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Chapter twenty-one

The next day when Naraku arrived at work he was surprised to see everyone looking at him strangely. 'What...my tie doesn't look good with my shirt?' He thought. 'No, that can't be it. It's always like that.'

He rounded the corner to the hallway that led towards his office, stopping in front of his door.

His eyes narrowed. What was this? The plaque with his name on it wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Kagura!" He yelled, turning the handle to enter in. Once inside he dropped his coffee in utter shock and horror.

Right before it hit the newly carpeted ground a man in a black suit swiftly bent down and caught it.

"What-" Naraku looked around at the light blue walls and beige carpet. There were even nice lights! "What is the meaning of this!"

Sesshomaru sat in a large cushioned black chair behind a deep cherry,wooden desk- beautifully furnished. He blew out smoke from the cigar in his delicately pale hand. Kagura stood defiantly behind him with a hand on the top of his chair to show who's side she was on.

"Naraku, you don't work here anymore." Sesshomaru said plainly.

He was completely taken back. "Excuse me? But how will I support myself?" HE looked as if he was going to cry. The men by the door didn't even flinch.

"Oh, you will." Sesshomaru said with a cool laugh. "I'm not firing you, I'm just demoting you."


"Yes. The opposite of promoting. I'm moving you to one of our separate store branches in America and demoting you to a regular employee.

"But I-"

"Your things are outside." Sesshomaru cut in carelessly putting out his cigar in a glass ashtray.

Naraku was about to throw a fit but two guards grabbed his arms.

"Please, escort him out."

"No!" Naraku yelled trying to break free.

"Don't make me taser you." One of the guards had warned quietly before closing the door behind them.

"I don't know how much I can thank-you." Kagura said when they were left alone. "But who will take over the store now that Naraku is gone."

Sesshomaru spun in his chair to face her, then stood. " I was actually thinking of taking over."

"Really?" Kagura asked, surprised.

"Yes, but." He said, allowing himself a small smile. "I do need and assistant manager."

"I would love to." Kagura replied stepping closer to him.

"Not you." He said, sounding appalled and leaning his torso back with is hand dramatically placed over his heart.

"Wha-" Kagura choked.

"That was a joke." Sesshomaru said picking up both of Kagura's hands in his own. "You start today."

"What?" Kagome breathed. "You're getting married?"

"Mmhmm." Sango answered, nodding excitedly.

"Congratulations!" Inuyasha and Kagome both said, Inuyasha of course sounding less excited.

Miroku winked. "Now Sango can spend the rest of her days making little Miroku's who will one day grow up and rule the world!"

"Hah!" Inuyasha leaned back in his booth at the café.

"what a strange person you are.." Kagome shook her head.

Sango giggled and playfully tapped him on the shoulder. "You're such a joker!"

Miroku sat there forcing a smile. "Yeah...hilarious..." He said, his hopes crushed.

"Anyway." Sango said after taking a sip of her French vanilla. "I heard Naraku got demoted."

"Me too. I heard he works in a sweatshop now, sewing sportsmart uniforms." Inuyasha added.

"Really? I was told he threw a fit at the news and was put into an asylum." Said Kagome.

"Is that so?" Miroku said scratching his chin. " I was led to believe he was demoted as boss and sent to work as a normal employee in America."

Everyone fell silent.

"I've never heard that before."

"Me neither."

"You dumb ass..."

Miroku shrugged.

"Well, we better get back to work, lunch is nearly over." Kagome said, standing up.

"Later Miroku!"

Upon entering at sportsmart...
"Speaking of cold shoulders-which we weren't," Kouga corrected himself before continuing. "how come no one answered the phone when I called here last night?"

Inuyasha and Kagome went silent.

"Now that I think about it...I called as well." Sango said, a look of reflection on her face.

"Yeah! Me too, what's up with that?" A sexy man named Bankotsu yelled from the kitchen of the staff room.

All turned to face him.

"Hey..." Kouga said looking from Bankotsu's blue silk kimono and name tag, to his long braid.

"Aren't you from that sushi place in the food court?"

"Sure am." Bankotsu grinned, picking a huge machete from the counter. "Later gators."

And with that he walked out the door.

After an awkward moment of silence Hojo said. "Me too!"

"What? You're from won-san sushi as well?"

"No, I mean I called too." Hojo said, looking happy to be included in something.

"Okay..." Kouga said, wearing the same odd expression as everyone else in the room except Hojo.

The telecom beeped.

"Alright, group two lunch break is now over." A young womans voice boomed thorough the room. They all stood up and began chatting again, though where the usual announcer, Kagura, was had crossed all their minds.

"See you later shoe boy." Inuyasha said as Kouga passed him on his way out.

"Shut up, don't you have papers to stack?"

Kagome and Sango both sighed, parting ways when they exited the Staff room.

It was just another day in the store and Kagome couldn't help but smile after a warm glance from Inuyasha. She knew that as strange things were around there, she wouldn't exchange her job for any other. Especially McDonald's...

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