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Note: For the yyh gang, this takes place after the Dark Tournament. In the anime, Kuwabara lost his spirit powers at this point, but in my story he still has it. For the Inuyasha gang, this takes place after Naraku disappeared without a trace after his failure attempt of kidnapping Rin. No Yaoyi, however you spell it, and pairings are undecided.

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The Feudal Era Across the Street

Chapter 1: Moving

A teenage boy with black hair slicked back was walking through the entrance hall of Spirit World. It was Yusuke Urameshi, Spirit Detective of the Earth. He was called yet again to save Koenma's butt. Koenma is the ruler of Spirit World, but his father's authority is only one higher than his. Anyway, something had happened or Koenma had messed up and they needed him to set everything right.

Kuwabara and Botan were with him as well. Kuwabara was an orange haired, tall teenage boy. He was the one that always picked a fight with Yusuke and Hiei, but that did not stop him from coming along. Botan, on the other hand, looked like a seemingly normal girl, except for the fact that she was the Pilot of the River Styx, or the grim reaper as she is more commonly known as. She has blue colored hair and pink eyes. She was wearing her normal reaping clothes, her pink kimono.

"What does the toddler what this time?" Yusuke complained, following Botan down the throatlike hallway of Spirit World.

"I honestly don't know," the perky, blue-haired girl replied.

"Guys, this place creeps me out," Kuwabara said, looking around the strange hallway.

"That's right! You've never been to Spirit World, Kuwabara," Botan said. They reached a room revealing many busy ogres. They were shouting things about someone dying ahead of schedule. "It got so much livelier," Kuwabara mumbled.

"Hey, Kuwabara, I don't think you want to be left behind 'cuz their big bad guard dog is coming for its lunch," Yusuke shouted teasingly.

"We don't have a guard dog," Botan whispered.

"I know that and you know that, but he doesn't," Yusuke whispered back. Kuwabara caught up to them quickly. His knees were shaking. Maybe this was why he liked cats better. But he did reveal he was afraid of mice in Maze Castle.

Botan opened the door to Koenma's office. Kurama and Hiei were waiting for them. Kurama was a red haired teen with green eyes, but in fact he was really a silver fox demon known as Youko Kurama. He was hurt badly and he had assumed soul form and was reborn as a human. Hiei was a fire demon. He had spiky black hair with a white starbust. His red eyes glared at Yusuke and Kuwabara. He was not the most friendly of the bunch. Koenma was pacing back and forth. He looked very worried. He was sucking his pacifier rather quickly.

"So what demon am I supposed to take down this time?" Yusuke asked, breaking the silence.

"The idiots finally came," Hiei said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey!" Kuwabara and Yusuke shouted in unison.

"Argue later. This mission must be important if we're called to Spirit World to be briefed about," Kurama said calmly, which was enough to quiet them down.

"Thank you, Kurama," Koenma said. He motioned to the three that newly arrived to sit. Koenma sat in his big chair. "Like Kurama said, this mission is very important. Spirit intelligence has informed us that a portal has been located that connects our time and the feudal era. The name of the girl that discovered it and has been using it often is Kagome Higurashi."

A picture of her popped up on the screen. "She's hot!" Kuwabara blurted out. Yusuke hit him.

"You have Yukina, remember?"
"Oh, yeah," he said and a slight blush formed on his face.

"Anyway," Koenma said, eyeing him strangely, "her mendling in the past has disturbed the time stream. Even if she stops, that won't end the damage. It is believed that the Shikon Jewel has been shattered and Kagome has only a couple shards. Most of it is believed to be in the possession of a strange demon."

"And we need to do what exactly?" Hiei asked impatiently.

"And what's this Shikon Jewel?" Yusuke asked.

"The Shikon Jewel can multiply a demon's power by up to ten times. It was believed that it was burned along with it's guardian many centuries ago," Kurama explained.

"How do you know that?" asked Kuwabara.

"I'm a thief, and as a thief, you have to know these things." Kurama smirked.

"Now, answering Hiei's question, all of you need to get the whole jewel back and defeat any demons along the way that have a shard in their possession," Koenma said.

"Fine, let's get this over with," Yusuke said, standing up.

"I'm not finished!" Koenma shouted. Yusuke was about to retort, but thought not to. He wanted to get this mission over with as soon as possible.

"All of you will be moving to Tokyo for this mission. The house you will be staying at will be located across the street of the Higurashi Shrine. Since I don't trust any of you to be left alone, other than Kurama, Genkai will be coming with you," Koenma said.

"Then where's the old hag? She should be here too," Yusuke asked.

"She already knows about it. She was the one that found out about the portal and she bought the house already," Koenma explained.

"When will we leave?" Kurama asked.

"You will tomorrow due to the importance of this mission. That means you must pack and tell your families today. Don't ask how long this will take because I don't know," Koenma said.

"Why do we have to go tomorrow?" Kuwabara complained.

"Because the girl only comes back for a couple days and leaves for weeks at a time. She just came back a couple hours ago. I have no idea how long she'll stay, so you must go now! Meet Genkai at her place by 6 a.m. tomorrow," Koenma said.

"Six! Do you have any idea how many stairs she has?" Yusuke complained.

"Yes, I do. If you're late, Genkai will make you suffer. Now leave!" Koenma said, wiping the sweat from his brow. They filed out. "I need an aspirin," Koenma said to himself.

They entered the throatlike hallway once again and Kuwabara asked, fearfully, "Hey, guys, what about the guard dog?'

"What guard dog?' Kurama asked.

"Spirirt World doesn't have any guard dogs, you brainless baboon," Hiei said coldly.

"Wait, that means... Urameshi, I'm gonna kill you!" Kuwabara shouted, chasing after him. Yusuke was laughing so hard he was crying. He almost tripped.

