So in this fic I'm gonna pose an interesting origin of Nightwing. Basically, it comes around when Robin gets cheated on and turns dark vigilante. I'm hoping for extreme darkness on the part of Robin/Nightwing to the point of almost being Slade. This is rated NC-17 for language, violence, gore, and lemony goodness.

About this chapter: It's gonna start off really slow since I have to set up the story with it. So it might be a bit long and boring but I promise to make up for it in later chapters. If I don't, it's not like I'm getting paid anyways so who cares.

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"Example"-speaking 'Example'-thinking Example-narration

Chapter 1

It was a dreary day in Jump City. It was cold, windy, and raining so hard you couldn't see the mainland from the Tower. It was Raven's kind of day. The 18 year old teen stared out the window watching the storm raging on. It reminded her so much of the one inside her at that moment. And for once, it wasn't the fight to keep control of her emotions. No, that fight was over.

Raven floated away from the window and traveled through the Tower thinking about all that had happened in the past year. To say it had been an interesting year for the Teen Titans was an understatement. In that time, Slade had fallen and wouldn't be coming back again, Terra had been returned to the realm of the living, and Trigon had been defeated. The surprising part to all of it, was that it took only one of the team to accomplish all of it . . . . . Robin.

It was Robing who went after Slade with an unrelenting sense of justice. After all the pain and suffering. After all the games. After all the attempts on the lives of the Titans themselves. Slade was no more. It had been a fierce battle. All the Titans had rushed him at once, only to be thrown around like rag dolls. Once they were scattered around the room, it was then they realized Robin hadn't attacked with them. He'd only stood to watch, much to the annoyance of his comrades who feared he was yet again under the influence of Slade yet again. But that was far from the case. Robin used the pain of his teammates for the extra boost of adrenaline and anger. He would use that to give him strength. Robin was also silently meditating, knowing if he let Slade's words get to him he'd lose. But he didn't. It was a long and hard battle, but Robin came out on top. In the end, Slade died from a broken neck. The sight disturbed all the Titans, including Raven, but Robin just kicked the lifeless corpse and walked away never mentioning it again.

Terra was another story. Robin had called in a person favor to Bruce Wayne and gotten him to fund a project from STAR Labs to turn her human again. Thanks to all the Metahuman activity in Dakota, they had plenty of experience. It took several tried and failed attempts, but at last Terra was free from her rock prison. It took some time, but she was allowed back with the Titans. She'd proven to be a loyal and valued member.

Then came Trigon. He had planned to come back and use Raven to destroy the world. And he almost did. Until her friends came to back her up. Trigon fed on the hate generated by those around, and tried to make her friends turn against her. He failed miserably and instead made them care for her more. The kindness, friendship, and in a rare case that Trigon couldn't pinpoint even the love they held for her weakened him. But not before again causing her friends to fall at his feet and leave her drained of energy. As the dust settled, Trigon stood panting heavily over the broken superheroes. Out of nowhere four birdarangs struck in his eyes blinding him. The beaten Titans looked behind them to see Robin in worse shape than any of them. They stared wide-eyed at the young man who was in such severe pain but still managed to fight. He had broken his arm and several ribs and his eye had swollen shut, but yet he stood against the evil before him. One lone human without superpowers against the most powerful demon ever. In one swift motion, Robin was in the air and his steel-toed boot drove the sharp birdarangs deep into the brain of his enemy, killing him instantly. He then muttered a phrase only the closest person could hear, "That's for Raven you asshole." Raven couldn't believe she'd heard that and watched as Robin limped off, the rest of the team to follow.

Yes, this had been quite the year for the Titans. Raven soon realized that something was amiss with Robin though. He seemed to have become darker and more brooding. Meanwhile, with her father gone, Raven had become more outgoing and could now show emotions. Which turned out not to be such a good thing when she realized she had started caring about Robin more than just a friend. She was really worried about him, but couldn't go near him because of Starfire. That thought really burned Raven up, because afterall, today was Robin and Starfire's 1 year anniversary. 'I wonder what they have planned for tonight?' thought Raven. 'On second thought, I'm not sure I really want to know.' "God, who is playing that music so loud!" she yelled.

"I'm not in the mood to hear blaring, God-awful, mu-" Raven trailed off as she walked into the door to the gym and saw Robin hammering away at the punching bag. He was only wearing sweatpants and Raven couldn't help but stare at him as he went through his routine to the loud thumping music. 'God I want a piece of that,' she though. 'No, I can't have him. He's got Star, why would he even look at me.' Just then Robin kicked the bag right off it's chain and into his boombox.

