Chapter Four

Keiko awoke, looking around the room but no one was there. She tryed to sense Kagome but she wasn't near.

"She went to go get you fresh water."

Keiko tensed and looked over at Inuyasha sitting in the corner. Her eyes drooped, to show that she understood.

Hmmm...Why won't she talk. Inuyasha folded his arms and thought about this. Keiko sniffed the air and her stomach growled. "Fuh, sounds like your hungry."

Keiko looked at him.

"Well that's understandable. You've not eaten in about 3 days now." he said grabbing an apple, and rolled it across the floor and let it end next to her.

She looked at the apple but didn't touch it.

"Eat it!" Inuyasha said, "Kagome will be mad at me if you don't eat. SO EAT!"

Keiko flinched and curled up into a little ball.

"Inuyasha what did you do this time!" Kagome asked walking back into the hut.

Keiko heard Kagomes voice and jumped her in a tight hug, which made her drop the pale of water and water spilled on the floor. "Woah?" was all Kagome said as she propped her self up on her hands and looked at the demon around her waist.

At that moment, Kaede, Sango, and Miroku, walked in to the scene before them. Kagome gentally pulled at the wolf demons grip, and soon got free. Keiko sat down on the ground looking at all the new people that had come into the hut. She narrowed her eyes and let a low growl out in the depths of her throat.

"Hey!" Inuyasha said smacking the demons head, which snapped her out of it. "Stop growling at our friends!"

Keiko sulked away and ended behind Kagome. Sango looked at the wolf and then at Kagome who was looking at Keiko as well.

"uh...Kagome whats going on?" Sango asked taking a step toward Kagome. Keiko ears twitched and watched each and every step Sango made.

"I'm not sure I think she just trust me." Kagome said. She took Keiko's hand and pulled her out from behind her. "Now Keiko this is Sango, Kaede, and Miroku. Guys this is Keiko."

Keiko looked at everyone, then walked over to them. Taking Kaede's hand she smelt it, took a moment to regester and she smiled at her. She did the same with Sangos hand too. But when she got to Miroku she wrinkled up her nose in discust and smacked him hard on the face.

Kagome laughed as Sango muttered, "Pervert." Keiko returned to Kagomes side and sat down.

"Umm...okay, that was odd." Miroku said sitting up and rubbing his cheek.

"Um. I think it's her way of saying hello and that she trust you." Kagome said looking at the demon next to her. Looks like Keiko only trust women. Kagome thought.

Keiko's ears twitched and she looked at Kagome.

Kagome continuted, "That's all I got out of her. She seems to not want to talk."

"Really...why do you think that child?" Kaede said looking that wolf.

"I'm not sure." she responded looking at Keiko who was now exploring the rest of the hut. She ended up at Kagomes huge yellow bag. Slicing open the top she peared into the bag.

Inuyasha watched the wolf. Somethings not right here, she seems to be alittle kid, but on the out side... he trailed off his thought when he saw Keiko pull out a box of ramen. "HEY THATS MY RAMEN! YOU FILTHY WOLF GET AWAY FROM IT!" Inuyasha yelled which startled everyone not just Keiko. Keiko started to run still ramen in hand and Inuyasha chased her out of the hut and a little bit through the village, when Kagome sighed and muttered. "Sit."

Keiko watched as Inuyasha and Kagome got into a yelling match. Inuyasha looked up and saw keiko still clutching his ramen. keiko looked down at the ramen and then back at Inuyasha, then back to the ramen. She smiled and stuck out her tounge at Inuyasha, which made him more pissed, and which in return made Kagome 'Sit' him five more times.

Kagome looked up to hear a sound she not heard before. Turning her head she saw Keiko laughing. Kagome smiled and laughed a little too.

Keiko stopped laughing and could feel that someone was coming closer to the village. She turned around and looked at the forest of Inuyasha. She waited a few more minutes and was about to go back to Kagome when she saw a man emerge from the forest.

Kagome looked over at Keiko who seemed to be staring at something in the forest. The next thing she knew Keiko was on the ground, in a ball, shaking frighten. "keiko whats wrong?" Kagome said running over to her. Looking up she saw no one there.

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