. Boy. They sure take this seriously. But I guess it's because it's fun…I mean, Davish sure is having a good time! That brought a smile to the blue dragon's face.


/Next Day/

/Soccer Field, Odaiba School, Odaiba, Tuesday, December 20th, 12:07 PM/

Sitting next to the goal on the soccer field was a large group of Digimon comprised of Hawkmon, Upamon, Veemon, Impmon, Gatomon, and Patamon. Sitting amongst them were a few humans; Cody Hida, Yolei Inoue, Kari Kamiya, TK Takaishi, and Daichi Etsuya.

Kari glanced around. "Where's Davis? Is he heating his food in the school microwave or something?"

"Yeah," replied Yolei. "We had some fast-food last night. Davis brought an uneaten burger and the leftover fries for lunch."

Cody calmly picked at the noodles in his cup of instant ramen; after silently slurping some of the Chicken-flavored noodles into his mouth, he said, "So Yolei…it's been over a month-and-a-half since Davis and Jun joined the Inoue family. How have things been?"

Yolei Inoue remained silent as she ran a hand through her lavender hair. That was a rather interesting question; how HAD things gone since Davis' arrival? How had her family changed? What had been the effects? "Well…I have to say that at first…he was a bit bitter."


TK nodded. "Yeah…he WAS a bit irritable on his first day to school as an Inoue…"

This time, it was Davis' turn to lose his patience. "I'M NOT DAVIS MOTOMIYA!"

Mrs. Hakashi stepped backward out of surprise. The rest of the class recoiled; they hadn't expected Davis to lash out like that. Finally, Davis angrily muttered, "My name is Davis Inoue."

Yolei then continued on. "But he kind of mellowed out after that…then he discovered my brother's Xbox. They bonded just like that." She snapped her fingers for emphasis.

Upamon chirped, "Wow! So they became partners or something?"

Yolei facefaulted.

Cody coughed as he interjected. "Um…it was a figure of speech Upamon."

"Oh." The In-Training immediately dove back into a potato chip bag.

"I have to say," continued Yolei. "It was really awkward; I mean, Davis and I were never really the kind of people to 'gel' together."

Kari nodded fervently. "I can attest to that."

The Child of Caring leaned back onto the grass as she gazed at the cloudy sky above. "But my family liked him from the start, I think. He wasn't a loner, per say…I mean, he does what he can to help from time to time." She momentarily thought of how he had tried to help out on Jun and Jim's first date…by stealing her stereo. Talk about smart. Not. "After all, Davis is NOT a bad guy."

Veemon immediately yelled, "Of course Davish isn't! He's a good guy! Are you saying he's a Dark Master or something?"

Yolei facefaulted again. But since she was laying down, that was kind of hard to do.

"Um…I believe that was another figure of speech," muttered Cody. But it wasn't much of a figure of speech to begin with.

"Oh." Veemon immediately grabbed another handful of Gummi-Saurs (think Gummi-Bears, except with dinosaurs, Godzilla, Gamera…)

Daichi snorted. "Continue on."

Yolei shot the dark-haired boy a glare. "I'm the one telling the story. Don't rush me."

Daichi casually shrugged. "Hey, not my fault. Besides, I owe Davis a lot myself." He's the one who got me off bullying…and got my stupid parents to make up.

Yolei sighed again. "Well…we all owe Davis a lot. He was practically behind the principal's idea to create the school guidelines concerning Digimon."

"And da way he put those joiks down was sweet," said Impmon with a smirk.


All of the Digidestined leapt backward out of surprise; the students in the hall paled at the outburst. Davis Inoue continued his angry tirade. He had enough of the prejudice…enough of the anger…and enough of the hatred.


Gatomon nodded. "I remember that…he really let everyone have it."

"He stood up for what was right," calmly said Cody. "It was the right thing to do. And think of how much it paid off." He glanced over onto the soccer field; there were at least thirty other Digimon now, with partners to match. "So many people have partners now. But there are still those who won't get past their prejudice."

TK sighed out of remorse. Sometimes the gene pool produced very foolish humans. "Only time will tell."

"Anyhow," said Yolei as she continued on. "Things were going smoothly…until this whole 'Prank War' business started." Her teeth ground together and her fists clenched so tightly her knuckles turned white. "It was just a back-and-forth battle of pranks…milk in my hair, glue to his seat, laxatives and frog guts in my food, itching powder in his underwear…and that was just within the first couple of days!"

"Wait wait wait," interrupted TK. "You put itching powder in his UNDERWEAR?"

Yolei nonchalantly said, "I paid Daichi to do it."

"In my defense, I prefer usage of the term 'bribed'."

Ignoring Daichi, Yolei continued on. "Anyhow…from there on, it got worse. Remember the clothes on the flagpole? I responded by removing his eyebrows. Then Davis fought back with a contrived prank that got me in Ken's room while I was only in my underwear and he was naked."

