Chapter 1: Painful Revelations

May 16th 2012

"Shannon, wake up" , Tomoyo softly whispered to the little boy who four days earlier had unfortunately witnessed his parents death.

"You know Tomoyo; you should either turn on his hearing aid or shake him awake" , Eriol Hiiragisawa watched his wife's attempt to wake the young boy up. Tomoyo was about to give him strange look but was interrupted by loud crying.

Eriol gave her a smile and replied "I'll see to her" and walked off to calm down their two year old daughter. Tomoyo gave her retreating husband a sweet smile and turned her attention back to the little boy. She reached down and a gently pressed a switch on a small device above Shannon's right ear. Gently shaking him, she smiled as he slowly started to wake up.

"Guess who is finally awake. Welcome back sleepy head". Shannon smiled at his auntie's comment, but suddenly started crying which surprised Tomoyo.

"What's wrong sweetie?" she asked him but he continued to cry.
"He can't sense his parents". Eriol told her from the doorway.
"What do you mean?" Tomoyo asked him, over Shannon's crying.
"He has a special connection to his parents, he can tell if they are around or if they are in pain and such", was the reply.

Meanwhile, Shannon had stopped his crying and was quietly whimpering into his pillow. Tomoyo sat down on the edge of the bed and wasn't at all surprised when he laid his head down in her lap. She smiled at this and started to twirl with his unruly hair which was so much like his fathers. She was so preoccupied with doing this that she didn't notice that Eriol had left the doorway. She was about to get up, but noticed that someone was standing in the doorway.

"Quite comfortable there Tomoyo?" the person asked.

Tomoyo just looked until she recognised the voice, apparently so did Shannon.

"Grandma!" he shouted and jumped up and run to her. Yelan reached down and picked up her grandson just like when he was little and held him close.

"I heard what happened. How is he doing?" she asked, nodding down to the little boy she was holding.

"He's not talking very much, are you Shannon?" Tomoyo said, getting up and walking over to them. He shook his head no, in response to the question. Yelan just smiled.

"Why don't you go and play, Shannon, Grandma and I need to talk", she asked. He hopped down out of his grandmother's arms and ran from the room.

"Woo! Slow down squirt!" Eriol told him, as he moved out of Shannon's way.

"I think he was using the Dash card." He told both Tomoyo and Yelan. All three cracked up with laughter, which died down very quickly.

"What about the Cards?" Yelan asked. Eriol just looked at her with a blank expression.

"The cards will become his, if he can prove that he is worthy of possessing them."

"If he can prove he's worthy?" she asked.

"He will have to choose six cards to be released. He will then have to capture and seal those cards." Eriol told her.

Tomoyo clapped her hands together. "That will mean that he'll be a cardcaptor."

Both Eriol and Yelan just looked at her.

"When will you make him do this?" she asked.

"Not at this moment in time. There is no hurry. We must let him get over the loss of his parents first, however long that will take." Eriol told both of them.

All three of them just looked out the window, watching Shannon just lying on the lawn, looking up at the sky.

His mind started wandering, images of the fun times he spent with his parents running through his mind, listening to his mother's retelling of her younger years, remembering her voice, soft and gentle, yet it didn't portray the power that she had. The times training with father, learning to control his magic, learning to fight, All that seem like a distant memory now. Happy thoughts turned to sadness over them, then finally to anger - anger at those responsible, anger at himself for not doing anything.

"Watcha doing?" His thoughts where disrupted by a familiar voice.

"Leave me alone Maddie" he replied, his mind still elsewhere.

Madison Hiiragisawa just smiled at her older cousin, the kinda smile only a two year old could muster.

"Play with me", she said, well more like demanded of her cousin.

His only response was to stare at her; little good it did but cause her only response was to do what she usually did to get him up: Jump on him.

"Okay, Maddie, you asked for it", was his response.

Madison giggled at this, for it was so typical of her cousin. She got off him and proceeded to run just shook his head at this.

"If I catch you, you know what will happen", he yelled after her and ran off after the distant laughter that followed his statement.

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