This is it, the last chapter of this story. Then I'll make another Team World Fic. This chapter is also my first song fic, hope you like it. Now on with the story!

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh:

In a dark area, unknown to anyone, we see three bodies lying on the ground, they were Joey, Yugi, and Kaiba, and they were unconscious. One by one, their eyes started to stir, and then they opened, slowly, they all get up from the "ground" and they all look around, trying to figure out where they were, or how.

Joey: so, what's going on? How did we end up here?

Kaiba: where is here?

Suddenly, appearing out of no where, and appearing everywhere, was things that resembled holographic screens. They formed a dome-like structure all around the three. The screens showed different things, and echoing sounds were coming from everywhere, probably from the screens. Each screen showed evens happening to people, and the weird thing was that the people were the ones that they were with now. One screen showed Kim and her friends, others were of them, the Kids Next Door, and a few others, and of the events that happened to them.

Kaiba: what is all this madness?

Yugi: I think I know what happened.


Yami Yugi: I now sacrifice Revival Jam, Fire Princess, and Hayabusa Knight, in order to summon my ultimate beast of destruction!

Yugi: (voice over) when I was summoning Slifer, the machines were going haywire. I think it somehow affected the millennium necklace, because I was using it.

The electrical devices continue to spark. Yugi, still in astral-form starts to disappear, and not ever Yami Yugi noticed. Everyone was scared at what was going on, Kaiba started to feel ill as the Anubis eye glows on his forehead, and then he fainted. Joey started to feel ill as well, the Anubis eye glows on his forehead, and then he faints.

Flashback ends

Yugi: somehow, we've entered a realm of every memory of every person in the room. My millennium necklace must have caused it.

Kaiba: can't you get us out of here?

Yugi: I could try contacting Yami; he might get us out of here.

Voice: don't even bother.

They all turned to where the voice came from, and they see Yami Bakura, stepping out of the shadows.

Yami Bakura: because you won't escape my wrath long enough to call him.

Suddenly, appearing behind Yami Bakura was all of his monsters like, Dark Necrofear, Headless Knight, Zombie Goblin, and countless others.

Kaiba: anyone got any ideas?

Joey: here's one: (Pauses) RUN AWAY! (Runs off) NNNNYYYAAAHHHH!

They ran off, fleeing away from Yami Bakura and his monsters. They each spit up, and they entered the screens like portals, leaving no trace.

Yami Bakura: well, looks like the chase is on.

Meanwhile, back in the regular realm, after Yami Yugi won, another battle was erupted. Weapons were shooting left and right, blows were being landed, and people were getting hurt. And Yami Yugi still couldn't get a contact with any of the victims of the millennium magic energy spike. It was at the point that Numbuh 3 was thrown across the room by a Syntho-Drone, and landed in pain near him, that Yami Yugi started to crack in his frustration.

Yami Yugi: grrr! EVERYBODY FREEZE!

As soon as Yami Yugi said that, all action in the room ceased. Everyone was frozen in their tracks. Suddenly, both the millennium puzzle and necklace were glowing and sparked a bit. A video screen that was right behind Yami Yugi started to show static, then the energy from the two millennium items start of affect the screen. The screed showed an image of Yugi, looking at a mirror, still armed with his ice gun. He seemed to be in what looked like a water ride from a theme park.

Static: what the heck?

Tea: Yugi?

Shego: (confused) okay, what is going on?

Yugi: hello, Yami, can you hear me? I lost your signal.

Suddenly, before Yami Yugi could say anything, a flame appeared next to him. Yugi turns around, and sees that Yami Bakura was on his tale.

Yami Numbuh 4: (gasp) the Tomb Robber?

Yami Bakura: there's no use in running, little Yugi. Eventually, your millennium items will be in my possession.

Yugi: if you want the rest of the millennium items, you're gonna have to go through me.

Yami Bakura: your proposal is accepted!

He shoots a beam from the millennium ring, and the blast causes the screen to go blank.

Yami Yugi: NO! I lost his signal again!

Felix: wait, what's going on? Who was that with the trench coat?

Ron: Felix, remember when we told you about that time Kim and I went to Japan, about the God cards?

Felix: that's the guy who took them, and brainwashed you?

Ron: oh, yeah.

Static: (to Yami Yugi) who was that kid who looked like a younger version of you?

Yami Yugi: technically, that's Yugi Mutou.

Helga: wait, wait! Back it up, spike head! If that was Yugi, then who the heck are you?

Yami Yugi: I am the spirit of the pharaoh who stopped the shadow games 5000 years ago. When Yugi solved the millennium puzzle, my spirit was reborn, whenever a great deal of danger we are in, our spirits would merge, enabling us to take on anything that goes our way.

