Route to a Gang War

Chapter 4

The Gods

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The old man rubbed his eyes and sat up, looking around. He found nothing very exciting where he was sitting and he had no where else to go. So he decided to walk around the street and look for someone to give him some money. Little did he know, at 3:30 PM, he would hit the biggest amount of big he'd ever achieved.

I awoke and looked over at my lamp. Beside it was a note. And my wallet was gone.

"Only Thievery."

God damn it! This mother fucker was getting on my last nerve! I didn't have enough shit to deal with already! Hah! I was in the tightest bit of tight I've ever experienced.

Well, for one, being among the best of the best isn't always a great thing. You might have the shit, the respect, the money (actually that was slowly oozing away from me, as you can plainly see, anyway), yeah, sure, but now I can't walk out my door to get a fucking cheeseburger without being shot at. I've tried to tell the Ballaz I wasn't a Grove, but no. The fuckers shot at me. I tried to tell the Grove that I wasn't a Balla, but no. The fuckers SHOT at me.

But this guy finally did it for me. He was pissing me off.

I was going to get this mother fucker.

And I was going to do it now.

What the hell? I had nothing better to do. Ever since the big mission, Vercetti hasn't contacted me at all. Not for a whole fucking week. I yawned and got out of bed and my phone rang.

I opened it up…

It was Shirley. "Hello?" she said when I picked up.


"Oh, hi! Look…um…I need a place to stay for a while. My … well… let's just say I'm single and not liking it."

I couldn't believe my fucking ears.

"Shirley, how do you fucking expect me to just say 'Oh, ok, go ahead and come on back? After all the shit you did to me, fine, I'll let you back.' How do you expect those words to come out of my mouth?" She told me why. I nearly dropped the phone.

In 4 months, I was going to be a father. After everything, this hit me harder than anything else ever did. After the gang wars, after Heat, after Tommy, after all that, nothing ever made this much of an impact on me. I breathed slowly, my heart nearly stopped…

"I'll come pick you up right now," I heard myself saying. At that point, my conscience was literally beating its fist against my head, screaming "No! No! No!" It was either that, or just the fact that I was hung over. I took a morning after pill, drank a cup of water, and got the fuck out of there.

I gingerly peeked out of my house. Oh, yeah, it was Saturday; the Ballaz must be smoking back at their crack house. No wonder everything was deserted. Well, this was a joyful thing for me, I could pick up my wife (yes, we weren't divorced, just split up) and not get shot at.

Wow, that sounded very bitter-sweet.

Within 10 minutes I was at Escobar International Airport picking up my wife. Shirley got in. She was definitely pregnant; she had gained weight, and she stepped in very carefully. I made sure to drive extra careful for her baby.

It was at that point my heart skipped a couple beats. I was sure Shirley didn't plan this, but it was a Jetz ambush. I swore out the window and pulled up and Uzi. Shirley shrieked. She wasn't used to this; I'd never told her what I did for a living. And somehow, I always thought she knew.

The next couple of minutes are a blur. I turned around and blasted out the window as Shirley yelped. I busted open their wind-shield while going down Highway 69, and then Shirley said what I had expected her to say.

"I don't want our child to be exposed to this kind of shit!"

"Not now, honey!"

"I'm NOT kidding!"

"I SAID NOT NOW!" I shouted as I swerved out of the way of an oncoming truck. Suddenly a tire popped.

Let's make a quick pause in order to re-cap. I was driving on the wrong side of the Highway, with a tire popped, trying to shoot behind me while dodging bullets myself, and pregnant woman was sitting beside me. I was doing 80.

OK, back to the story:

So I swerve and skim the side of a cop. Great, I was fucked. My tire was blown again. But not by the Jet, by the cop.

4 Jets had stolen a cop car and were rolling after me. I had 2 flat tires, soon to be at least three. This is where I made the toughest decision of my life. For what seemed like an hour in 3 seconds, I considered whether or not to just jump off of a packer and into a vacant parking lot.

Guess what I did.

So I swerved and they didn't see it coming and I flew. I looked over to see Shirley perfectly un-harmed, but scared as a mother fucker. I looked back and landed just right into the lot and turned into an alleyway, where I nearly ran over a man.

He was old, probably 50 at least. He stopped me. I glanced at the time: 3:30 PM. He asked if he could have some money, even though he could tell we were busy, but he said he was desperate. With so much on my mind, I pulled out 5 grand. He stared and immediately flooded my mind with "God bless you's." I said "You are very welcome," rather un-enthusiastically and drove off at 50 MPH.

I got home and Shirley immediately went for a shower. I saw the note again.

"Only Thievery."

I didn't even give a shit; I wasn't going back out there into that BATTLEZONE. I heard a knock on my door. There was Shirley, still fully clothed, who walked up and kissed me very passionately. I loved every second of it. I probably would have refused but I was so scatter-brained that love was all I needed to help me. I began to kiss her back. We both went through the hallway, still kissing, and undressed in the bathroom.

We made love in the shower for about 4 hours. And I actually loved it as much as I loved it before she got rid of me. I wish I could have denied it.

I walked out of the bathroom and zipped up Shirley's jacket for her. I was very grateful for being alive, with everything happening. But I was so … depressed. Exhausted. I needed to fucking sleep.

I crawled in bed. Oh my, God. It was 9:00. Hm …

"I love you, honey." I heard from the other side of the bed.

I couldn't bring myself to reply.