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Chapter firkin-one

The sun was setting and Andrea was sitting on her balcony, staring into the distance, thinking. Her face was emotionless, but it didn't hide the sparkle that did her chocolate brown eyes. Her thoughts were going against each other and she couldn't stand it anymore. He practically drove her nuts. He played mind games with her, made her think that he actually loved her and cared for her. He told her that she was everything he had ever hoped for, and then he blew it when he lied to her about everything.

I'm never falling in love again. This kept playing over and over in her head like a broken record.

She stood up from the balcony and walked towards her closet. She took the chair from her dresser and stood on it. She reached up and pushed all the shoes aside to retrieve a black office box. Coming down from the chair, she let out a deep and painful sigh.

Opening the top of the box, she saw it all. Dozens and dozens of photos and several other mixed up things, including an extremely wilted rose. Let's pretend there's not smell when a rose is wilted. If there is…forgive me for I have sinned… One by one she looked at it and reminisced, until she came across a very familiar photo.

This photo sent tears to her eyes and a feeling somewhat similar to a really tight bra. It was him. He was wearing a red baseball cap and a red NASCAR jacket with a white shirt inside. One arm was around her shoulder and one of her hands was on his chest as she laughed. Her left hand, which was on his chest, was a diamond ring on her ring finger. She was also wearing a matching cap and a NASCAR jacket, but didn't put her hands in as I just lay there on her shoulders, slightly covering her light pink tank top.

She was laughing so hard, her eyes were closed, and then she looked at his face. He had such an amused look on his face. She couldn't help but wonder how much pain he could cause her. I mean, she just sat there, looking at them when they were a couple. It was during the race that he proposed to her. They sat on a balcony and watched the race. Then he excused himself and left. Soon enough, she found one of the famous drivers on the huge monitor. Then a man called her down, she came down and followed him.

On a huge monitor, in front of thousands of NASCAR fans, he proposed to her on one knee. That was the happiest day of her life. But it was ruined a year later when she found out something that should've been kept a secret.


"Andrea, it'll be alright…" Andrea's sister, Aimee gave her shoulder for Andrea to cry on. "What really happened?" Aimee asked, not getting a response from Andrea. "Sis, he's a jerk. Every man you dated is a jerk." That was pretty much a bad idea with the fact that Andrea cried even harder than she did earlier. "Okay, bad idea. Well, think Aimee!" three minutes later…"I got it!" Aimee said as she told Andrea to wait in the couch. Amy ran to the kitchen and came back with two spoons and a huge bucket of strawberry ice cream. "This'll make you feel so much better, sis. I know you can't resist strawberry ice cream…" Aimee said as Andrea looked up and continued crying. That's when the doorbell rang.

Aimee jogged over to the door and answered it. When she saw who it was, she gave him a death glare. "What do you want?" she said angrily

"I wanted to apologize…" he trailed off looking past Aimee in search of Andrea

"You're not forgiven…"Aimee said closing the door behind her so that he would not be able to see Andrea

"What I did was wrong…" he said looking down

"Then why did you do it? Thanks to you, Andrea's in depression. She has never been in depression before. She needs me now. I missed a week of work. I missed one week's worth of my salary. How am I supposed to raise my kids if my sisters in depression. My kids love Andrea, because she was always the optimistic one. Now that the kids see her like this, they don't know what to do. They even call her mommy! And it's all your fault. It's all because you forgot to think before you actually did anything!" Aimee blew up at his face, not caring if any of the neighbors were listening at all

"Aimee, listen, I was drunk and I—" Aimee interrupted him

"Drunk my ass! Listen, I don't ever want to see your face again! You ruined my sister! You ruined my family! You ruined her life…she loved you. Why didn't you love her back?" Aimee asked as she turned into several shocking shades from crimson to something purple

"I did, I loved her…I just wasn't ready…" he said still looking down. Aimee couldn't believe this man. He was a bigger asshole now than he was with Andrea. He's one son of a bitch.

"You son of a bitch…IF YOU WEREN'T READY, WHY DID YOU PROPOSE!" Aimee shouted, getting strange looks from passerbies.

"It was an impulse action…" Aimee wanted to bitch slap him…well yeah, she did…

"An impulse action? Three weeks of planning the perfect proposal, spending almost twelve hundred dollars on a huge diamond ring! You call that impulse? Then, you must be filthy rich…" Aimee opened the door and looked back at him one last time, "Remember, we never want to see you again…NEVER…"Aimee shut the door in his face and went back to attend to Andrea, who was more than halfway done with the ice cream bucket.

He stood there outside the door and stayed there for three whole minutes and then left the building.

End of Flashback

Andrea sat there and looked at the photo, tears slowly descending down her cheeks as they framed her face. She ran a finger over his face and her tears came dripping on the photo. She tore the photo in half and threw it inside the box. She wiped her tears and took the wilted rose. She looked at it one last time and then threw it aside.

After half an hour of looking through the photos and things, she put the lid back on and placed the box near the door. She took out her traveling bag and started to pack. Soon, she would be leaving a lot of things behind. This house, which was full of memories, and her father, who was a pastor at a local church.

An hour later, she finished fixing everything and brought her things downstairs.

"Andrea, honey, are you really willing to do this?" Richard Castille, Andrea's father asked her as he helped her with her luggage.

"Dad, it's another milestone I'm willing to take. I just have to go. But I'll try to keep in touch." Andrea said as the cab driver entered and placed the bags in the trunk

"I don't know…" he trailed off as he looked at Andrea

"Please, just trust me this time, dad…please…" Andrea pleaded. She didn't know if it was going to work. But it just had to. She spent seven weeks trying to get the money for the flight and she didn't want to throw it away. This was an opportunity for her…a HUGE opportunity for her. She wanted so much to let go of the past and start a new life. This time, with something that could really help her a lot.

"Just as long as you promise me that you'll always keep in touch…" with this condition, Andrea grinned and hugged her father one last time before she left for the airport.

Inside the cab, so many things ran through her head. Was she going to be accepted in her new job? Were people going to like her? Is this job worth leaving everything else behind?

Andrea sat there, confused, not knowing what direction her thoughts were leading her to. She didn't know which way to go, but she promised herself that she would get there, no matter what. She may not know what it is right now, but she promised herself that she'd get there.

It was 3:46 am and the plane just landed in Chicago. Lucky enough for Andrea, she was able to catch a decent cab to the hotel.

As soon as she checked in and got to her room, as another couple did so. As she turned around to look at them, she only saw the girl as the guy was already in the room. Noticing that the girl dropped her wallet, Andrea sighed and picked it up. She rang the doorbell and waited for a response.

As soon as the door opened, she came face to face with the one person who ruined her completely. She came here to forget about him.

None of them spoke. Andrea handed him the wallet, and saw a girl in the background, walking around in nothing but a thong.

She turned around and got back to her room. Her heart pounding madly.

Oh my God…she thought as she slid down the door on her back. Tears started to form her eyes, Why am I crying? The question remained unanswered, but she still continued to cry until she finally hit the sack.

She never thought she'd see him again. It was too soon…

It was too soon…

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