Sakura Li (nee. Kinomoto): Sakura Avalon (26 Yrs)
Syaoran Li: Li Showron (25 Yrs)
Tomoyo Hiiragisawa (nee. Daidouji): Madison Taylor (25 Yrs)
Eriol Hiiragisawa: Eli Moon (26 Yrs)

Please note, I do not own Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura. I'm only using the characters. The only character I own is the Character of Shannon the story, Li and Sakura are 26, have been married for almost 8 years and have a six year old boy.

A Child's Destiny.


May 12th 2018.

A happy family picnic is enjoyed by a beautiful lady and handsome man.
Their six year old son is running around the park, being chased by another beautiful lady.

As the couple watch their son being chased by his auntie without a care in the world, it seems like nothing can pierce the peaceful atmosphere of the park. But suddenly the tranquil environment was shattered by an ear-piecing scream.

The beautiful lady now lying flat on the ground in a pool of blood; and suddenly the once peaceful scene has become a nightmare. The man pulls out a sword and tries to strike one of the assailants but misses and is knocked to the ground. Sadly joining his poor wife.

The child, who was being restrained by his auntie, breaks from her grasp, run's forward screaming, picks up his father's sword and takes down the first assailant before he knows what's happening.

The second one spins around in surprise as his partner falls down, shock was clearly registered in his eyes, as he meets the same fate as his friend.

The child drops the sword and falls to the ground. The other lady comes up and hugs him close as he cries and looks towards nearby bushes.

Picking up the crying child, she takes one look at the scene before her, then turns and walks out of the park to call the police and to take young boy home. Looking down at the child, who somehow has managed to fall asleep in her arms, she just realized that her family will now have a hard time ahead.

Coming to terms with the lost of family members is hard enough as it is, but having to deal with a child who just watched his parents being killed, well that's another matter in itself. Signing to herself, she carried the sleeping child away, wondering what challenges tomorrow will bring.

Sad prologue I know. Future chapters will be better (hopefully). Comments are welcomed.