My brother in law

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Part 2

"Cole!" Piper stammered "Melinda, she… she…"

"What happened, Piper?" he asked worriedly.

"She's just shimmered."

Piper startled at her own statement, it sounded astonishing. She didn't compose herself yet, from what she had seen. But Cole kept silent, somehow she imagined he was smiling widely.

"Really?" he asked at last.

"I am joking." she got mad.

"Sorry, Piper!" Cole apologized "Is there anybody else home?"


"I'll see you soon." He hang up, the smile was still fresh on his lips.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Flashback. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

15 months before…

Piper walked slowly down the stairs, it's pretty dim since no light was on. She saw Cole standing near the front window where the moonlight shone him on a slant making his lonesome shadow break into several sections on the floor. It seemed he had stood there for ages, his tall and brawny physique was as still as a lifeless statue.

Piper knew Phoebe wasn't home, she's staying with Leo at that moment. Her sister and her husband thought they're hiding it perfectly, in fact, it wasn't difficult to figure out their little secret. Piper couldn't hold her tears back thinking of how her beloved ones betraying her. Leo would always be called "up there" after Phoebe left a while . She had even caught her sister moaning and calling her husband's name behind the door of her own bedroom once she'd come back home earlier than usual.

She had wanted to bang in, and blew both of them up, but all she had done was driving out wildly, then leaving her car to tramp the streets all that night. Finally Cole'd found her, he had wiped her tears out with his handkerchief, pulling her to his embrace, and gently stroking her hair. He hadn't said anything, but she thought she'd seen sympathy in his eyes.

Piper sighed, Cole didn't deserve it. He'd sacrificed himself to save them from The Source. His baby had been taken, and Phoebe'd decided to leave him alone on the Wasteland. They owed him so much. However, Cole had resurrected on his own, then the first thing he'd done after his return was rescue Phoebe from the witch hunter in time. They had got married later.

In his wedding, Piper'd wished her sister would bring happiness to him, they would give him a family where the members lived for each other, and loved each other. She now didn't have a heart to tell him his wife was cheating on him, the love he had been persuaded to believe in was only a delusion.

Piper silently walked to the kitchen, making a glass of hot milk for herself, hoping it would help her a good sleep. About twenty minutes later, she got back to the living room where Cole's still standing on his same position.

She caught a shininess on his hair in the moonlight, and his jacket fitted so well in with his broad shoulders. He had such a great dressing style, though she believed those clothes wouldn't be that sexy on any men.

"Cole!" Piper called softly.

He spun around, looking at her "Hi, Piper!"

She switched the lamp on, it wasn't right for a married woman and her brother-in-law to talk to each other in the shadow. They're righteous and pure, or she's trying to keep them righteous and pure at least, while the gloominess was bringing her some dark thought.

Piper realized it's a big mistake as soon as the light illuminated the room. She saw his eyes sparkle with something she didn't dare put a name to. Suddenly she shuddered, taking a quick look at her own robe to make sure it's appropriate. After that, she was confident looking up, her eyes accidentally ceased at his seducing lips this time, she hastily turned away.

"What are you doing this late?"

"Thinking of the case I'm working on." Cole lied. He'd heard her footsteps on the stairs, and realized her presence in there before, but prentended that he hadn't, since Piper hadn't stricken up a conversation.

Cole walked close towards her until she could find a smell of brandy on him. He had drunk.

"You should get some sleep." she suggested.

"Yes." He whispered.

Piper leaned on the wall behind her back, trying to keep a distance from Cole, but it's useless since he's standing right in front of her nose, pressing his hands against the wall, keeping her inbetween. His breath blew gently on her cheek. She felt her body getting hot against her will. She turned to another direction when he bent down.

"You are so beautiful." Cole nibbled her ear fondly, then inhaled a long breath on her hair.

Piper closed her eyes, savoring the moment. It was 3 months she hadn't made love with Leo after knowing his unfaithfulness. She was a woman, a young woman after all. And Cole was a sexy hunk. Unfortunately, she's married, and he's her brother in law. Piper put a hand on his chest, gently pushing him out. Oh gosh, his chest was perfectly solid. Cole loosed his hands, stepping back.

She knew she should leave him there, and went back to her lonely room for the rest of this night, but she just looked at him instead. He had successfully turned her on, a thought of getting revenge flashed in her mind. She wanted to hurt Phoebe, she wanted to hurt Leo for how they're treating her. They'd even used her own bed more than once.

All of a sudden, Piper threw her arms around his neck, kissing passionately on his lips. Cole was stunned at first, but it didn't take him so long to respond her, he held her back, deepening their kiss. Piper wandered her hands on his body, and roughly ripped his shirt off. The hair on his chest strengthened her desire, she started unbuckling his belt.

