This chappie doesn't have any spoilers in it, because its for people like Serenity who have been mentioned buy reviewers but haven't gotten a commercial yet. Yes I realize they are all really, really, REALLY short.

Disclaimer- I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, but someday, when hell freezes over…

Joey's cute little sister can finally be yours for only (you know what goes here). Serenity Wheeler kind, naïve, a bit obsessive about her brother, but a nice girl is now available for sale. Serenity comes with a Joey plushie.

Rare Hunter Marik is now in stock buy him for (less that $5)! Rare Hunter Marik comes with your choice of either a Marik or a Yami Marik plushie.

Mako Tsunami is now available for only ( ). The 'freaky fish dude' (was it Joey or Tristan who said that?) can now be yours, and you get a free boat with him!

Yugi's Grandpa is now for sale for only (guess what! the price goes here!). If you do get him, remember that he is an old man that he shouldn't be doing anything involving his back. (words scroll at bottom of screen) see Rebecca's first appearance and season 5 for details.

Speaking of season 5, does anyone know what the point of it is? And would Kids WB get on with it already? At this rate, I'll be a junior before Yu-Gi-Oh ends, (was a freshman this year). Of course, that may not be a bad thing but…its like they're stalling, dragging it out on purpose, or something. Hmmm, I guess they just want to make as much money as possible… (continues to ramble aimlessly)

Did miss anyone? Besides the other High Priests, anyway, I'm going to do them next. Hopefully they'll be done sooner…