Yami Numbuh 4: but when he summoned Slifer in Shego's duel, all seven of the millennium items were next to each other. And with the divine power of Slifer, it caused the items to give off a magical energy spike.

Yami Yugi: That spike caused Yugi to enter a realm where he's able to enter the memories of everyone in this room. It also affected both Seto Kaiba and Joey, which is why they are in their present condition.

Yami Numbuh 4: and I'm guessing the Tomb Robber took advantage of the event, and created that realm.

Lizzie: well, what do we do now?

Yami Yugi: if I could find Yugi, as well as Kaiba and Joey, I should be able to return them back to their bodies. All I need to do is focus hard enough on my millennium items, and I should be able to find him.

Yami Yugi closed his eyes, and tried to focus. Both the puzzle and the necklace glows, and the Anubis eye glows on his forehead.

Meanwhile, in the realm of memories, Yami Bakura had now summoned a few of his monsters, which surrounded the three.

Joey: uh-oh, not good!

Kaiba: we're surrounded, and I'm out of monsters!

Yugi: (works ice gun) I'm out of ammo!

Yami Bakura: well, gentlemen, it appears that I have you at a disadvantage. You can either choose to surrender, or I can do this the hard way.

Kaiba: we are not hostages to be barged with, Bakura.

Yami Bakura: then, I guess the hard way it is.

The monsters soon advanced on the three, preparing to strike them. But then suddenly, they disintegrated, leaving everyone there confused.

Yami Bakura: (gasp) my monsters! But how-?

Before he could finish, a yellow tail grabbed his leg, and something started to coil itself around Yami Bakura. Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba see that it was a duel monster, or perhaps a duelist who has become the monster, because they could see a blue battle city-like duel disk on his or her left arm, activated, and with a card on it. The duelist was a monster who looked like the Lord of Dragons, but had wings, and a Dragon lower body, the duelist's face was hidden in the shadows of the Dragon head mask.

Kaiba: what the?

Duelist/monster: (deep voice) quick! There isn't much time! I'll hold him off as much as I can!

He points behind the three and to another memory portal.

Duelist/monster: go to the memory I am pointing to! And whatever you do, don't leave it under any circumstances. Wait in that memory, the pharaoh will find you there, and he'll get you home.

Yugi: wait! How do you know about the pharaoh? Who are you?

Duelist/monster: that's not important right now. What's important is that you three get back home. NOW GO!

Joey: you heard the monster duelist-guy, shake a leg!

The three duelists were running towards the portal that they were told to go.

Joey: so, who was that guy? Do you think we could trust him?

Kaiba: yeah, this feels like a trap.

Yugi: I don't know, but he did help us with those monsters, and Bakura, I think we could. Besides, we don't have many options.

Joey: good point, steady the course, everyone.

They keep running, and then finally, they each entered the portal.

Back to the story:

Our story continues with Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba still running through the memory portal. After a while, they finally made it to the other end, which they didn't get a chance to look around first.

Yugi: (catches breath) alright! We made it!

Joey: YAHOO! We live to duel another day! (High fives Yugi)

Kaiba: don't celebrate too soon Wheeler; we're still not out of the woods just yet. We still have to wait here, and hope that Yugi's ghost buddy; the pharaoh, will find us.

Yugi: technically, he's a spirit.

Kaiba: ghost, spirit, same thing.

Joey: so… where are we now?

They all looked around, and soon found that they were in a gymnasium of some kind. The room had been decorated all around, probably for a dance of some nature. They also saw a few people (teens mostly), who were dressed formally, hiding under tables, and chairs. Then, they slowly got up from their hiding spot, and looked around with caution.

Joey: um… they can't see us, right?

Yugi: of course not, Joey. These are just visions of the past (with a confused look)…or it's the future? Anyway, they aren't aware of us. But what memory are we in?

Kaiba: I think we're in either Kim or Ron's memory.

Yugi: what makes you think that?

Kaiba: because we're in their school and these are a few of their classmates and friends. (Points to one person) look, that girl in the light purple dress is Kim's friend; Monique. The girl next to her wearing the blue dress is Bonnie Rockwaller, a girl who's in the same cheerleading squad as Kim. And the guy next to Bonnie with the tux and the purple bow-tie is Brick Flagg, the schools' quarterback.

Both Yugi and Joey looks at him strangely.

Joey: … and you know all this, how?

Kaiba: when you go through a person's timeline, you tend to pick up a few things.

Yugi: quite. They're talking about something.

They stay silent, hearing and watching the scene unfold.

Monique: it's been quite for a while.