"They are so immature," Hiei said.

"I don't think they'll ever grow up," Botan said. Kurama sighed.

Later that night, Kuwabara was about to break the news to his sister, Shizuru. His sister had found out about Kuwabara's little adventures when they were watching the tape about Yukina. "Hey, sis! I've gotta tell you something." He scratched the back of his head.

"What?" Shizuru asked.

"Well, me and the gang are moving to Tokyo for a mission. And, um, take care of Eikichi for me."


Kuwabara did not believe that plain and uninterested response he received. He added one last thing, just in case. "Don't skin her."

"Whatever," she dully replied. He sweat dropped.

Meanwhile, Yusuke was looking for his mom in their apartment. How anyone can dirty up an apartment in such a small amout of time is anyone's guess. Anyway, he found her drunk, again. Her brown hair covered part of her face. Her face was a little red from drinking.

"Yuuuusuke!" Atsuko slurred.

"Mom, have you been partying again?"

"Just a little," she said and waved a bottle of alcohol in front of his face.

"Mom, I have something important to tell you," he said seriously.
"I'm going to have to move to Tokyo for awhile. I have to transfer to the school there."

"School? I thought you haaated school," Atsuko said, slurring. She was getting a bit tipsy and so Yusuke helped her onto the couch. He cleared some of the trash off before sitting her down.

"Well, it's either that or juvie," Yusuke said, while sitting down next to her.

"Juvie? Don't leave me again!" she looked into his brown eyes and saw he was serios. "Okay, you can go, but please call so I know you're alive!" She began crying. He did not like seeing her like this.

"Oh, Mom, it's gonna be okay." The doorbell rang and Yusuke went to open it. It was Keiko. She helped him a lot when he was dead and he had promised to tell her when he would go on a mission.

"Keiko, hi, I need to tell you something," he began, scratching his head. He looked up into her eyes.

"Shizuru called me and told me. I came here to tell you good-bye," she replied sadly.

Kurama, or Shuichi, was trying to think of an excuse for his mother. His hands were folded and he was leaning forward on the couch. The only sound was the ticking of the clock. Then, his mother came in.

"Mother, I need to tell you something," he said, getting up.

"What is it, Shuichi?" Shiori asked.

"Well, I was informed today that I would have a chance to study with the famous Genkai ."

"Oh, that's wonderful. I've heard good things about her."

"The thing is, I must go with her to Tokyo tomorrow and I'm worried about you."

"Don't worry about me. Go. This is a wonderful learning experience for you."

"I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'll try to call as much as possible," Kurama said. He had at least partly told her the truth this time.

The next morning, Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Genkai were waiting for Yusuke. The elderly woman with rusty pink hair looked at the clock and said, "He has thirty seconds to get here or he'll be late." With five seconds to go, Yusuke burst in. "You got lucky there dimwit. A couple more seconds and you would've been mine to torture," Genkai said.

'Too many stairs," Yusuke panted.

"Let's go back down," she said. Yusuke groaned.

They reached their new house in a couple hours. "This place is great!" Kuwabara exclaimed, looking at it from the outside. "As Koenma told you, the Higurashi Shrine is right there," Genkai said, pointing to it. About four people came up to them. The old man went up to Genkai and said, "It's you! You're Genkai! Can I have your autograph?"

"No, and who are you?" Genkai asked, already disliking the new neighbors.

"I'm the caretaker of the Higurashi Shrine. The name's - - - -," he replied. (I don't think they ever mentioned his name so for now that means to insert his name.)

"Hello, my name is - - - -. I'm his daughter and these are my children, Sota and Kagome," she said pointing to the kids. (I don't think they said her name either so same thing.) There was a little boy about eight or nine and a girl that appeared fourteen. She had long black hair with brown eyes.

"Hey," Sota said.

"Hello," Kagome said.

"My name is Genkai and the one in black is Hiei, the redhead is Shuichi, the tall, ugly one is Kuwabra, and the dimwit here is Yusuke."

"I'm gonna get you one day, Grandma."

"I'm not your grandma for the hundredth time."

"What are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking," Kagome's grandpa asked.

"Well, these four are my students and I thought it would benefit them if they saw an actual shrine. It is a good place to hone any pathetic spiritual power they may have."

"We're not pathetic!" Kuwabara protested. Genkai glared at him.

"We have to go, but if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask," Mrs. Higurashi said and they left.

"I guess that means they don't mind us asking about the feudal era in their yard," Yusuke commented.

Genkai hit Kuwabara on the back of his head. "What did you do that for?" he asked, rubbing his head.

"You almost blew our cover when you said our senses aren't pathetic," Hiei said, "The girl has some sort of power."

"I sensed a strange power coming from the girl as well. It was almost like she was a priestess, but not exactly," Kurama said.

"What do you mean?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes, she was strange alright," Genkai added.

"Wait, I thought priestesses died out hundreds of years ago," Kuwabara said.

"They did," Genkai said.

"Apparently, she must have recieved some sort of training while she was in the past," Kurama said.

"Nothing we can do about it now. Let's get unpacked," Genkai said, going inside. They followed her in. She looked at the yard and saw it was over run with weeds. No wonder I got this place really cheap, she thought.

"Dimwit! Taller dimwit! Get over here and weed the yard!" she shouted. They took one look at the yard and realized they'd be weeding for hours.

"Why don't you get Kurama to do it?" Yusuke complained.

"Because he'll enjoy it," Genkai replied and left. She closed the sliding door behind her. She took her finger and examined the amount of dust that was collected on the furniture that came with the house

"Kurama, Hiei, dust the house," she barked out. Kurama obeyed, but Hiei left as soon as Genkai was out of sight. The fox sighed.

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