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He heard a crack and the knob turning. The door was unlocked.

Sanji's eyes widened and for a moment he froze. 'Shit.' Then, without thinking he threw himself at the door in a panic, resulting in an audible crack as a jolt of pain shot up through his shoulder. "Ow..."

"Sanji? That you?"


Of all bastards, it had to be him.

"Who else would it be, seaweed head?" The blonde smiled slightly at the name, it almost seemed normal, a nickname rather than an insult. He heard the other man shift on the other side. "Other people have to use the bathroom you know, you don't own the goddamned place! Besides, I wanted to know what was with your weirdness tonight."

Sanji hastily wiped at the blood on his hand, making sure to keep the door shut. " Weirdness? Such a way with words..."

"Weirdness? Such a way with words..."

Zoro growled, he didn't need Sanji reminding him of his vocabulary, or lack thereof. "Shut it, idiot cook. Just answer the question."

"You didn't ask me anything."

A vein popped out on his forehead as he gripped the handles of his swords, knowing the door was blocked. "Open the damned door Sanji!" He glared, not caring that no one could see it. 'What's wrong with him? He really IS acting weird... Just like the bastard to waste my time.' He sighed, wondering why the hell Nami had asked HIM to go check on the baka.

"You don't own the place either, so no."


Sanji winced at what used to make his day. He rubbed at the dark smudges on the floor by his feet. 'Who cares what he thinks? Nobody cares... This whole thing is stupid. I can't even have my own privacy here! These people have no respect for anyone.' He knew he was exaggerating, but he only felt abit of remorse before sanpping at the swordsman. "You'd like that wouldn't you?"


" You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Zoro didn't know whether or not to break the door or kill the young chef, so he settled on stopping altogether. 'What's the baka's problem? Where are the usual insults?' He hadn't heard the same voice of the spiteful flirty man. Instead, he heard something very faint. Bitterness? Naw... 'Of course I don't want to hurt him... Well I do but I don't. I wanna kick his ass and I will soon! But I couldn't see him in pain... Wait, what?' Not wanting Sanji in pain confused him. Why wouldn't he want to see Sanji hurting? Why did he even care about what the cook thought? Thinking wasn't Zoro's best quality, and neither was being nice. All he wanted to do was get rid of the voice, the strange emotions he was feeling. "YES! YES I WOULD!"

Just as he was about to break open the door, Sanji opened it, though rather reluctant. Zoro looked over the man's shoulder, noticing that everything looked normal. He took in his appearance. Nothing seemed too different, same clothes and the same hair. He opened his mouth to yell but froze when he saw the cook's expression. The visible eye was tired and his face was paler than normal.

There was a dark colour under the eye that suggested he lacked sleep and his mouth turned down slightly in annoyance. He tried to brush past the swordsman but Zoro caught his wrist and pulled him back, glaring. "Just what the hell is your problem? Can't you just eat dinner with the rest of us instead of moping about God knows what?"

Sanji quickly masked his wince of pain with anger. "Can't YOU just let me walk through a hall without yanking me around?"

Zoro's grip hardened as he tried to scare the truth out of him, knowing it would never work.

Sanji quit pulling away and stared back at Zoro for spite. 'Why can't he let me go? I'll kick him if he doesn't let my wrist go. It'd better not start bleeding again.' He continued to glare, studying the other man's features. The way his brow creased when he was thinking or angry. The vein he gained when about to explode. How easy it was to piss him off. In a way, it just wouldn't be the Strawhat crew without the bastard.

He didn't know why he was thinking that way, he hated everyone and everything. 'Including me...' He couldn't stop the thoughts, he couldn't tear his gaze away from Zoro. 'My wrist' The green hair and the dark peircing eyes. 'Leave me alone' He didn't want to care but he could feel a firmilliar panic build up in his chest. 'Let me go!'

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" Zoro smirked, inwardly worried at this strange behaviour.

Sanji opened his mouth to say something, but his voice caught in his throat. A lump rose and he couldn't stop it. 'What the hell? This is stupid, I'm not doing this in front of HIM.' He felt the stinging sensation and he tried to think of something to make him angry.

Zoro noticed that look and breifly wondered if the world was about to end. 'Sanji crying? No way... He isn't though. But he sure looks like he's about to.'


The cook panicked, kicked the surprised swordsman and ran down the hall, dissappearing in seconds. Zoro jumped up angrilly and was about to chase after him when he noticed something.

There was blood on his hand.