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Chpt: 2

"This food is great Sanji!"

The young captain's hand stretched across the table to grab the meat, only to be slapped away by Nami. "Ever heard of manners, baka?"

The two started argueing as Sanji stood back and watched, his mind still on the now covered cut. 'Typical. Argue Argue Argue.'

Chopper looked at his companion. "Why aren't you eating with us? It'll get cold."

Usopp snorted. "That or Luffy'll eat it all."

Sanji smiled. "I'd rather not, after all the work you guys have done you may as well eat as much as you can. I'm not hungry anyways." 'You'd eat without me whether or not I wanted you to...'

Zoro was the only one who seemed to notice the cook's odd behaviour. 'The hell's HIS problem?' "Oi, love cook, what the did you do to your finger?"

"I cut it. Accidental."

He raised an eyebrow. "Shitty cook. Can't even make a damned meal without injuring yourself."

Sanji noticed the eyes on him when he didn't respond. 'Fuck it. They don't care so I won't care either.'

If there was one thing Zoro liked, it was silence. However this kind just plain sucked. "...Well?"

"I guess I am clumsy..." Zoro stared at the once proud Love Cook, wondering if he should be scared. Luffy dropped the steak and looked shocked. "Is that you, Sanji?"

Sanji smiled. "Yeah... I guess this IS me. Enjoy your meal seaweed head. I'll be inside."

Sanji's footsteps faded away. Ussop looked at everyone. "Did anybody else find that weird?"

Downstairs in the lower bathroom, Sanji stared into the mirror. His once hidden eye was revealed beneath the pale bangs brushed aside. 'You're a failure Sanji. What the hell where you thinking?' He winced at the memories that came with the pale blue over his pupil, the white scar running over his eye. 'Only a moron would try that! Where the hell is Rei? WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?' He sighed, willing any tears away. "Rei..."

He remembered the accident that had killed the beautiful girl he'd cared so much about as a child. Long red hair and dark eyes. 'So much like Nami...' He remembered how his father found the girl's body amidst the mess, under some debris. Her hair had been cut short from the blade that had soared past her apparently... It would explain the mess of blood at her neck.

He glanced down, covering his eye once again. All he wanted to do was forget it. "Why did I do it? She could have lived, why did I do it?" He glanced at a pair of small scissors Nami used to keep her hair looking perfectly trimmed 24 -7. He smiled, remembering how Rei used to love swords, playing with the blades for fun. She wanted to be an expert at swords.

"I'm gonna be the greatest swordsman ever Sanji!"

"You can't be a swordsman, Rei. You have to be a swordswoman."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "As for me, I'm gonna be the world's greatest chef!"

He picked the scissors up and it hit his cut. He felt the small pain and sighed, wishing there was more. 'I deserve this... It should have been me...'

Removing the bandaid, he pressed the edge against the now scabbing cut. Nothing. Stinging. Nothing. Pain. He'd found it, the release he'd been looking for. 'Why am I doing this?' Press. drip Slice. 'I need it. I want it. I deserve it. This is what I need.' Noticing the red liquid that now splattered onto the white sink, he ran the scissors under the tap along with his hand and grabbed a cloth.

'Almost done...' He continued wiping, sighing in relief at the small amount of blood and now focused on his bleeding hand when he heard a crack and the knob turning.

The door was unlocked.