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Chapter One

Kagome walked down the durt road toward the village to meet up with everyone else. She smiled at the thought of the full lunch, perpared by herself, in her backpack.

"Don't forget my Ramen, Wench!" Inuyasha had said before she left for her next big test.

She had made sure that there was plenty of Ramen. She walked a few more steps then paused as the bushes next to her started to shake. 'Oh no' she thought as she didn't have her arrows with her to defend herself.

The bushes shook till a demon emurged landing on the ground hard. Kagome walked up to it, noticing that it had many wounds over her body. She bent down and tryed to touch the demons shoulder, when it grabbed her wrist and a half growled, half growned.

Kagome screamed when it grabbed her wrist and in a flash Inuyasha was at Kagomes side kicking the demon swiftly in the stomach.

"Don't you dare touch Kagome!" he yelled about to kick the demon again when Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's arm.

"No!" she said.

"What!" Inuyasha yelled looking at Kagome, "This demon tryed to kill you and you want me to SPARE IT!"

"It never touched me. I touched it. We should help." Kagome said smiling weakly, knowing that she's going to get it later for touching a bloody demon.

"Feh, all right lets take it to the village." he said stooping down and picking up the demon reveiling a wolf demon. 'Oh great another wolf demon. Just what I need.' he thought as Kagome climbed on his back and he ran off to the villlage.