I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED! In order to make it up to you, I' ll post two chappies today! Are you at least a little bit less angry at me now? (sigh) And I thought I'd get more chappies done over the summer…

Mistress-Shadowkat- Of course you and your yami can buy them! As long as you have enough money you can buy whoever you want!

MikariStar- Yeah, the subtitles can get really weird, and not just with names either. Is Kaiba your all-time favorite anime character?

Evee- Thanks for explaining Atem's and Seto's names to me!

Aesa Bast- So Bakura doesn't qualify as a true albino, but does Kisara?

queen-galux- Nope, sorry, you do have to pay for Thief King Bakura. No matter how much you want him to steal himself; we have good security- Hey! Get back here!

Disclaimer- I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!...yet…

SPOILER WARNING- you can read the next chappie, there aren't any spoilers in there.

High Priest Mahado is now available for only (insert price)! That's right the priest who becomes the Dark Magician within the first 8 episodes can finally be yours! He comes with your choice Dark Magician plushie or Atem plushie.

Mana apperentice to Mahado, and eventually, the Dark Magician Girl can now be yours for only (insert price)! Mana comes with her Big Book of Spells, or whatever its called, and your choice of a DMG or Mana plushie. It is recommended that you get Mahado too since Mana isn't exactly the best magician the world's ever seen. If you don't want him, make sure that Mana always has The Big of Spells with her, just incase.

Have you ever wondered why Kaiba is so obsessed with the Blue Eyes White Dragon? Now you can own Kisara for only (for the sake of writing something different in here). The girl who Seto falls in love with, and who has the BEWD in her can finally belong to you! If you buy her and Seto, then don't be surprise to see some sparks flying!

queen-galux- Bakura has been recaptured, so pay up.