One day I was watching the subtitled version of Yu-Gi-Oh,(i.e. the duel between Pharaoh, Kaiba, & Dartz) and this popped into my Yu-Gi-Oh obsessed head.

Kaiba Commercials

Have you ever wanted to own the Seto Kaiba of seasons 0-3? Of course you have! Who wouldn't want to get to know the arrogant, self-centered, cold hearted, jerk that just happens to be really good at duel monsters? Buy Seto Kaiba for just (insert your own price choice here)! All the fun you could expect from the jumped up ego-manic president of Kaiba Corp! Satisfaction not guaranteed, this company can not take responsibility for any insults one might receive from Kaiba, comes with 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards.

Buy the new nicer Kaiba for only (insert price choice). Own Kaiba from season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! All the dueling skills of the Kaiba from the last few seasons, with twice the likeliness of cooperation with half the insults! New, improved, nicer Kaiba. Satisfaction guaranteed! (unless your name is Joey Wheeler) Comes with 1 duel disk.

If you're not happy with the new, improved Kaiba, we'll send you corporate Kaiba for half price, or you could just buy him for (insert price choice) and complete your Kaiba collection. Corporate Kaiba comes in his white suit from season 5 and comes with Mokuba Kaiba while supplies last. Coming soon, High Priest Seto, Kaiba's previous incarnation!