Brick: too quite. You think Kim and Ron did it? Did they stop that Drakken guy?

Bonnie: who cares?

Girl: we do, Bonnie!

Monique: does anyone have a radio, or a TV?

Janitor: I have one.

The janitor pulls out a small portable TV, and he turns it on. The other teens look over his shoulder, and others try to listen.

Joey: what's going on here?

Kaiba: maybe if you'd listen, you wouldn't need to ask.

Joey: was that an insult?

Yugi: quite you two, I can't hear!

Newswoman: (from TV) this was the scene earlier this evening at the Bueno Nacho headquarters where the alleged Dr. Drakken was holding his base for his plan to rule the world with his Diablo robots.

Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey: the Diablo robots?

Yugi: (looks around) Kaiba, this is Kim and Ron's high school prom, isn't it.

Kaiba: I think it is.

Joey: what? That Drakken guy pulled his Giant Robot attack the same night as Ron and Kim's prom night? That is so wrong!

Kaiba: It all makes since now. That's why Kim almost lost; Drakken disguised one of his Syntho-Drones as a teenage boy. When I was going through her and Ron's memories, Kim didn't want to go with Ron in the first place on the account of Bonnie's speech about the "social food chain."

Joey: (groans) don't get me started on the food chain. That's why I didn't get a date throughout my freshmen and sophomore career. So what happen?

Kaiba: I don't know, I didn't get this far.

Newswoman: and so, thanks to teen hero Kim Possible, the worldwide Diablo destruction is itself disabled.

Brick: (smiles) Possible shoots, she scores!

He raises his hand, waiting for bonnie to high five him. She does nothing, but then…

Monique: Straight up! (High fives him)

Bonnie: excuses me.

Brick: oh, you're excused. Hey, while you're gone, I'll hang with Monique.

Monique: me like.

Bonnie shoots Monique a dirty look, and then they hear the doors squeak open. Everyone looks at where the doors were opened (which was the same place Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba were standing), first Monique and Bonnie gasped, then everyone else gasped, looking at the doorway. Needless to say, this made the three duelists nervous. Joey then blurted out…

Joey: duel disk at the ready, people! (Their duel disks fold into activation) Prepare for anything!

They turned around to see what everyone was gasping about; two shadows appear on the floor from the lights outside. Once they saw what it was, they gasped as well, it was Kim and Ron, only they looked different. Kim had her hair in a thick ponytail, and she was wearing a necklace that was a singe blue gem on a chain. She also wore a light sparkling blue dress that was charred at the bottom (the cause was possibly from a mission), and light blue high heel shoes. Ron was wearing a powder blue tux, which looked like something from the late 50s or early 60s, and his sneakers, or maybe white shoes (A/N: I'm not really sure). It dawned to the three duelists that the reason that the people in the gym were gasping was that they were holding hands.

Kaiba: Kim and Ron?

Yugi: they're holding hands!

Joey: but, that would mean that…

Before he could finish, a voice did it for him, it was Bonnie.

Bonnie: it finally happened. She's dating that loser!

All three got an annoyed look on their faces when they heard that last remark. They turned around to see that she had an evil smile on her face. Kaiba remembered from all of Kim and Ron's memories that Bonnie had always made fun of the two, she always trying to take them down a social peg. The smile on her face made Kaiba draw a conclusion: she had the opportunity to destroy Kim Possible's social status, and she was going to take it.

Bonnie: (Shouting) Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating? (Laughs evilly)

Once she finished, everyone else still stared at the two, staying in silence.

Yugi: oh, now that's not right! They're just gonna make fun of them? Just because they are dating? (Sighs) I swear, people can be so-

Before he could finish, his and Joey and Kaiba's thoughts were derailed as everyone (except Bonnie) were cheering their hearts out. This surprised the three duelists, Ron, Kim, and Bonnie.

Kaiba: you were saying?

Yugi: whoa! Bet she didn't see that coming.

Joey: Heh, Heh, yeah. (To Bonnie) In your face, whoever you are!

Kaiba: she can't hear you, Wheeler.

Joey: must you always ruin my fun with your logic?

Suddenly, slow dance music was playing. They look and see that Kim and Ron have nervous looks on their faces. Then, Rufus appeared from Ron's jacket pocket and saw the two. He had an annoyed look on his face as he crawled down to the floor. Rufus decided to take matters in his own hands and push Ron towards Kim; he then ran to Kim's side and pushes her towards Ron. As they bumped into each other, they looked at each other, feeling nervous and discomfort. Finally, Ron offered his hand to Kim, smiling, as if he was asking her to dance. Kim took his hand and was smiling too. The disco ball was spinning as they went to the dance floor, dancing to the music.

