The Truth of Mamoru's Power

This is set back, back in the time of Sailor Moon R. Actually, at the end of SMR just before Rini convinces the girls and Mamoru to come with her to Crystal Tokyo.

King Endymion greets the scouts when they arrive in Crystal Tokyo. Moon and Mask find that Rini is their future daughter. However, during the time of Usagi's abduction by Diamond, Mamoru finds the truth of the power given to the Royals of Earth.

"Tuxedo Mask, please follow me." King Endy says, before walking off. "I wish to speak to you privately." Mamoru follows his future-self out into the hall, and down to what looks to be a wall. Endy presses a secret panel and a door opens. "Enter please; we have much to talk about and so little time to do so." Mamoru does as asked and finds a seat; Endy enters and closes the wall behind him.

King Endymion's clothes change from that of KING to the Prince of Earth. "This is what I wanted to show you. Serenity will not allow you to be and equal, saying that she does not want the target on your back but on hers. However, this is a lie. She wants all the power of the Universe to be hers, and hers alone. It is because of her being power hungry that I must change the past in one small way." Endy sneers as he opens a drawer that hides a safe. Not really talking to Mamoru, Endy tells his tale.

"Not long after I married the little baka, I was gifted with the pleasure of finding this room within the castle. It is the only room, I know of that the Imperial Crystal does not see into, and neither can Sailor Pluto. You will meet her soon enough. Sorry, I babble and time is fleeting." Endy pulls out a small velvet box with the emblem of the Earth Royal family and the emblem of Zeus on it. Opening the box with a flourish, Endy presents the open case to Mamoru.

"You see this little glove?" A white glove lies on emerald green silk. "This was given to our father back during the Silver Moon Kingdom. It was the way he controlled our mother Hera. Yes, Zeus wife's name was Hera, but this was a mortal named that. Lady Hera, according to the scriptures and books I have found, was once a great woman. She helped the poor of the planets; she devised ways to have economic growth for Earth. However, she was always hard headed. Therefore, it was a surprise when she fell for the King of Earth. King Endyamion, He was cruel, ruthless and was in league with the Negaverse. Zeus gave our father this glove as a wedding present." Smile Endy as looks upon the glove in the box.

"This is the power of us, the male heirs to the Earth Throne. We are able to control our women. However, we must first brand them with our symbol. For many generations it has been the rose. Let it continue to be that." Endymion hands the box over to Mamoru. "Once you put this glove on, I/We will rule this bleak future and a true Crystal Tokyo will begin. We will have the power of the Universe in our hands." Endymion states as he watches Mamoru's eyes enlarge to the size of saucers.

"Here is all what you must do to seize the rightful power of the Earth. You must mark each of the scouts. The way to do this is very simple and easy. Some how convince them to make love with you… As you penetrate them the brand will start to glow, especially if they are being breached for the first time." Endymion laughs in remembrance of his own conquests. "As you reach your orgasm, it is now time to apply the brand to their breast. Take if full into your hand for that the nipple is in the center of your hand, or as close as you can. However, before you release your load into the little whores, I mean scout, say, these words, and the branding will be complete. Along with the woman's complete obedience or they will suffer any kind of pain you wish them to feel."

"So, I could have my cake and eat it too?" Mamoru asks as he glances between Endy and the glove. "I can make all 4 of the scouts mine. I could make all the power in this Universe mine to control, with out question." Tuxedo Mask pulls on the new glove and it fades into his skin. "What is this trickery? Where did the glove go?" Shouts Mamoru angrily.

"Don't worry. It is only making sure that you are of the blood, and are ready for this great gift of Zeus. The glove will appear when you are ready to put the mark on anyone you choose. Even those who are not of the Royals of the planets can be controlled…Even easier than any of the scouts."

A mark appears on Mamoru's hand. A open rose bloom is scared into his hand, then fades away into nothing. Save for a rose bud in the center of Mamoru's hand.

"The glove recognizes you as the next in line to the Earth Throne. It will help us reach for our dreams. Nevertheless, this one word of warning don't start marking any of the Inner Scouts until you have marked the Strongest of the Outer Scouts. Alternatively, this will not be our future. Something else will be."