Friends With Benefits

Miss Ed

Summary: They're friends…who sleep together. CenaOC

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Chapter One:

"Can someone please pass the salt?" Rey asked as he pointed at the salt in front on John

"John, can you pass the salt, ese?" Eddie asked

That's when Eddie, Rey, Miss Jackie, Charlie Haas, the Big Show and Dawn Marie noticed that John and Elizabeth were deep in conversation

"Uh, guys can you excuse us? John and I aren't hungry anymore. We'll be in our suite." Elizabeth said as she and John stood up and left dinner

"Sure, see you in the morning." Charlie said as he went back to his food

It was 8 pm and Elizabeth entered the elevator with John by her side

"Do you think they know?" John asked as he placed an arm around Elizabeth's shoulder

"I have no idea…" Elizabeth grinned

John chuckled

"This is our stop," Elizabeth said three minutes later

John leaned in, about to kiss her, when Elizabeth stopped him

"Excited?" Elizabeth smiled as John looked down

"You can say that…" he trailed off as he followed Elizabeth off the elevator

As soon as Elizabeth opened the door to their suite, John started planting butterfly kisses on her neck

Elizabeth turned around and that's when they started making out

John closed the door and continued kissing Elizabeth

Elizabeth grinned and sat down on the foot of the bed

John bit his lower lip and pulled his shirt over his head and came closer to Elizabeth

"No…" Elizabeth said as she placed a hand on his chest.

John looked at her curiously, wondering what Elizabeth was getting at

Elizabeth stood up and pushed him on the bed, biting her lower lip

John grinned, seeing the glint in her eye

Sure, they were best friends, but I guess that ended when they decided to take it to another level.

End of Chapter One

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