(A/N: the () on the song are the chours in the song, you know, the voice overlapping the other)

I know we've been friends forever,
But now I think I'm feeling something totally new.

Soon everyone else was on the dance floor, slow dancing to the music. Yugi, Kaiba and Joey went to a wall of the gym, watching the scene unfold. Yugi then noticed.

Yugi: hey guys, isn't that Kim's voice going though the speakers, singing this song?

And after all this time
I've opened up my eyes;
Now I see,
You were always with me.

Joey: hey, that is Kim's voice. Weird. You think she sung this?

The other two move their shoulders in an "I don't know" manner. Then they focused on the other people there.

(Could it be?)
Could it be that you and I
Never imagined?

They see Rufus and Monique looking at the two with great happiness. Monique was sighing as she put her hand over her chest, and Rufus was sliding down against something, probably sighing too.

(Could it be?)
Could it be, suddenly
I'm falling for you?
(I am falling)

They also see that Brick and Bonnie was looking at the two as well, Bonnie had a scowl look on her face, disappointed with what she tried to do and failed. All Brick could do was watch as he was eating a few chips he had. Suddenly, Yugi's millennium necklace was glowing, he takes it off and holds it up for him and the others to see, Yami Yugi's face appeared through the eye hole.

Yami Yugi: (through necklace) Yugi?

The scene cut to Yami Yugi and the others in the energy plant. Yugi was transmitting through the video screen; the music could be heard through it.

Could it be, you were right here besides me,
And I never knew?

Yugi: Pharaoh, you found us!

Yami Yugi: Yugi, where are you guys?

Kim: (gasp, to herself) that song!

Ron: (to himself) uh-oh.

Yugi: me, Kaiba, and Joey are in either Kim, or Ron's memory. We can't tell.

Could it be that it's true?
That it's you?
(Could it be?)
That it's you?

Yami Yugi: stay where you are, I should be able to get you three back here.

The scene cuts back to Yugi in the memory.

Yugi: not just yet, pharaoh. (Puts necklace back on) I don't want to miss any of this.

The scene cut to Yami Yugi and the others, they were confused at what Yugi said, except Ron and Kim, who were blushing like crazy.

Numbuh 1: "don't want to miss anything"? miss any of what-? (sees video screen, gasps)

The other KND, as well as everyone else gasped along with Numbuh 1. The screen shows what Yugi was seeing, which was the prom scene of everyone dancing, including Kim and Ron.

It's kind of funny
You were always near

The Kids Next Door looked on with shocked faces, and mouths agape. Numbuh 86 and 362's helmets fell off from their heads, Numbuh 5's red had fell off too. Numbuh 1 and Lizzie's glasses fell off from their faces. And Numbuh 2 and Tommy's hats/helmets and goggles/glasses fell off from their heads and faces. Static, Gear and the other meta-humans were in the same state as the KND, Static's mask and goggles fell of, and Gear's helmet and visor fell off too, but they noticed this, and they put them back on.

But who would ever thought
That we would end up here?

The scene cuts back to the three duelists in the memory, and Joey notes that last part of the song.

Joey: I guess everyone here did.

Kaiba and Joey: (high five eachother) Nice!

Yugi: (Not looking at them) guys, shut up! I'm trying to watch this.

And every time I've need it you,
You been there for me,
So now it's clear
I've been waiting for you!

Kim and Ron in the memory were still dancing, looking into one another's eyes. She briefly freed herself from Ron's grip, wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder. Ron had been surprised by Kim's move, he look all around him, feeling nervous at that point, but he started to enjoy the feeling, and he closed his eyes, enjoying every moment.

(Could it be?)
Could it be that you and I
Never imagined?

The scene cuts to Yami Yugi and the others, all the Villains there looked at the image that showed on the screen and their eyes were wide, and their jaws dropped. The same look was on the faces of Kim's twin brothers, Kim's parents (only a little for the parents, because they already knew about it), Yori, Zita, Felix, Will, Wade, Arnold, Helga, Phoebe, Gerald…

(Could it be?)
Could it be, suddenly
I'm falling for you?
(I am falling)

… Duke, Mako, Tristan, Mokuba, Serenity, Mai, Tea, even Shego and Yami Yugi were shocked at what they saw. Their attention continued to the two on the screen, still dancing closely. The scene cut back to memory as the two stopped dancing, Kim took her head off Ron's shoulder, and both moved their heads back to gaze at each other.

Could it be, you were right here besides me,
And I never knew?

