Surprises Ahead

Disclaimer: Only characters I own are Clark's older sister Samantha, and younger two siblings Marie and Thomas. All the other are from the WB Smallville

Chapter two


Part One

That fateful October morning Martha asked, Jonathan. If they go into town, so she gets some tulip.

Sam hears her parents talking in the kitchen while, she heading to the bathroom. Then, Sam heads downstairs. When she gets to the bottom step, Sam notices her father heading outside to do chores.

"Morning, Sam sweetie," Martha said to her daughter. You want something to eat. After, you eat and get dress, go help your dad with his chores. So, we can head in town.

Good morning, angel how did you sleep asked Jonathan.

Dad I slept well. I come out to help you. She told me that we are going in to town. She told me that we might get some ice cream.

When they arrived to Nell's flower shop Nell says hi and asks what brings into town.

Jon replies Martha wants some tulips.

What about some less uncomplicated flower Martha, says Nell.

No thanks, Martha just wants tulips.

Martha sees Lana sitting at a table. Martha asked Nell where Lana are.

Nell answered they're at the homecoming game like everyone else. I am being good aunt

Sam told Lana she looks pretty in the fairy princess costume.

Lana asked Sam if she wants to make a wish.

A/N Its two part because it is long chapter. Samantha is 5 when Kent found Clark.

End of part one