SUMMARY: Inuyasha's been a long-time employee at Sportsmart, where Kagome has been recently hired. Unfortunately, under Naraku's management the more people who work there the less pay each employee receives. Inuyasha wasn't very happy when his got slightly cut to go to Kagome. Finding no choice but to have her quit, he does everything possible in his power to make her life at Sportsmart miserable. Things quickly grow complicated as he gets to know her better...


Chapter one

'I can do this, I can do this,' Kagome inwardly chanted while making her way towards the entrance of the massive store.

"It will be fine," she assured herself out-loud before finally stepping inside. Sportsmart was huge. The biggest store in the mall actually, and she had been fortunate enough to get hired there. Lucky for her there was a section that sold after-wear: in other words, really nice clothes for young women. She was quite pleased by this as her employee discount was 45 percent.

She nervously made her way towards the front desk as the plastic smell of new shoes tickled her nose. Kagome smiled to herself as she was already beginning to familiarize herself with her surroundings. At the front counter she was greeted by a woman around her age smiling brightly at her. The girl had chestnut brown hair that was pulled up into a high, loose, ponytail. The color matched her twinkling eyes, and she sported the regular uniform: black pants and a black and white striped t-shirt with the word 'Sportsmart' printed into the tiny pocket on the chest.

"You must be Kagome." She gave her a polite nod before extending her hand, "I'm Sango."

After a second of hesitation Kagome shook her hand, and then dumbly looked to the floor. "So where exactly do I start?"

"Ill show you around."

Sango led Kagome behind the black counter, and into a fairly large sized room. Two vending machines lay flat against the tanned wall.

"This is the staff room," Sango said as Kagome looked around curiously, " it's where we come to relax on our breaks or if we're waiting for our next shift or something. Since there are so many employees we needed lots of furniture."

A large television was sitting up in the corner of the room, accompanied by a coffee table and a white leather couch. Chairs and more couches were all around as well, facing the television.

"It's nice," Kagome managed to say, then her eyes fell upon two doors.

'Where do those go to?...' She mused curiously.

Sango noticed her change in expression and added, "The first door leads outside, the second is a small bathroom. You can find coffee in the kitchen over there, if you would even call it a kitchen. It's rather small..." Sango said laughing quietly. Kagome smiled when she got a good look at it. This part of the room had tile instead of the sandy colored carpet that covered the rest of the floor.

'Better than nothing,' She found herself thinking.

"We should get back out there, front desk can't be left empty for too long!" Sango sighed playfully. They made their way out the door and back to the front, unaware of the lazy boy armchair that had its back to the two girls.

Sitting in it was another man, his long hair as black as night and his eyes a deep shade of purple. He looked a bit older than the nine-teen year old Kagome, maybe around twenty or twenty-one. The boy risked a glance behind him as Kagome followed Sango out the door. It closed behind the two with a soft 'click' that echoed through the room.

"So, that's the new girl." Inuyasha muttered into the silence of the staff room. He leaned back fully in the chair, extending the foot rest and sighing in mock sadness, shaking his head. "She seems kind of nice, but I just don't think there's enough room in this store for the both of us." He smirked and flicked the T.V. back on with a light tap of his finger.

Inuyasha had big plans for his new co-worker.

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