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For the purpose of this fiction

Ki- body energy

Rei-Ki spirit energy

Chakra- combined body and spirit energy



China Jusendo Mountain

Saffron, God of the Phoenix, found himself in a situation that simply had never occurred before. This mortal landling was challenging him and despite the impossibility of the situation.

The mortal was winning.

This impossibility would not continue he was a god he could not be challenged by such a pathetic creature he would not allow it. Saotome would die even if he had to sacrifice this body to do it. Rushing in would not do the job though. This mortal has proven himself surprisingly clever. Mastering the Gekkaja's use in such a short time had shown this. Regardless the mortal will die even if he had to escort him to the abyss himself.

Ranma Saotome held the Gekkaja at the ready and was desperately trying to think of a way out of the situation that he had gotten himself into. He could see that Saffron was wary of him but couldn't for the life of him think of why he was at his absolute limits.

But maybe he didn't know that.

'This is my last gamble hope it works' and with that thought he charged the phoenix. Closing the space between them in a blink of an eye Ranma ducked under the talon strike and brought the crescent blade of Gekkaja across Saffron's stomach cutting and freezing him. Using the momentum of his strike he threw a powerful roundhouse knocking saffron back violently into the mountain.

"Kijin Raishu Dan" was a call that immediately followed this action. The blade of vacuum force managed to sheer off enough rock to bury the irate phoenix. Acting as quickly as possible Ranma ran for the dragon tap. Leaping to the top of the statue he drove the staff into its slot and released the restorative water of Jusendo. Soaking the Akane doll in the cold water Ranma let out a sigh of relief when she was restored to full health.

"Ranma let go" Ryoga called. Lifting Akane in a fireman's carry he made his way to the exit. Unfortunately Saffron managed to recover from the shock of being buried and had no intention of letting them go.

"Impudent landling," a wave of fire blasted the rubble that had trapped him away "You will BURN for you transgressions."

Tossing Akane to Ryoga Ranma yelled "take her and go ill hold him."

"But," Ryoga began


Turning back to the irate god before him Ranma resumed his frantic mental scrabble for a way to end this. 'No matter how much damage I do he keeps coming back with that regeneration ability I've crushed every bone in his body and he keeps on going.'

With the Kinjakan in hand Saffron sent wave after wave of fire at the pigtailed fighter forcing him to doge wildly. Digging the prongs of the Gekkaja into the mountainside Ranma ripped a boulder out and froze it. Crouched behind his improvised shield his mind returned to a way to end the struggle.

'How, how can I end this everything I throw at him is ineffective' the boulder he used as a shield beginning to steam and crack under Saffron's assault. Inspiration struck 'cold ki,' he thought 'He uses hot natural ki to evolve to adult form but cold ki sent into him directly should poison him, I hope.' Gathering all the cold energy he could from Gekkaja and combining it with his own soul of ice Ranma darted from behind the boulder and poured on the speed. Closing in on Saffron he struck out with a revised version of one of his fathers forbidden moves praying with all his might it would work rather than backfire.

"Ice Snake Venom Fist" ignoring the pain as he ran directly through the flame blasting at him. Attempting to doge Saffron took to the air but was foiled as Ranma followed and struck him in the chest repeatedly at Amaguriken speed.

Saffron felt his ki energy, already unstable from his incomplete transformation, blast from his back and be replaced by something. Falling to the ground he let out a ragged cough splattering blood on the ground. Staring wide eyed at the blood he thought 'I'm not regenerating.' Turning his senses inward he discovered an entire area of his aura was torn away by whatever the attack was. Struggling to stand as the pain he felt in his chest was rapidly expanding through his body.

On his knees panting and completely drained from his last attack Ranma watched as his opponent stood. Even though saffron was having difficulty he was still moving. 'I guess I lose' chuckling dryly as the only opponent he had not defeated rose again. 'No Akane is alive I know Ryoga will get her to safety even if I die I still win.'

"Congratulations mortal," Saffron spoke, "You have done me more damage than any opponent has ever done." He staggered forward using the Kinjakan to support himself. "Your last attack… tore my aura so much I'm not sure I can even be reborn this time," coughing up blood again Saffron collapsed to a kneeling position right in front of Ranma and met his eyes. "We die together; I will send you to the Abyss myself."

Saffron lunged at Ranma wrapping both arms and wings around him. Gathering as much power as he could from the pool of Jusendo he released it all in a single cataclysmic blast. Ranma didn't even get a chance to scream as his body was destroyed and his soul was flung with phoenix power directly into the Abyss between worlds.


Darkness, absolute darkness, into this all encompassing void the soul of one Ranma Saotome was flung covered in phoenix fire. He no longer had a physical body but he could still somehow perceive the surroundings. The darkness was alive somehow and it was hungry.

Pain beyond anything he had ever felt before flared in his very being. The Abyss was tearing away at his very essence, consuming his very soul. Reacting on instinct Ranma reached out and gathered what power he could to lash out against the threat to his very being.

The phoenix fire gathered along with what remained of Ranma's Ki forming a fiery imitation of his body which struck at the fabric of the Abyss. The darkness twisted and roiled around the point where its prey fought back. Strips of darkness tore at the vaguely human form reducing it in size. All other strikes were ignored in favor of escape. The concentrated assault finally bore fruit as a rift opened in the darkness. Immediately after the rift formed Ranma threw himself into it feeling the impotent rage of the Abyss as its prey escaped.

Unknown location

An ancient beast was roused from its slumber. Blood red eyes with slit pupils snapped open its every sense searching for what had awoken it. Rising from the ground nine giant tails uncurled to flow behind it.

Kyuubi no Kitsune considered to be the greatest youkai to have walked the world stretched its inhuman senses to the absolute limit. Something was throwing itself against the barrier between worlds. This power was trying to enter with all its might. This was disturbing to the ancient creature. This new power was not a threat to one such as him.

Yet it could become one.

Best to deal with this before it becomes a significant problem. Running towards the point of the intrusion Kyuubi grinned at the thought of causing destruction again it wouldn't matter if he took the time to flatten a human village or four. And so the great Youkai raced on to meet his fate being sealed at the hands of the Fourth Hokage in a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto.

Above a mountain some distance away from the Shinobi countries visible ripples of force twisted in the sky. The sky seemed to tear open and release a comet of blue and red fire that streaked down at tremendous speed.

The resulting impact destroyed a good quarter of the mountain top melting it into a pool of molten rock. The impact crater cooled off at an unnatural rate as if something was eating the heat. At the center of the crater a golden egg, slightly larger than a young child, can be seen pulsing in the cooling rock.

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