Title: In a Name

Pairing: Paige/Ellie

Summary: Ellie thinks about names. Short fluffy one-shot. mild femmeslash

I don't know when I started thinking about it. I had never done it before, but one day, I guess I was just bored, and I needed something to do with my fingers. I took the pen and started writing; first little swirl designs on my paper, then little doodles. A man on a donkey, a flower sticking up from a crack in a sidewalk; insignificant things like that.

Then I started writing words. Random words that stood out in my mind, like "melancholy", and "delicatessen". Then I started writing names. Ellie Nash. Ms. Ellie Nash. Mrs. Eleanor Nash.

"I hate my name," I whisper to no one in particular, and no one seemed to notice either way. Until Paige turned in her chair and addressed me.

"It isn't so bad," she says softly before turning around again.

I smile, for the first time that day. And I write again.

"Ellie and Paige,"

"Ellie Nash and Paige Michalchuk,"

"Eleanor Nash and Paige Michelchuk,"

"Eleanor and Paige Nash,"

"Eleanor and Paige Michelchuk,"

It has a nice ring to it.