Ron was blinking a few times, probably still in disbelief on what was happening. Finally, he gives her a smile, one of his trademarked smile that also had his eyes closed half-way. Kim also blinked (or fluttered) her eyes and she also lets out a small smile. Yugi, Joey and Kaiba looked on as Kim and Ron moved there heads closer so that they touched each other's forehead, continuing to look into each other's eyes. Then they heard Monique and Bonnie talking.

Could it be that it's true?
That it's you?
(Could it be?)
Oh, it's you?
(That it's you)

Monique: (gasp) they wouldn't!

Bonnie: she wouldn't! She shouldn't!

Monique: not here in front of everyone, would they?

They looked on in suspense. The scene cuts to Yami Yugi and the others, they too were looking on in suspense, Lizzie was holding on to Numbuh 1 in suspense, same with Numbuh 3 and Yami Numbuh 4, and Mokuba was biting his nails in a nervous way. Back in the memory, Kim raises her head a little, Ron was a little confused at what Kim was doing, she parted her lips slightly and he instantly got the message. Their faces were getting closer, and closer, their eyes were slowly closing as Ron opened his mouth slightly as they were getting closer, until finally, their lips joined together in a loving a lasting kiss. Monique, Bonnie, Brick, Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey (And everyone else in the normal realm (except Kim and Ron) gasped at what they saw.

Monique (the memory one): oh, my god! (In a loud whisper) they're kissing!

All the people there managed to see the center of the dance floor, and gasped at the sight of Kim and Ron kissing, and they were all staying silent.

'Cause today is the start
of the rest of our lives.
I can see it in your eyes.

Kim and Ron stood there in that way for a while, and then parted slowly. They stared at each other, blushing, still shocked at what happened. They didn't even notice everyone looking at them.

Kim and Ron: …wow…

Oh, but it's Real,
And it's true,
And it's just me and you!
Could it be?
(Could it be?)
That it's true?
That it's you?

They both stared at each other. Ron then broke the silence, and decided to speak from what was in his heart.

Ron: I… I… I love you, Kimberly Ann Possible.

Kim heard this and was shocked and happy at the same time. Tears fell from her eyes, but not of sadness, they were tears of joy. Kim realized that the perfect person that she was looking for was with her this whole time. She knew that what she was going to say was truthfully and from her heart.

Kim: I… I love you too, Ronald Stoppable.

Now it was Ron's turn to cry tears of joy, he felt like all was right with the world. Kim then took her hands, cupped them on Ron's cheeks, and pulled him into another kiss, a much deeper, passionate kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and it became a passionate French kiss. Kim then wrapped her arms around his neck, brining him closer to her. Ron was surprised at what Kim just did, but he let the feeling take control of him, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. He retuned the favor and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Kim lifted one of her legs in the air as they were kissing passionately, and more tears came from their eyes.

(Could it be?)
Could it be that you and I
Never imagined?

All the others at the prom cheered louder then before. The scene cuts to Yami Yugi and the others, the KND were cheering and tearing up at the same time, as were Arnold and his friends, and Kim's twin brothers. The villains were also crying at what they saw.

Dr. Drakken: that is… (Sobs) so… touching! (Cries)

(Could it be?)
Could it be, suddenly
I'm falling for you?
(I am falling)

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible were tearing up at the sight. So were the meta-humans, Zita, Felix, Wade, Will, Yori, Duke, Mako, Tristan, Mokuba, Serenity, Mai, Tea, even Shego was tearing up at what she sees.

The scene cuts back to Yugi, Joey and Kaiba in the memory. Joey was starting to tear up also.

Joey: (tries to hold tears) aw, man! I can't take this kind of moment (sobs).

Could it be, you were right here besides me,
And I never knew?

Kaiba was watching it with his normal frown game face, but as he watched on, his lips were slowly making a smile, and at each time it got bigger, his eyes got wider, and watery, until suddenly, he feels something wet trickle down from his right eye down to his cheek.

Could it be that it's true?
That it's you?
(Could it be?)

He feels that his cheek is wet; he then looks at his fingers in a small state of shock. For the first time in years, he cried, he actually cried. He looks up again, seeing the two still in their passionate kiss, he slightly smiled more as he realized why he had cried. Yugi, with tears in his eyes, decided to return back.

Oh, Yeah!
(That it's true?)
That it's you?
(That it's you?)

Yugi: (taps millennium necklace) we're ready, take us home.

Yami Yugi, (who was also tearing) heard this, activated his millennium items and prepared to return them back.

Could it be that it's true?
That it's you?
(Could it be?)
(That it's you?)
That it's you?
(That it's you?)
Oh, it's you…

Yugi was the first to fade away, and then Joey was next. Finally, Kaiba was the last, he took one last look at the memory of Kim and Ron kissing, and more tears appeared from his eyes, soon everything went black, and the song ended.

