Chapter 2 of Found Out Secret:

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Avoiding Home

"Jazz...Mom, Dad...They now know my secret..." Gasped Danny. "Should I fess up to them?"

Danny thought to himself for a moment, the scared expression on his face. "No, if they are sure I'm a ghost, who knows what they might do...They might do experiments on me, ground me for life for not telling them..."

Danny's eyes, still glowing green, widend with a sudden idea. "Wait! Jazz must have known, she never questioned me or anything!" Danny turned and faced the door of his room, almost ready to open it and dash out at any moment. "Jazz could be the only one who could help me...Then there is the phone..."

Danny glanced over at the black cordless phone on his bed.

"Should I call Sam? Tucker? They could help...Maybe..."


"Sam, Tucker! They know! They know!" Danny yelled over the phone.

"Sigh..."Sam breathed. "They know what?"

"My Secret!" Danny yelled, sounding desperate. "They know I'm a ghost!"

"Are you sure they know?" Tucker questioned.

"Yes!" Danny yelled, then he paused for a moment. "Actually, I'm not sure that they know I'm a ghost, but they are on to me..."

"How did they find out?" Sam asked, worried for Danny's sake.

"They saw me...They even talked to me...Thats why I called you earlier...Because they were acting strange..." Danny was on the verge of crying because of the stress. " Because of me..."

Danny burst into tears. "And now I'm worried for my life and future because of it!" He yelled in anger and stress.

"Do you want to come over to my place?" Asked Sam, in hopes of cheering Danny up. "We could watch a movie or something."

"That...That would be nice..." Danny replied, sounding a note happier." parents..."

"What about them? Asked Tucker, sounding concerned.

"I dont know what they will do, or say, or anything!" Danny said.

"Try talking to someone in your family, maybe Jazz." Sam suggested. "You might as well talk to her, because she already knows your a ghost."

"Wait, you guy's knew that she knew!" Danny yelled, now sounding surprised."

"Well, yeah..." said Tucker, confirming his answer. "Ever since the week we all got councelling from that weird ghost lady...what's her name?"

"Yeah, Jazz saw you transfrom as you ran out of the restaraunt right around then" Sam pointed out in memory. "We tried to convince her she saw nothing, but it diddnt work."

"Okay, I'll try talking to Jazz...Should we all meet at your place, Sam?" Asked Danny, with hopes

for a working plan. "And not to watch movies, just for having an important meeting"

"Okay, sure, my parents wont mind."

"That's good, I'll see you guys in 30 minutes, and I'll see if Jazz will come too." Danny said.

"Bye." (in unison)


Danny floated into Jazz's room through the wall , then turned visible.

"Jazz, we need to talk" Danny said, with seriousness in his voice.

"Why, is something wrong?" Jazz sat up properly on her ber from her

lying position, and put down a book she was reading. "Did mom and dad see you?"

"Yes! They did!" Danny yelled. A sad expression appeared on his face. "I should have listened to

you, when you told me to stop..." Danny continued to float on the spot as he talked.

Jazz thought for a moment, then shook her head as if she changed her mind about something.

'Nevermind...Well, what do you want?" Jazz asked.

"I need you to come with a friends house...For a meeting..." Danny said, sounding almost

like he was stammering.

"Really?" Jazz said, sounding surprised.

"Yes, since you already know I'm a ghost, it's important you come."

"Sure, I'll come. Where's the meeting anyway?" Jazz asked, accidently raising her voice.

"Sssshhh, I don't want the parents to know" Danny whispered.

"Okay, we can sneek out the front door, and walk over to...who's house?" Jazz asked again.

"Oh, we're meeting at Sam's place" Danny whispered.

"We should start walking there, then." Suggested Jazz. She stood up, walked past floating Danny, and went to open her door.

"Wait!" Danny said, in a voice that he feared was a bit too loud. "Mom and Dad will stop and ask us where we're going. I have a better idea."

And with that, Danny dashed mid-air towards Jazz, grabbed her hand, turned intangeable, and floated out

Jazz's bedroom window and out into the dark, late evening sky.


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