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Everyone had gone out. Yoh was left behind to finish his training. Ren had stayed because he didn't feel like shopping. He had retreated to his room, not wanting to be around other people. He sat at the window watching Yoh train. Ren sighed and looked down, still feeling uncomfortable around other people. All others except Yoh that is, his easy smile and infectious laugh couldn't help but put him at ease.

Ren closed his eyes, seeing an image of the chocolate haired shaman. Eyes warm and sparkling with laughter, expression vacant, relaxed. As if his mind was elsewhere. Ren thought that there was more to the other than he let on. He was just too relaxed; it just wasn't possible to be that relaxed all the time.

Opening his eyes, Ren sighed in frustration. Why did his thoughts always dwell on Yoh? It was almost an obsession, Yoh never even noticed him as anything more than one of his numerous friends. One of the gang, that's all.

Attempting to think of anything but the other shaman, Ren stared at the patterns of light on the wall. The shadows of leaves from the trees outside swaying gently as the breeze outside swirled across the garden. The sparkle of light reflected from the glass in the window. The light and shadows seemed to be chasing one another playing a game with each other.

Ren sighed and looked away from the wall. It wasn't working, the playful shadows reminded him all too much of Yoh. His light-hearted spirit and forgiving nature, a reflection of the shadows playful dance.

Turning back to the window, he blinked. While he was trying to distract himself Yoh had apparently finished training and gone inside. Ren leaned his head against the glass, closing his eyes. Wishing that he could stop feeling so drawn to the other, that the attraction he had would disappear. Then he heard footsteps. Ren stood up straight, still looking out the window, but not seeing any thing. He knew whose footsteps they were.


After everyone had left, Yoh turned with a sigh and went to finish his training. Anna's admonition to finish or he'd be sorry still ringing in his ears. As he entered the garden he saw Ren at the window of his room. Staring out across the garden. Yoh had forgotten that Ren had opted to stay behind.

Settling into the familiar training routine, Yoh's thoughts returned to the Chinese shaman. Why hadn't he gone with the others? He hadn't been forced to stay. Yoh sighed, deciding that maybe Ren still wasn't accustomed to having friends. He had spent so long alone; it must be really strange to be around so many people all at once.

Trying to take his mind off Ren, Yoh started counting the sit ups he was doing out loud. It didn't work, his thoughts returned promptly to the other. This had been happening more and more often of late. He kept telling himself that he was just worried about his friend. That he had a fiancée that he was happy with. But it was getting more difficult to deny the growing attraction he had for Ren.

Stopping training, Yoh just lay back on the grass. Giving up the pretence that he was working, when his heart and head, were somewhere else. He closed has eyes, but couldn't even relax or sleep. His mind too active, thinking too much on Ren.

He sat up and looked at the window Ren was at earlier. But Ren was no longer there. Yoh stood, deciding to go and speak to Ren. He couldn't go on with the turmoil of emotions, it was too distracting. He walked into the house and made his way to Ren's room. Slowing his pace as he neared the door, he saw Ren once more looking out the window. He continued to approach, footsteps sounding loud in the quiet room.

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