Soon Kaiba was starting to feel consciousness, as he opened his eyes slowly. His vision was burry at first, but his eyes started to focus, and he was now facing Mokuba.

Mokuba: Seto, are you okay?

Seto: (smiles) hey, little brother. Glad to see you.

He slowly sits up from where he was laying down on, and Mokuba give him a small hug.

Mokuba: glad to see you too, big bro.

Kaiba: (hold head) uh, man. How long was I out?

Yugi: (walks up to him) about 30 minutes. You were out longer then Joey.

Meanwhile, with the villains…

Motor Ed: dudes, we have a chance to attack while their guard is down. Let's take it, seriously!

Dr. Drakken: ooh, I like the way you think.

Motor Ed passes him the remote for the Laser, and Drakken prepare to shoot it. The laser aims for the group, and they don't realize it yet.

Dr. Drakken: say good-bye Kim Possible and friends.

Before he could push the button, it gets knocked off from his hand by a small laser shot, thus destroying the controller. He lets out an "OW!" as he hold on to his hand in pain. Yugi and the others turn their attention to Drakken, but then see a Ref-Bot holding a laser gun. Then everyone sees that above the Ref-Bot, was John.

John: not today, Drakken.

Rubberband Man: John! About time!

John: (eyes Rubberband Man) look, man, don't start. (To Drakken) Dr. Drakken, as head of the Team World Duel Monsters Tournament, I hereby place you and your villain buddies under arrest!

Dr. Drakken: HA! Fat chance! you and what army?

Just then, more Ref-Bots with laser guns appeared all around the villain, pointing their weapons at them.

John: you were saying?

Dr. Drakken: oh… Snap!

Shego was making her way out of the building, luckily for her, no one noticed. But then, Joey jumped in front of her.

Joey: going somewhere, greenie?

Shego: yeah, (hands glowing) I'm going to tear you a new one.

Joey: is that right? NOW!

Joey ducked away, revealing a Ref-Bot with super thick hand-cuffs. It threw the hand-cuffs at Shego, and they caught Shego's hands, the cuffs were so thick that Shego could blast them off. Then Kaiba appeared next Joey, who got back up.

Kaiba: do you know what I hate the most?

Shego: (nervous) um… when you lose a duel against Yugi?

Kaiba: no, I've learned to live with that. (He and Joey Walks up to her) what I really hate is when someone threatens my little brother!

Joey: yeah! I don't like it when someone threatens my little sister!

Shego: hey-hey, I was just kidding, I wasn't gonna hurt them. There's no need to go all crazy.

Joey and Kaiba: TOO LATE!

They both raised their fists and both punch strait in the face (leaving two black eyes), throwing her back a few feet. The pendent that she used to control her brothers fell from her pocket when she landed, and bounced in front of Numbuh 5.

Numbuh 5: this ought to free your brothers from mind control.

She pulls out her soda-pop bottle gun, and shoots the pendent, thus destroying it. The micro-chips that were on the rest of Team Go fall off from their heads.

Hego: ohh, my head. What did I do last night? (Looks around) hey, where are we?

A few minuets later, still in the energy plant, the ref-bots are placing hand-cuffs on all the villains. A few policemen from earth came with a truck to bring them to jail, and another truck to bring Kim's parents back to earth.

Ref-Bot 77: you guys are under arrest; it's a stone cold shame!

Señor Senior, Jr.: (groans) and everything was going so well.

Monkey Fist: This isn't the end, Stoppable! Vengeance will be mine!

Motor Ed: yeah, this isn't over red! You and your buddies haven't seen the last of Motor Ed! Seriously!

Ron: yak, yak, yak, that's all you ever do.

Joey: strait up, Ron.

Police man: (to Drakken) so, you tried to kill Kim Possible and her friends, eh?

Dr. Drakken: yeah, and I would have gotten away with it too(facing Yugi and his team) if it weren't for these meddling Duelists!

Numbuh 2: hey, what are we, chopped liver?

Numbuh 3: yeah, we kicked your asses, too.

Duff: ah, pipe down, ya brats. Yer lucky we don't know who you are, or we'll be gunning for you, too when we escape.

Hego: (to Shego) Shego, I'm really disappointed in you. You lied to us, and what's worst, you made us do miss-deeds. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Shego: okay- you know what? (Pauses, then sighs, in a beat voice) I don't even care anymore. (To policemen) Just take me away, I give up.

As the policemen take Shego to the truck, Yugi was looking on with a feeling of sadness. He then sees John talking Hego; a he gets a determent look on his face.

Hego: I'm sorry for all the trouble our sister and her villain allies cause.

