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Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.
- Crystal Middlemas –
Flower Petals

They say love is blind.

But it isn't.

Love enables us to see more, therefore we are willing to see less. Or so says some guy. I dunno, Ryou was always a big fan of quotes. He kept them in a notebook under his bed because he was ashamed to show that he collected something like that. He thought I didn't know about the little book of inspiration he tried to keep so secret. But secretly, I enjoyed them too.

We really weren't so different. Ryou and I. We had enough in common to form a bond. Other than just being Yami and Hikari to one another, we both had bad childhoods. We both experienced loneliness and we both were seeking happiness.

And we found it. In each other.

But we had our differences. After all, he was the light and I, the dark. That's pretty big if you ask me. It's also what drew me to him. He was the little speck of light that shone so brightly amidst my darkness. When I was so far under, so far lost, he was my guide back to sanity, back to salvation. When I was drowning, he was my air. When I was dying, he was my life.

And I was his.

We both leaned on each other; we used each other to stand up straight because we couldn't on our own. He was my crutch and I was his. He's not completely gone, will never be completely gone. Until I too am gone, Ryou will still exist. Because we are the same, two different hearts, but the same soul and no one can take that away. Ryou is still living as long as I am living. He is merely sleeping. Waiting for me to join him. Which I eventually will.

That is why I never cried. Not even at his funeral. I shed no tears because he never really left, not to me. He still lives in my heart. He will forever live in my heart, the heart that he, himself warmed. The heart of ice that he melted and then weaved his permanent way into. No. He never died because I can still feel that warmth.

It has been two lonely weeks since that fateful day when we put Ryou, my Hikari, my Light, and my Love in the grave. It is that same grave I am standing over now.

I brought him flowers. Three dozen white tulips because he never liked roses. Ryou was different like that. He always stayed within the boundaries of "normal" but was constantly pushing the limits. He had his own personal twinge and a personality like no other and I guess that was what made him, Ryou.

"I'm sorry for making you wait, Love. I've had to settle things. Your friends miss you but have started to get their lives moving again. They know I am about to join you. The pharaoh and his brat tried to stop me at first, but after I reminded them that you are my Hikari they let me continue my plans.

"I'm using the knife you gave me for Christmas. The first and last Christmas I ever spent with you. You remember?…I do, too."

The wind rustles around the lone figure of Bakura. He closes his eyes and brings the cool metal against his throat. He feels no fear, only a love so deep and so true. The soft petals from the snow white tulips catch the evening breeze and begin a delicate dance around the man.

"I love you my Ryou and this is only the beginning." Bakura's blade quickly slit the flesh at his throat and a few seconds later he fell to the ground, warm blood still running down his body, right beside his love.

From somewhere else, not far away, another flower's petals join in the sweet dance. They twirl and entwine, and continue long after the sun sets.


True love never lives happily ever after - true love has no ending.

- K Knight -