IMPORTANT! Please read before continuing!

This was one of my very first stories, and though I am rewriting it to a certain degree there's a few things I want to clear up, and they are as follows:

Nearly all characters will be OOC at certain points in the story

Mamoru will become an ass/bad guy, completely warping his character and defacing his true affections for Usagi.

Plot lines will be mostly cliché, and all love interest interactions will most likely be corny and/or unrealistic.

Pairings are predetermined and are as follows: Usagi/Heero, Minako/Duo, Rei/Wufei (They're names rhyme, it's the perfect couple.), Quatre/Ami, and Trowa/Makoto.

If, at this point, you're wondering why I'm even bothering, it's because a huge chunk of this story is already written. Now, if you haven't been completely discouraged from reading this fic, continue on! Just don't flame me for any of the above reasons, because I did warn you! Also, I recently read a novel translated from Japanese called Out. In it they have a yen to dollar conversion chart that I found relatively easy to follow, so I'm going to use it here.

1,000 yen equals 8 dollars

5,000 yen equals 40 dollars

10,000 yen equals 80 dollars

50,000 yen equals 400 dollars

100,000 yen equals 800 dollars

1,000,000 yen equals 8,000 dollars

10,000,000 yen equals 80,000 dollars

Strumming his fingers against the arm of his chair, Duo Maxwell resisted the urge to scream out a random phrase, if only to end the awkward silence that hung around the five teenagers. If it weren't for fear of a gun or sword threatening his life, he might've gone ahead. God only knew how long they'd been waiting there, with no real grasp on why they were present at all.

When Dr. J says jump, they jump, that's how it'd always been, and apparently the era of peace had no real affect on that behaviorism. So, now, here they were, waiting. Suddenly, the hum of a projector filled the room, startling the wary pilots, and an image flickered to life on the wall in front of them. The lights went out, making the glowing image clearer, and the five stared at the five young girls in sailor-like costumes.

"Meet the Sailor Senshi, so-called protectors of Tokyo, and furthermore the universe. In a sense, they're five vigilantes with no regard for authority or order, and the final threat to our established peace." The all-too familiar voice of Dr. J informed, just as the slide changed. The five were taking down a mobile suit, using some sort of glowing attacks. It was hard to make out in the photograph.

"As you can see, the girl's faces are blurred. It's the same in every picture, so we haven't been able to uncover the identities of these girls. We received an anonymous tip that the girls attend Juuban High, in Tokyo. As you might have guessed by now, the five of you are being assigned to locate and destroy the final threat to our peace. Do you accept?"

"Oi, this is such a drag." Duo complained, being the first of the five to speak since they'd accepted their mission. Wufei rolled his eyes at the braided pilot, which caused Duo to, in turn, stick his tongue out at him.

"You didn't have to come. We could've handled this perfectly fine without you." The Chinese boy shot back, glaring. Duo grinned enthusiastically.

"But it's the first time we've been together in forever! Besides, the girls in the photos look pretty hot if you ask me, not to mention all the cute high school girls. I wouldn't want to miss out on that." He laughed jovially at the looks he received from his fellow pilots, holding his hands up in defense. "I'm kidding, you guys. Well, mostly."

Duo ducked as Wufei reached for his braid, and hopped out of range should he go for it a second time. Quatre shook his head at the yells and laughs that resounded through the shuttle, smiling slightly to himself as the colorful orb of Earth came into view. Trowa, in the seat next to him, was observing the planet as well, though his thought process was anyone's guess.

Heero hadn't breathed a word yet, but he was also staring at said terra firma with fiery intensity. The chocolate-haired youth ignored Duo and Wufei as they passed through his line of vision, his concentration bordering eerie.

"Prepare to land." Quatre called over his shoulder, and Duo immediately dropped in his seat, Wufei grudgingly following.

"So, Heero, apparently you have no sense of direction." Duo prodded, grinning cheekily as Heero glared at him. Leaning over Heero's shoulder, he added, "It might just help if the map wasn't upside down."

"You're kidding, right?" Quatre cut in. Normally, the blonde boy had a good amount of patience, but walking around Tokyo for two hours had eaten away at it. He looked pained as Heero flipped the map, looking about as embarrassed as an emotionless person could manage. Duo had moved away from the trigger-happy youth, shaking with his silent laughter.

