Anne knelt by the waters of Sukune, searching. She could feel Saki hovering over her. Her sister-in-law was naturally curious and Anne knew that refusing to tell her what she was searching for had intrigued her even more.

"Mom! Mom!" Two arms wrapped around her neck as Yuri climbed on top of her, hoping for a piggy back ride. "Dad says we have to go soon!"

"It has been a long time," Saki said. "Are you sure who you're looking for?"

"Yes," Anne replied, though she knew Saki would not believe her. They had used the well time and time before and never been successful, and this was Anne's last chance to look before she and Jinpachiro and little Yuri moved to China. But Yuri was the right age, going on now the woman who would one day be the center of his life should have been born.

"Alice Elliot," Anne whispered, and then Yuri pointed at the water, shouting as dozens of lights appeared. They were falling through space, or so it seemed as the waters showed stars moving, getting closer and then disappearing. They saw the earth and Europe rushed up from the globe, focusing first on London, then on a hospital.

Finally they saw a mother cradling her newborn, who was red-faced with the small mouth opened in a scream.

"That baby's ugly," Yuri remarked with the natural bluntness of a toddler.

Anne giggled. "I think you'll change your mind when you're a big boy."

"I AM a big boy!"

"I know. When you're as big as Daddy."

"You were trying to find the woman?" Saki asked.

Anne looked up and smiled. "No, the infant. We couldn't find her before because she wasn't born yet."

Her sister-in-law nodded in understanding and knelt by her side, but Yuri stuck his head out over her shoulder so he could look at her face. "Why do you want to see a baby?"

"Well...because she's very important," Anne answered. Years ago, when she had answered to the name of Karin, she had always wanted to see Alice just once. Just once so that she could understand why Yuri had loved her so much. But she knew this glimpse of an infant was all she would ever get. Even with the visions the Well of Sukune could grant, some mysteries were unsolvable.

She watched as the mother comforted her new child, then brushed the water with her fingers. The distortion from the ripples destroyed the image. "Let's not keep Daddy waiting," she said, standing and holding her son securely on her shoulders. She walked briskly out of the cavern with Saki following behind. In the well, the ripples spread across the water.

Author's Note: the photograph gives Yuri's age as three and Alice does turn 21 during Shadow Hearts, placing her 3-4 years within Yuri's age, so I thought it was possible for this to have taken place.