"Piper!" Cole hadn't imagined she would react that much.

She lowered her hand, rubbing on his erect manhood "Don't you want it?"

"Do you?" he asked under his breath.

Piper wouldn't deceive herself that she just wanted to get revenge on Phoebe and Leo. She did want Cole. Badly.

"Take me to your room." She uttered.

C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P - C/P

Piper woke up the next morning in her sister's room, she sat up, seeing her sister's husband still sleeping soundly. She had pulled most of the blanket to cover her naked body, and indeliberately laid his torso bare. Cole looked so hot even in his sleep, with a slight smile on his face.

He seemed happy. Yes, they had made intense love together last night. Love or just sex? Piper figured his shirt, which she had torn apart, laying on the floor. She couldn't believe she had been able to do it, and enjoy it. Granted Leo didn't deserve her faithfulness, but what she had done to Cole? She had used him to venge her rage, and satisfy her sexual desire.

Wait, Cole wasn't that innocent. He had flirted with her first, while he's supposed to be in deep love with Phoebe. That's it. Even Cole Turner could be unfaithful, who else should be? All men are the same. Piper put her robe on, getting out of the bed.


Piper stopped, but didn't turn around.

"Come here!" he said sweetly.

"I want to take a shower." She refused, walking out, leaving the door open.

"Wait!" Cole quickly grabbed the blanket running after her.

He caught her at the corridor, and took her hand "What does it mean? Just a fling?"

"I acted without composure. We should forget it. I'm sorry."

"I am not." Cole stepped in front of her, looking straight to her eyes "I'm happy."

Piper examined his expression, wondering if Leo used to say the same to Phoebe after their first time.

"We both know what's going on with our marriages. Phoebe and Leo…" Cole said.

"And you slept with me because Leo's sleeping with your wife?" Piper assumed.

"That's the reason you came to me?" Cole gasped. One moment he'd thought he had her, one moment later, he found he was nothing to her. He let her hand off, and muttered "I didn't know. I'm sorry."

"What's your motive?" Piper asked in a low voice.

"I thought you realized my intentions, otherwise you would've left me alone in the living room …" he explained "I shouldn't have thought things would be that easy. Just b'cause I love you, and I thought you… accepted me." His tone sounded cracked.

Her heart skipped a beat. Cole loved her? Heaven and hell believed he loved Phoebe, and he's saying Piper was his love. She stared at him for a couple of minutes, before walking away.

"I'll wait for you." He stated.

She paused, spinning around "Don't. I love Leo. I'm planning on reviving my marriage. There're some phases people have to go through in their lives. Leo's been too desperate since I couldn't get pregnant. I'm sure we'll be better if we have a child."

She knew she couldn't say different, though she knew her words hurting him. But she couldn't promise him anything she was unable to do. She felt grateful that he'd saved her many times, she felt sympathy that he was in the same situation with her, she felt comforting that he offen stayed around to have her company while Leo was out. She had got used to spending time with Cole, and feeling so close to him that she could get on his bed. She thought it might be love that she felt for him.

No, she wasn't ready to confront her family, her friends and neighbors, and all of people. Everyone knew Cole was her brother in law. Furthermore, she's afraid she wasn't as strong and adventurous as Phoebe, she wasn't ready to be the wife of the most powerful demon with acidic blood.

Piper squeezed her eyes, no matter how much he might love her, or how strong she felt for him, they couldn't develop it, they couldn't come to each other.

End of Flashback …

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Cole materialized outside Piper's room, where she was breast-feeding Melinda. He looked through the half open door seeing his daughter sucking Piper's full breast. Not only was the view motherly and affectionate, but it also was provocative. He wished he could hug both of them in his arms and say he infinitely loved them.

Melinda yawned, she was full, and wanted to take a nap. Piper laughed, kissing on her forehead, then laying her down on the craddle. She swayed it a few times, finally Melinda remained an angel in her eyes.

Piper heard a hawk, she didn't need to look out to know who he was. Cole pushed the door open, Piper adjusted her top, turning around.

He walked close to the craddle beside her.

"She's just asleep." Piper whispered.

Cole smiled at his daughter "I see."

"She's yours." Piper blurted. A shame touched her. She had thought Melinda was hers and Leo's.

Cole looked at her, being amused.

"You knew it?" she presumed.


Piper turned pale "Damn it, Cole! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Shhh…" he put the index finger on his lips "I didn't want you to get stressed or have an abortion."

She slapped him. "You've ruined my family." Piper cried.

"It'd had problems before you came to me." Cole said.

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