John: It's not your fault. Although I will have to disqualify you guys from my tournament.

Mego: hey, what about me? Doesn't anyone care what I think?

Wego 1 and 2: NO!

Yugi: wait!

He walks up to John, and whispers something in his ear.

John: (listens) uh-huh. Mm-hmm, what?

Yugi: come on, John, you've got to.

John: what makes you think that she'll-?

He then eyes the millennium puzzle, suddenly; he realizes why Yugi made his proposal.

John: you realize that she'll still have to go to jail, right?

Yugi: yes, I know. She still has to serve time.

John: (sighs) I hope you know what you're doing. (To the police men) officers, wait.

The two policemen carrying Shego stopped as John walked towards them.

John: (to Shego) Shego, I'm going to give you a very rare opportunity.

Shego: what are you talking about?

John: I am willing to let you stay here, and let you and your brothers continue in the tournament. But under two conditions: you must not do any unlawful things, such as stealing, hurting any of the other duelists here, or any of that jazz. Don't think I won't know, because my ref-bots help make it so that I have eyes all over Team World. And the other condition: the very second you and your brothers are out of the tournament, you must return to jail, and continue to serve your time.

Shego: (suspicious tone) why are you doing this?

John: look honey, if it was up to me, I'd send your ass to the slammer, (Points to Yugi) but he insists on it, and I trust his judgment.

Tristan: Yugi, are you nuts?

Kim: yeah, she's my worst enemy.

Dr. Drakken: hey!

Yugi: she has herself to blame for that. And in case you forgot (holds up millennium puzzle) I helped her open her mind, I think you can trust me on this.

Yami Numbuh 4: I trust you, Yugi. You and the pharaoh are among the few who can help a person find the light, and the error of their ways. (The millennium scales glow, he changes back to Numbuh 4)

Joey: I trust you, too.

Kim: I'm still not sure.

Joey: Yugi has managed to get some bad guys turn good before. Like Pegasuses, Marik, Dartz, (points to Kaiba) even Kaiba here. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

John: well Shego, it's my only offer, yes or no?

Shego thinks about this for a moment, looking at everyone around her.

Shego: (pauses)… (Sighs) alright, I'll take it.

John: officers, let her go.

Police man: but-

John: trust me. I'll keep my eye on her.

The two policemen look at each other in worry, and then they hesitantly release Shego from her hand cuff.

Dr. Drakken: hey! Why does she get to stay?

John: quit your wining. She'll still have to do her time; it'll just be at a later date. (To the policemen) take them away, boys.

Dr. Drakken: this isn't over, Kim Possible! (As the truck drives away) and you, Yugi Mutou, you think you're all that, but your not!

As the truck drives away, both Static, Gear, and the other meta-humans make their leave, as do Shego and her brothers. As John leaves after that, Team Yugi, Team Possible, and Team Kids Next Door are the last ones behind.

Joey: (rubs hands together) well, that's the end of that.

Ron: yep, now we can continue with the Tourney, but there's one thing I don't get. (To Yori) how did you know I was here, Yori? And how did you get here?

Voice: (old man) I can answer that.

The three teams turn to where the voice came from, and they see an elderly Japanese man in a red ninja robe. Ron recognized the man.

Ron: Sensei?

Sensei: correct, Stoppable-San. When the Lotus Blade was moved from the Yamanouchi School, I knew that you must have been in a great deal of danger to summon the blade, since you are the only one to do it.

Ron: um… Sensei, I know I wasn't suppose to tell about what I did in Yamanouchi, but-

Sensei: do not worry, Stoppable-San, if I were in your position, being close to a near death, I wouldn't want to hold any secrets to a friend I was with for my entire life, either.

Ron: so… we cool?

Sensei: we cool.

Kaiba: so how did you two get here, if you don't mine me asking?

Yori: Sensei has his ways, but some of the Graduates at Yamanouchi managed to get me in Stoppable-San's Duel Monsters Team.

Kim: wait. So does that mean that…?

Before Kim could finish, Yori pulled out an Orichalcos-like duel disk that was the same design as Kim and her team's duel disk.

Yori: I am now in your team.

Kim: (sighs) great, first the Tweebs, now this.

Ron: um, I guess I should give this back.

He hands the Lotus Blade to Sensei, but Sensei returns it to him.

Sensei: I believe it is best if you still hold on to it. I feel that you will need its power now more then ever. There are some things about this tournament that is… uneasy.

Yugi: you too? I'm having that feeling, also. And with Bakura here, it might make things worst.

Joey: not to worry, Yuge. With us in this tournament, no evil force can stop us.

Ron: hey, don't forget about Kim, she fights bad guys on a regular basis.

