The author gathered all of the characters in this story so far to her office for a short meeting.

"Everybody, I am sorry to say that I dropped this story."

There were multiple protests from all the characters, including Hermione threatening to hex the author.

"Don't hex me! I was about to give you the good news. There's another author who liked you guys so much that they are going to continue it."

"Who is it?"

"Her name is magic cheese." Dumbledore said calmly.

"How did you know that?" the author asked. Dumbledore gave a half-hearted shrug and a smile, as if to say I'm Dumbledore, what do you expect?

And there you have it. I have dropped it and am handing it over to magic cheese. Look for her chapters to see the rest of the story. Thank you, and I'm sorry. I just had no clue what to do, and the spark is gone.