"We should ask for directions." Trowa suggested, watching as their group became increasingly tense. Wufei was flexing his hands, almost begging for a reason to strangle someone. Quatre nodded enthusiastically at this idea, but Heero frowned, shaking his head negative.

"Well, Trowa, Quatre, and I are all for asking directions. That's majority!" Duo chirped happily. "Besides, there's two girls over there we can ask." The other four looked to where Duo was pointing, spotting the said girls. They were both blonde-haired, blue-eyed, teenage girls chattering on about God only knows what, laughing every few seconds.

"Women? Maxwell, there is no way. We'll ask him instead!" Wufei exclaimed, pointing. A collective sweatdrop seemed to form over them as they followed Wufei's finger.

"That's a toddler." Trowa said calmly.

"So what? He's probably got more sense than those stupid blonde onnas!" Wufei exclaimed, looking quite red in the face under Trowa's even gaze.

"Let's just ask them, please?" Quatre pleaded. After a few more angry protests, and calm rationality, which only came from Trowa, the group made its way down the sidewalk, towards the idle blondes.

The first to notice them was the one on the left, her blonde locks pulled back with a large, festive red bow. Her eyes were a few shades paler than her companion's, but they twinkled as she whispered in her ear.

The other girl turned to them, a wide grin on her face, and whispered something back. Her hair was twice as long as her friends and pulled up in oddly round buns, with streamers falling all the way to her calves. The two of them giggled at their exchange, but sobered when the five boys finally reached them. No one said anything for several minutes, until one of the blonde's finally broke.

"Can we help you?" The girl with the bow asked, lips twitching with suppressed laughter. Quatre flushed with embarrassment, realizing how ridiculous they looked by walking up to someone and then standing there silently. The redness of his cheeks must have amused the girls further, because they started to giggle again, which placed a nasty sneer of Wufei's face. He stayed quiet, though, folding his arms and averting his gaze elsewhere.

"We're sort of new around here, and we can't seem to find our apartment building." Duo offered, sensing his fellow pilots weren't talking anytime soon. He grinned at the two blondes, and they grinned back. Wufei huffed under his breath, finding the display of idiocy disgusting

"No problem, I know this city like the back of my leg. Where to?" The bow-girl boasted, causing her pigtailed companion to sweatdrop. She tugged on her friend's sleeve.

"Minako-chan! It's the back of your hand not the back of your leg!" She exclaimed, causing her friend to redden a little.

"Whatever, it's not important, Usagi." Minako retaliated, brushing it off and quickly changing the subject. "Where did you say you were going?"

"Babylonian Apartments," Heero announced, seeing the perplexed look on Duo's face.

"That's on the way to my house! I can so take you there!" Minako said cheerfully. Usagi, who'd taken to staring Heero down since he'd spoken moments before, grinned at Minako brightly.

"I'll go too so I can beat all your Sailor V high scores!" The blonde nearly shouted, pumping her fist in the air with excitement. She remained oblivious to the fact that all five of the boys were now staring at her intently, but Minako noticed.

"What is it?" she asked.

"If you don't mind me asking, who or what is Sailor V?" Quatre asked, placing his words carefully. The two blondes shared a look of horror before Usagi jumped into an explanation.

"Sailor V is the coolest, cutest, best super hero ever!" A blush appeared on Minako's cheeks, unnoticed by the lot of them who were absorbed in Usagi's enthusiasm. "She has all kinds of video games, manga, and even movies!"

"I see," Quatre smiled, and the previously unnoticed tension dispersed almost instantly.

"It's getting kind of late, we should get going," Minako said, getting instant agreement from the five boys. As they walked, Wufei hung to the back of the group, muttering something incoherent. Trowa followed silently behind an overzealous Minako explaining all about Sailor V to Duo and Quatre, while Usagi busied herself with trying to get a word or two out of the perfect soldier, beyond 'Hn.'

"Do you ever use full sentences?"


"Is that your favorite word?"


"Well then, what is?"

"..." Duo looked over from Minako's exaggerated hand gestures to Usagi's frustrated face, grinning.