Numbuh 2: well what about us? We fight evil adult tyranny. That counts.

Yugi: you know we're really not that different.

Felix: what do you mean?

Yugi: I'm the one who solved the millennium puzzle because destiny chose me to help the pharaoh defend the world from the shadow games. Kim and Ron fight against wackos who threaten to take over or destroy the world. And the Kids Next Door defend others from evil adults.

Helga: what's your point?

Yugi: our paths maybe different, but our goals are the same.

Sensei: (finishing) returning peace in the world.

Helga: thanks for the philosophy lesson, Confucius.

Arnold: Helga, I should smack you up-side the head, but I'm too much of a gentlemen. (Points to Numbuh 86) so I'll have her do it.

Numbuh 86 walks up to Helga and smacks her up-side the head.

Helga: ow! (Rubs head, to Numbuh 86) why you...!

Yugi: even though we're on different team, I think it's best to keep in contact with one another. You know, so we can watch each other's backs.

Wade: I could create a few more Kimmunicators for you guys.

Numbuh 1: that won't be necessary, Wade. The communicators we gave to Team Yugi will work just as well; will just match it to your frequency.

Tea: well, I guess that leaves just one thing.

Yugi: what's that?

Tea: (takes out a black maker) everyone, put your hands together to form a circle.

Joey: let me guess: another friendship symbol?

Tea: yes, this one will be a mark of our new friendship.

First, Tea sticks her right hand out, Yugi follows after her, than Joey, followed by Mai, Tristan, Duke, and Mako. Then Numbuh 4 joins them, then Numbuh 3, followed by all of sector "V", including Tommy and Mushi. Kim was next, and then Ron, Wade's Duel-Bot went in, but Wade put his real hand over a printer/scanner-like device, so his hand would get the mark, too. Will Du joined in, then Zita, Jim, Tim, Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Phoebe and the rest of Team Possible. Numbuh 362 joined in too, Numbuh 86 was hesitant at first, but she joined in too, followed by Mokuba and Serenity. Kaiba was the last one, he also was hesitant, but he was longer.

Kaiba: (paused) … oh, what the hell.

He sticks his hand to join the others, and the circle was complete, each hand overlapping one another in a wave-like pattern, so the circle would be a bit smaller. Tea then took her black marker and formed a new friendship symbol, which was like her original one, a Smiley face, each bit of ink was on everyone's hands. As if on cue, Yami Yugi and Yami Numbuh 4 appeared in astral form.

Yugi: whatever happens in this tournament, we'll always be together. And as long we believe in ourselves and in the Heart of the Cards, we'll always win, no matter what.

Yami Yugi: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sensei took his leave when the new bond of friendship was created. Everyone then activated and clashed their duel disk in the air in a "Three Musketeers" manner as their right hands went apart.


Yugi: you can say that again.

Joey: yeah. Now let's get out of here. It's dinnertime here, and I'm starving.

Kaiba: always thinking about your stomach, eh Wheeler?

Joey: alright- don't start with me, Rich Boy!

Ron: actually, dinner isn't too bad right about now. Let's find a restaurant around here and get us some "Snackage."

Numbuh 2: "Snackage?"

Monique: (whispers) one of his made-up words he uses.

Numbuh 2: oh.

Kim: sounds like a date.

As they made their way out, Kaiba noticed Kim's hand slowly slipping into Ron's, and they held hands in a "Fingers laced" way. Kaiba smile a little at this, and Yugi notices it.

Yugi: (whispers) Kaiba. Don't think no one noticed you shedding a tear when you saw that memory of them at the prom.

Kaiba hears this and his face gets back to his normal frown.

Kaiba: (whispers) I don't know what you are talking about.

Yugi: (whispers) don't lie. I saw you tearing up when Kim and Ron both said "I love you." Yami told me that everyone was tearing up, even the villains. So don't be ashamed.

Kaiba: (sighs, whispers) alright, I admit it. But don't tell the others.

Yugi: (whispers) I won't tell if you feel uncomfortable about it, but you shouldn't.

Kaiba: (whispers) thanks.

They both look over to Kim and Ron, still holding hands.

Yugi: (Whispers) they really deserve each other, don't they?

Kaiba: (Whispers) yeah. They were friends since pre-k, that's a really strong bond.

Yugi: (Whispers) wow, since pre-k? That is strong. And now they're dating.

Kaiba: (Whispers)… I wonder, do you think it would last?

Yugi: (whispers) Heh. Only time will tell, my friend. Only time will tell.

That's the end of this story (I decided to end it on a nice tone). My Team World Fics will keep on coming in different stories. Until then, see ya! Read and review!