Allergies. That must be it. Harry thought. That has to be why my nose is killing me. His nose had been itching, running, getting stuffed, making him sneeze, doing anything other than what it normally does, and it was killing him. Plus, he was getting these awful headaches, and whenever he sneezed, his scar hurt.

"Harry, are you okay?" Harry suddenly whipped around, and came almost nose-to-nose with Hermionie's worried face. He looked over to Ron, and saw that he wore the same expression.

"Yea, yeah, I'm fine." He assured them. "Just a cold. Or allergies. Or something."

"You sure?" Hermionie asked. "I mean, this has been going on for a while. Maybe you should see Madam Pomfrey…?"

"Hermionie, he'll see her when if he wants. Stop hounding him about it." Ron said, but he looked a bit regretful at his words when Harry agreed to him.

"Well… if you're sure…"

"Yes, Hermionie, I'm fine." Harry punctuated that with a sneeze. He looked around the common room. There had to be something here that was making him sneeze so bloody much! Achoo!

"Either I'm going to kill my nose, or it's going to kill me!" Harry shouted after that last sneeze. He was getting sick of this. Wait… he thought that sounds too familiar. Isn't that what's going to happen with Voldemort and me? He had already told Ron and Hermionie about the whole kill-or-be-killed thing, and now half the time, that's what he thought about.

"Harry, what are your symptoms?"

He didn't argue this time. He told her.

"Well, every time I sneeze or blow my nose, my scar hurts. And I have this awful headache this whole time, and my nose is acting anything but normal. It's killing me!"

"I know, Harry, but have you ever thought your nose might be Voldemort in disguise?" Hermionie asked seriously. Ron laughed out loud, and Harry just looked at her in disbelief, then joined Ron in laughing.

"Hermionie, do you honestly think that Harry's nose is Voldemort? I mean… honestly." Ron asked in between fits of laughter.

"Really. Are you two going to act your age so I can explain this to you or not?"

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