"Trust me, Blondie, you don't wanna know his favorite word." He piped in nonchalantly, causing Heero to glare at him as expected. Usagi huffed up, apparently unsatisfied with this.

"Why wouldn't I want to know?" She asked.

"Just because," he shrugged

"Tell me!" Usagi demanded.

"Nope." The blonde threw her arms up in frustration, which must have seemed comical to the braided youth, because he burst out laughing. She sighed in defeat and turned her attention to Trowa. Before she got a word out to the other silent one, a voice interrupted her.

"I can talk I just choose not to speak." Duo, who had still been laughing, looked like someone had hit the pause button on him. Quatre was staring in shock, Wufei had raised an eyebrow, and Trowa...well he was still Trowa. Usagi turned back towards the Prussian-eyed boy and beamed at him. They stood there for a full thirty seconds, Heero's expression completely blank, before Minako cleared her throat.

"We should get going." She declared, pointing at the ever darkening sky. Quatre nodded at her, abandoning his shocked expression, and the two of them got the group walking again.

" old are you guys?" Usagi questioned, ignoring the strange tension that had settled over them. Her inquiry only seemed to increase the tension, however, and Heero was forced to answer again.

"Seventeen" Apparently, he was the only one who'd thoroughly inspected the mission folder they'd been given, because no one else seemed to know they were posing to be a year younger. Well, maybe Trowa, but he didn't look like he was talking anytime soon.

"Wow, we're the same age!" Minako said jovially, clapping her hands together. "What high school are you guys going to?"

"Juuban," Heero replied automatically, realizing he was the only well-informed person willing to speak among them.

"Great, you guys can meet Rei-chan, Mako-chan, and Ami-chan!" Usagi nearly squealed. Minako stared at her, wondering why her blonde companion would want to share this bishounen parade with anyone. Then again, they'd be going to school with them and would undoubtedly have fan clubs by the end of their first day.

She looked over at Usagi again, who was bugging Heero to speak with renewed vigor. He, however, had abandoned any response and was staring ahead of them, looking pensive. Quatre and Trowa were equally silent, observing their surroundings indifferently. Duo had drifted back to walk with Wufei, and was whispering into the Chinese boy's ear enthusiastically. When he noticed her gaze, he winked at her.

"Almost there!" Minako announced, turning back towards their walking direction to hide the blush on her cheeks. How lame was she to be caught staring? Duo let out a cheer, his stomach grumbling noisily along with him. Minako smiled faintly as she turned the corner to their street.

The stretch of concrete had its usual assortment of shops and whatnot, but on the far corner raised a towering building, standing at least sixteen stories. The steel shone in the setting sun, glinting off the huge silver letter near the top of the building. 'Babylonian Apartments, quality apartments for your housing pleasure.' Usagi was gaping at the building openly.

"You guys are staying there?" She asked, not moving her eyes from the huge structure. Duo grinned cheekily at her.

"What, is it too big for your tastes?" He jested, but the blonde just shook her head, mumbling a 'never mind.' They reached the building in silence before exchanging good-byes, Heero effectively flooring everyone again by waving slightly to the enthusiastic Usagi, who was waving both her arms in the air.

After locating their room, eating, showering, and whatnot, the pilots convened to their new living room. As expected, Duo immediately singled out the perfect soldier, playful grin on his lips.

"I think Hee-man has a crush." The brunette jested, smiling brightly through Heero's venomous death glare.

"Unlike you, I'm concentrating on our mission. Am I the only one who noticed that those two held striking resemblances to the sailor senshi we're looking for?" Duo quieted. His grin faded as Heero threw one of the Sailor Moon pictures down on the coffee table. "How many people have a hairstyle like that?"

"He's got a point." Trowa cut in. "But, the sailor senshi are really popular heroes here in Tokyo. They have a lot of fans, and this girl could just be a really avid fan. You all saw the way she described Sailor V."

"Not to mention we'd never be that lucky." Duo muttered, mostly to himself.

"Well, at the very least, we've pegged a likely suspect."

See? It's horrible. I'll post more later on depending how much of this crap I feel like typing up and rewriting.

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