Daichi arched an eyebrow, the evidence of a chuckle coming to the edges of his lips (Impmon was already laughing, naturally). "Well…I certainly wasn't told about THAT."

"You don't have a D-Terminal, and it's a long story," answered Kari. "I spoke with Davis about that particular prank…he was certainly amused."

Yolei snorted. "Whatever." However…he did come through for me with the whole 'fangirls' thing. "I told you all about the fangirls yesterday at lunch and how they mauled Davis while trying to calm them down."

Daichi smirked. "For the record, I wouldn't mind being mobbed by a bunch of women."

The Digidestined sweatdropped.

"All in all…I think Davis has really become a part of the Inoues. Jun wasn't that much of a factor, because she had been good friends with Momoe for a long time, so it was easy for her to integrate." Yolei cleaned her glasses with a lint-free cloth before continuing, "As for me…well, I have to say that the last several weeks have been interesting."

Davis suddenly sat down amongst them, chomping down on his heated burger and fries.

Kari cheerfully said, "Hey Davis! We were just talking-"

He was done already. He immediately got up and started jogging around the soccer field.

"…about you," finished Kari, her expression contorted into one of confusion. "What was that about?"

Patamon pointed over at a Bakemon near midfield. "I overheard that guy talking about how his partner had a big game later today and that it was important."

Realization hit Kari like a bolt of lightning. "Oh yeah…today's the second quarterly Middle School-High School game! Tai's practiced all weekend for it…I think he wants to actually end the game with a victory and not a tie like last time."

"And without getting knocked out," pointed out Cody.

TK chuckled. "True."

And all the while, Yolei just continued thinking about the impact Davis had had on her family.


/Soccer Field, Odaiba School, Odaiba, 3:43 PM/

"WOOHOO! GO LITTLE BRO!" cheered Mantarou and Jun as the second quarterly Middle School-High School game continued on; it was currently early in the third period, with the score tied 2-2. All of the Digidestined (save for Joe, who was busy preparing at home for end-of-semester exams) were present, cheering for both Davis and Tai (after all, how could they split the cheering? It was especially difficult for Kari, considering that Tai was her brother). The only ones who were clearly biased for Davis were Mantarou and Jun, for understandable reasons.

Yolei remained silent as she fingered an apple in her left palm, her eyes watching Tai as he stormed downfield with the ball in his possession. However, her mind was in an entirely different place.

Davis, despite his faults (impulsive, carried a grudge against her, tendency to be macho and pig-headed), was a very lovable guy. He was loyal, courageous, friendly…and one heck of a leader when it came down to the wire.

Tai suddenly looked to his right; Davis was zooming in towards the ball. Fast!

So why was it so hard for her to get along with him?

Davis – with an uncanny quickness – stole the ball right from Tai and made it past midfield into High School territory. The Kamiya male was in disbelief; Davis had NOT been that fast back in September, when the first game had taken place. His adventures in the Digital World must really be paying off! Scowling, he took his position at midfield; unlike halfbacks, forwards weren't allowed to play on their side of the field. Davis was a halfback, so he could play offense AND defense; Tai was all offense.

Yolei Inoue shrugged as she took a bite out of her apple. Perhaps it was one of those things she would never understand; maybe that's how they would always be: bickering and figuratively snapping at each other, in spite of the friendship they shared. That was the only explanation she could come up with.

Suddenly, her eyes dilated; a piece of apple was stuck in her throat.

Jun glanced at Yolei as she started to gag out loud. "Mantarou, she's choking!"

Mantarou – instead of acting with worry – sighed out of slight irritation. "Right on cue; an Inoue chokes every month. First time Yolei's choked twice in a row though…" As he calmly applied the Heimlich to his little sister, the whistle blew as Davis scored.

Cheers erupted from the crowd; Davis calmly glanced up at the stands just as Yolei spat out the apple wedge. With that glance, he made his decision: he would make a truce with her this afternoon.

Putting his mind back into the game, Davis returned to his position.

The Middle School team would go on to win 5-3 (much to Tai's chagrin).


/Hallway, Inoue Apartment, Odaiba, 5:08 PM/

Yolei calmly stepped out of her room, taking with her a change of clothes and a towel. "I need a shower…"

She suddenly stopped; Davis suddenly stepped into the hallway, blocking her path. Demiveemon quietly stood on his shoulder, looking with his wide red eyes. "Oh. Hello."

"Hey Yolei," said Davis with a calm seriousness.


"So…mind letting me get to the bathroom?" asked the Child of Caring.

"First thing's first," said Davis as he held up his hand. "Before anything else can be done, I need to say…well, I think we should put a stop to the whole pranking business. With the whole fangirl thing…I'd hate to see it escalate into something bigger than that."