"Fuck, there goes another bag and boombox I gotta get replaced!" yelled Robin as he turned to storm out the door. He was storming towards Raven and cursing under his breath while she just stood in awe of his chiseled and sweaty chest. Just then, he ran into her and knocked her down. Robin used his quick reflexes to grab Raven around the waist and spin in mid fall to cradle her against his chest so she wouldn't get hurt. Raven couldn't believe it. 'I have to be dreaming. I can't really be in Robin's arms against his bare chest.' Raven jumped up then.

"Sorry, Raven. Didn't mean to knock you over," Robin said still in a slightly grouchy mood.
"It's okay, Robin. I just heard the music up loud and happened to get to the door right when you were coming out," Ravin said trying not to show the blush on her face. 'Damn he's so hot. Oh the things I'd do to him'
"Raven, what are you staring at?" Robin waved his hand in front of her glazed over eyes and sounded annoyed.
"Oh . . . uh . . . n-nothing." Raven stuttered not able to hide her embarrassment any longer. "I gotta go"
'I don't know when Robin got this attitude, but it just makes me hotter.' Raven thought. 'Damn, I need a cold shower.'

As Raven floated off down the hall, Robin headed back for his room. He needed a shower and to do more thinking. 'What is up with Star lately? Everytime I try to take us to the next level she holds back or has some lame excuse.' Robin got in his room and headed for the shower. 'I mean we've been together for a year today and she barely lets me hold her anymore. I know that I've changed a little, hell with the life I've had I feel a lot older than 18 that's for sure. So I've grown up, that's no reason to suddenly treat me so cold.' The workout hadn't relieved any of his stress like he'd hoped and the shower didn't either. 'Shit, with this storm I can't go for a walk. Well, guess I'll just walk around the Tower then.' With that, Robin headed out to wander the halls of the Tower to calm himself. 'Now that I think of it, I haven't seen her at all today. Wonder where she is.'

Raven was sitting on her bed looking at a group picture of the Titans from a few years back. 'Ya know, maybe I should get a new one made. Seeing as how Robin and I are both 18, Cyborg is 19, and Star and Beast Boy are both 17 and this picture is three years old.' Raven sighed, running her finger over the face of Robin. 'I remember you used to be the bright and optimistic little boy that I had a crush on.' Another sigh. 'Now you've turned into a young man with darkness in your heart. The funny thing is, I wouldn't change it at all. I love what you've become, Robin.' Raven gasped. "I love Robin?" A second gasp with wide eyes. "And I just said that out loud." Raven groaned then heard a knock at her door.

"Who is it"
"Hey, Rae. It's Cy. Have you seen BB around? I can't seem to find him anywhere." The metallic hero scratched his head in thought.
"Actually," Raven said opening his door, "I was wondering why it was so quiet around here"
"Yeah, that's what I thought so I started to try and find him. Oh well, guess he'll turn up sooner or later"
"True, there's no way we'll ever get rid of him." Raven chuckled and Cybord joined in. Then they started to roll with laughter.
"Ya know, Rae. I'm glad you can laugh now. You're really cool to hang out with when you don't blow stuff up when you're emotions show," Cy smirked at her. "Speaking of which, didn't you challenge me to Halo 2"
"Yes I did." Raven returned the smirk. "You ready to get beaten by a girl?" "Hey, the only girl allowed to beat me is BumbleBee." After saying that, Cy turned several shades of red.
"Now there is a mental picture I wanted. Let's go before my brain can let it sink in"
With that they raced to the living room to start fragging each other.

'Well, surprisingly wandering around the Tower actually has helped me cool down.' Thought Robin as he explored some of the lesser used portions of the Tower. 'Damn, Cy. How big did you make this place? I never even knew some of these places existed.' Robin kept walking letting his head clear and trying to calm himself. 'Maybe I should try asking Raven to help me meditate or something. It's definitely a lot of fun hanging out with her now that she can show emotions and all.' Further down the hallway Robin heard some noises. 'Hmmm, didn't think there was anything or anyone down here.' Robin headed towards the source of the sound and a date with destiny . . . . . .

Jacketslacker: Like I said, this one started out slow and probably a bit on the lame side. It'll get better in the following chapters I promise. Just had to do the initial setup for it though. Well, R&R and tell me so far how you think it's going. Thanks for reading.