You Get Me
By: Rachael Keane

Summary: Alex never thought she'd be forgiving of Jay for what he did to her, but then a sudden thought about their unborn child and their history together brings her to realize the truth. But in the end…Will everything be resolved?

Note: Alex is pregnant by Jay here, don't worry, I'm working backwards. Just please R&R

Chapter 1

Alex sat in the quad at one of the tables having lunch by herself. She scanned the yard for Jay, Towerz, or even Amy. She then spotted them hanging by Jay's car, and then she watched as Amy tried to come on to Towerz, but he kept pushing her away. Alex shook her head in an annoyed way. First Amy goes after Jay, then Sean, and now Towerz. She had become worse since her break-up with Sean.

She's probably a little high again….Stupid girl. Alex thought to herself about Amy. After the fight she had with her, there was no way they would be talking ever again. Now-a-days, Alex counted on the company of Emma, and the occasional conversation with Ellie.

Suddenly, as she kept looking around the crowd, she watched as Ellie made her way across the quad, and toward Alex. She waved for Ellie to sit down with her, so Ellie did exactly that.

"Hey Lexxi, what are you doing sitting out here by yourself?" Ellie sighed, putting her bag down next to her.

Alex sighed heavily "I can't be faced with having to look at Jay every time I turn around." She said.

Ellie laughed "You see him everyday here, so you really have no choice with having to face him. He's going to be here for another year, so is Amy, and Emma and even me. So, we're all trapped together in this hell hole. Oh, and in case you forgot, you're pregnant with his child." She told Alex with a smile.

"I'm fully aware of my condition, Ellie…It's just that I don't want Jay involved in this child's life right now." Alex sighed.

Ellie shook her head disapprovingly "Alex! He's the father of this child! I know he was a complete jerk-off for what he did to you., but he needs to be involved somehow. You want this kid to grow up without a father? That's pretty screwed up, girl." She sighed

"So I'll find someone else. How hard can it be?" Alex asked, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, cause every guy is just lining up to date a 17 year old girl, who is pregnant with another guy's child. That's real smart, Alex." Ellie scolded gently.

"Damn it, Ellie. I am not gonna sit here and have the girl who spent a whole year living in sin with Sean lecture me about MY problem" Alex sneered.

"Listen, that was mine and Sean's decision is live together, I had no idea that he was just gonna up and leave me to go back home to Wasaga Beach. Just remember, Jay probably doesn't want anything to do with that kid either." Ellie pointed out.

"Liar! He does too, he told me. But I just don't want him involved right now, when the time is right...I'll let him know. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to class. I'll see you at your place after school...if you're lucky" Alex said, grabbing her backpack, and getting up.

She walked away, leaving Ellie speechless. As she walked, Alex had one thought, and she was angry, and only because she realized that Ellie might have a point. If she waited too long to get jay into their unborn child's 'life' it could be disasterous. This child can end up never getting to know his or her father. Maybe the safest thing to do would be to talk to Jay, which she decided to do later before heading to Ellie's.

To Be Continued...