No kidding, thought Yolei with a momentary expression of annoyance. "So…what are you saying? That we make a truce or something?"

Davis nodded. "Yeah! I mean, we are living together now…and I've grown to like this family." And he meant that from the bottom of his heart; the Inoues would never take the place of the Motomiyas, but now at least he could comfortably call himself a part of the Inoue family. Perhaps it had been because everyone was always there for him…maybe that's why he had acclimated so quickly. "Sure, we might have a few squabbles here and there – siblings have them all the time – but at least we'll be able to start off on a clean slate. Whaddya say?"

Yolei Inoue blinked out of considerable astonishment. To be certain, her notion that Davis was pig-headed might not have been totally correct…especially since he was taking the steps to stop the Prank War for good. "Well…I must say Davis…this is surprising. I mean, I'd never expect YOU of all people to forge a truce. Especially with me."

"Heh heh heh," chuckled Davis with a wide grin. "I like surprising people. What can you say? So…" He reached out with his right hand. "Truce…'sister'?"

did he just call me sister?

Yolei couldn't help but laugh inwardly. There was just no telling anything with this boy. "Sure…truce…'bro'." They shook hands.

And thus it was over.

Davis had fully assimilated with the Inoue family by making his peace with Yolei.

"Now if you don't mind, I've got a shower to take!" Yolei cheerfully hummed as she walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Several moments later, the sound of hot water running filtered out from within.

Thirty seconds later, Davis opened the door by the slightest bit. "Go Demiveemon."

Demiveemon hopped off, scampered inside…and immediately rushed back out several moments later, the sounds of a flushing toilet coming from behind. Moments later, that sound was accompanied by the scream of a girl. Davis chuckled, a sly grin on his face. Too easy.

"Davish…what was the point of that?" asked Demiveemon. "I thought you said no more pranks."

Davis grinned. "Due to a technicality, it is only a squabble."

"Oh…okay then!" chirped Demiveemon.


Davis stepped back as the bathroom door was rammed opened by an irate Inoue, her skin slightly red from the sudden douse of hot water. Her glasses were hastily put on, and a towel was wrapped around her upper body from the chest down to the thighs. Her eyes, however…were filled with rage. Clearly, any and all hints of a truce were gone from her conscious. "FINE. I'LL SHOW YOU A SQUABBLE!" She stormed into her room.

Davis suddenly frowned. …something tells me I just did something very stupid.

Indeed. A penchant for pranking Yolei (or 'squabbling', as Davis put it) usually led to stupid things. And it also resulted in pain.

As clearly evidenced by Yolei roaring out of her room as she held a baseball bat in one hand, using her other to keep her towel from falling off. "RAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

"AAAAAH!" screamed Davis as he bolted away, with Yolei in close pursuit. Demiveemon watched as the two ran off. Brothers and sisters sure do have a lot of fun!

The Child of Miracles zoomed towards the stairs down to the Convenience Store, with Yolei nipping at his heels.

As Sasuke and Subaru toiled away in the store, they blinked as Davis suddenly ran out the doors. Yolei followed, roaring, "COME BACK HERE, 'BROTHER'! I HAVE A LITTLE 'SQUABBLE' WITH YOU!"

As the two disappeared beyond the windows, Sasuke grinned widely. "Excellent. She called him 'brother'! This is a sign of improvement!"

Subaru sweatdropped. "Slightly dense…yet lovable." She calmly pecked her husband on the cheek before going back to work.

So Yolei chased Davis over several blocks that day. When they had eventually circled all the way back to their home, Davis had several bumps on his head.

However, due to the fact Yolei had run outside on a cold December evening with only a towel on, she ended getting a bit of a cold.

Oh well. Them's the breaks. And for the members of the relatively crazy Inoue household, par for the course.

And Davis wouldn't have it any other way.




Author's Notes: Well. It's over. Roughly ten months, 27 chapters, and over 100,000 words later, Housemates has ended. And what a trip.

I have to say, it was kind of challenging to write a purely humor-oriented story. You wouldn't BELIEVE how relieved I was to find most of my pranks from one site (unfortunately, the URL escapes me at the moment). It was when Davis started improvising, particularly with 'A New Prank', that it got hard to think them up. Even so, Davis and Yolei have such a comedic relationship that there's a proverbial goldmine of humorous nuggets to get. Case in point: the last scene of this chapter.

However, I did experiment with a bit of drama; having Davis acclimate into a new family was an interesting take on things, and it was really fun myself fantasizing about his transformation from a Motomiya into an Inoue. It was a bit difficult having to make up of all of Yolei's family; they had little airtime in the show, so Yolei's family members had no template. Of course, there'll always be a Davis Motomiya…after all, it just sounds so much better than Davis Inoue, doesn't it:-P

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