Chapter 1

Welcome to Smackdown!

"I'll get your bottled water in just a minute JBL." Melanie said as she juggled the paperwork in her arms.

"Well, I ain't got all night woman. I've got JBL fans to entertain, and I can't very well do that if I'm dehydrated. Wouldn't you say so Orlando?" Said JBL turning to his protégé.

"Yes sir. Of course." Assured Orlando. Melanie rolled her eyes. JBL would never stop talking about his imaginary fans. Bradshaw tipped his hat as Melanie handed him a bottle of water.

"Come along Jordan. Damn I can almost hear the fans here in New Jersey chanting JBL….JBL…JB… hey isn't their governor gay?"

Melanie couldn't listen to him anymore. Not that she wanted to, but she had to get the paperwork in to the General Manager Stephanie McMahon. Melanie slipped her headphones back on and continued down the hallway toward a door marked SmackDown General Manager. Melanie stopped to smooth her dark red hair. It was no use, so she threw it up in a ponytail.

She turned the doorknob and stepped into the room as Stephanie hung up the phone.

"Hey Mel, just put the paperwork on my desk." Stephanie said. Melanie carefully placed the stack next to the phone. She turned around and the room began to spin. Stephanie stood up.

"Are you ok Melanie? You look so pale!" She said with concern.

Stephanie led Melanie to her couch and offered her a glass of water as she pulled her headphones off.

"No thanks, I'm fine. Really." Melanie said defensively. She sat on the couch rubbing her forehead. Just then the door swung open, hitting the wall behind it. A tall, muscular man burst

Through the doorway, followed but a small pudgy man wearing a Yankees baseball cap.

"Did you see what happened McMahon?" The tall man roared, "Did you see what he did? I want Mysterio and I want him tonight!"

Stephanie stared at him. For a moment she was speechless.

The pudgy man stepped forward.

"What my client is trying to say Ms. McMahon," He said, "Is that he wants you to sanction a match between himself and Rey Mysterio for tonight." He finished.

Melanie looked at him. Thank you Capitan obvious. She thought. Then Melanie glanced at the taller man. He had short blonde hair and was well built. His eyes were a soft blue, yet they seemed…

Stephanie got up from the couch and approached the two men. She didn't look the least bit intimidated.

"Mr. Heyman, did you ever stop and think why Brock Lesnar was caught off guard by Mysterio?" She began.

Heyman looked at Brock, who shrugged. Then he looked at Stephanie. There was a blank look on his face.

She realized she wasn't going to get an answer. She continued

"Because your client wasn't prepared. He lacked in knowledge." Stephanie turned to Brock

"You may be the youngest WWE champion in this company's history, but your still a headstrong rookie." She said

"What's there to know?" Brock snapped, "He's a little masked Mexican midget in wrestling tights!"

Paul Heyman laughed, then quickly added,

"My client and I say this with the up most respect for the talent you have selected for this brand ."

Stephanie shook her head. "You didn't know enough about Rey, his style, his tendencies. He took advantage of that." She paused then added, "Of course, I don't think its really your fault alone Brock. Your mistake was underestimating him." Stephanie turned toward Paul Heyman.

"However, It's you agent I'm worried about. Which is why I've assigned you a second manager."

Both men dropped their jaws

"What? Who? Wait… when did you decide this! Stammered Heyman. Brock slammed his title belt on the desk. Melanie jumped. She was listening to the conversation with interest, but dozed off. She thought it was in her best interest not to get involved.

"So who is it?" Brock asked loudly. "Where is he?"

Stephanie glanced at Melanie, who was staring at the floor, and then she looked at Brock.

She smiled

"Brock, I'd like to introduce you to your co-manager, Miss Melanie Halliwell." She said waving her hand in Mel's direction.

Melanie looked up. Somehow her name made it into the conversation and she didn't know how. Brock and his manager were both looking at her. Stephanie looked rather pleased with herself. It only took a few moments for her to realize what had happened.

"Her?" Questioned Brock

"Yes." Stephanie answered

"That girl on the couch?"

"Yes ."

"Me?" Melanie asked. This was the first time she had said anything since the two men entered the room. Stephanie turned toward Melanie.

"Thanks for joining us Mel." Stephanie said with her hands on her hips, raising a skeptical eyebrow. Paul stepped forward, hands shaking.

"Pleas , I beg you to reconsider! My client and I are a team. I was there when he debut on Raw. I was there when he defeated Rob Van Dam to become King of the Ring. I was by his side when he crushed the Rock to become the youngest WWE champion in history! I deserve some credit for this mans success in this business. If you split us up…"

Stephanie put her hand up, silencing Heyman.

"I never said I was going to split you two up." Stephanie began. "I am well aware of Brock's accomplishments and your… assistance in those accomplishments. Ms. Halliwell and yourself will be sharing the responsibilities of managing Brock." She pause, hoping it would sink in without another complaint form Heyman. He looked as if he was about to go into cardiac arrest. She decided to continue.

"Melanie has a lot to offer. She knows all the strengths and weaknesses of all the wrestlers on the active roster. She grew up with this business just as I have. She can give Brock advice on how to handle each opponent. Having her around is an advantage, not a punishment." Stephanie finished. Everyone in the room was looking at Melanie.

She blinked.

Paul Heyman sighed. Sure he could argue, but he knew better than to argue with a McMahon. She was the owner's daughter. They're all alike. Once they make a decision, that's it. No questions asked.

"Come on Brock, there's nothing we can do." Heyman said, walking out of the General Managers office. Brock was still staring at Melanie. It was almost as if he was trying to read her. She looked back at him, trying to look as innocent as humanly possible. Complete silence.

"Brock are you coming!" Heyman yelled back, facing the doorway. Their silence was broken and Brock made his way to the door, first giving Stephanie a dirty look, and then taking one last look at Melanie. Then he disappeared.

Melanie got up, still feeling dizzy, and walked over to where was standing with her arms crossed.

"Steph, can I ask you a question? And be honest." Mel said softly. Stephanie turned toward her and nodded as Melanie took a deep breath.

"Are you fricken stoned!" Mel screamed. Stephanie jumped.

"Melanie, I thought you would enjoy this opportunity. This is…" Stephanie kept talking while Melanie paced around the room. She wasn't listening. There was nothing her boss could say that would comfort her.

"Brock Lesnar is an animal." Mel interrupted

"He's not that bad." Stephanie assured

"He's big!"

"Not that big."

"He could snap me in half!"

"Only if you piss him off."

"What! Steph, you're not helping!" Melanie cried. She was beginning to get irritated. They had been friends since they were kids. She felt betrayed, hurt…

Stephanie took Melanie by the hand. She began to speak, her voice soft, yet serious.

"Mel, I need you to do this. Not just for me and not just for the company. It's your destiny to become successful in this business." Stephanie squeezed her hand

"You don't think I'm successful?" Mel questioned

Stephanie shook her head. "Mel, your great at what you do. You have met and exceeded my expectations working backstage. However…" She paused

"But what?" Melanie asked. The General Manager let go of Melanie's hand. She walked over to her desk, placing her hand over the paperwork she had delivered earlier. She turned toward her friend.

"There's more to life than a stack of papers. There's more to life than water bottles and head sets or waiting on every ignorant wrestler in this building." Stephanie said. Melanie sighed. Stephanie opened the door. Just as Melanie was leaving, Stephanie grabbed her shoulder.

"Just a little advice Mel." Stephanie said with a grin on her face, "I wouldn't look Lesnar directly in the eyes." And with that, the door closed leaving Melanie feeling very uneasy.