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Chapter 1

Inuyasha and the others had been walking all day in search of Naraku or jewel shards. Unfortunately they found neither. But that was just fine with Inuyasha, as his mind was elsewhere. He'd decided that today he was gonna tell Kagome his feelings. He just needed to find the right time. Everytime he got close, someone would pop up. It was usually Shippou or Miroku. 'Damn, all I want is a little time alone with her. Is that too much to ask? I haven't hit Shippou or Miroku all day. Not a single sit. Boy I'm glad we made it back to the village. Maybe I could get her alone then.' They all stumbled into Kaede's hut and began to get ready for bed. 'It's now or never. I have to get her alone. Maybe she'll go for a walk or something with me. Oh god, here goes.' "Kagome?" Inuyasha whispered.
"Yes, Inuyasha?" Kagome noticed how he wasn't able to look at her and looked like he was embarrassed. 'I wonder what he's trying to ask me'
"Could . . . . um . . . . would . . . ." 'GRRRRRRR' "We need to talk." The words came out harsher than he meant, but she nodded and smiled. 'I can do this, I can do this, oh GOD I hope I can do this.' Inuyasha kept chanting in his mind.
They walked a good distance from the village out to the God Tree. Instead of jumping up into it, he turned around and looked into her eyes. "K-Kagome . . . . there's something t-that I wanted to t-tell you . . . . . ." 'If I keep looking at her eyes I'll never get through this. My mind keeps blanking out. Okay, stare at the ground then'
"Inuyasha, what is it?" 'Is he gonna finally admit he loves me? Oh god I hope he is. I have waited so long to hear him say this. I need to stay calm though. I just have to let him do this at his own pace'
"Well . . . . uh . . . . . um . . . . . . Kagome, I've actually wanted to talk to you for a while." 'Good, the ground is giving me courage. Gotta keep going.' "Everytime I try to though, someone interrupts me. It's either Shippou, Miroku, some random demon after the shards, or that bas-" 'STOP! She'll SIT me to Hell.' ". . .uh . .or Koga"
"No, Kagome. Please don't stop me. I know I'm rambling but this is the only way I can get this out." 'Okay, gotta breathe here. I can do this. I'm not this weak. I'm just confessing my love to the girl of my dreams. Damn, that thought didn't help. Okay, deep breath and continue'
The long pause while Inuyasha was gathering his thoughts was killing Kagome. 'Why can't he just come out and say it? I can see that he does. It's not that hard. It's just three simple words. C'mon Inuyasha, please say it'
"Kagome . . . . what I'm trying to say is . . . . and if you don't then it's okay . . . . but I kind of . . . .l-l-lo"
Inuyasha pressed his ears to his head and sighed. "Kouga," he muttered under his breath.
Kouga ran up and body-checked Inuyasha and knocked him sideways taking Kagome's hands in his. "Kagome, my love, I smelled your scent and just had to come see if mutt-face was treating you right." 'This will be good, I can't wait to get him all worked up and watch him get sat into a crater'
"Oh, hi Kouga. Yeah, Inuyasha is being nice to me." 'I have to get rid of him as quick as I can'
"Hey, Kouga," Inuyasha got up and was trying his best to keep cool. "Could you maybe give us 2 minutes alone. I just need to tell Kagome something then you can come back." 'Damn this is hard. Just remember, I love Kagome'
"Yeah, right! Like I'd leave you alone for 2 seconds with MY Kagome"
Inuyasha clenched his fists slightly but tried to stay calm. He raised his voice slightly. "Kouga, PLEASE, will you let us just have 2 minutes. After that I'll let you talk to her as much as you want and won't say a word." 'Oh god I don't think I can handle this much longer. If he takes me up on that offer it will kill me for sure'
"Listen here, mutt. There is no way in hell I'm leaving MY Kagome alone with you without anyone else around. Why don't you just run off and sulk somewhere ya half-breed." 'That'll get him fired up. Now back to Kagome.' "So I've come to ask when you plan to come be my mate, Kagome? After all, he is only a half-breed and I'm a prince"
'I can't believe he called Inuyasha that. Now he wants me to be his mate? Oh, god. Inuyasha is gonna kill him.' Kagome darted her eyes to see Inuyasha with his fists and teeth clenched tight.
Yelling through his teeth this time, Inuyasha tried to ask again. "Kouga! I'm asking nicely! Please, just 2 minutes! Please!" "Piss off mutt." Inuyasha clenched all his muscles. 'I can stay calm, I can stay calm'
Kagome saw Inuyasha tense and thought for sure he was about to strike at Kouga. 'Guess it's time for a pre-emptive strike here'
"Inuyasha, SIT!" 'I'll apologize as soon as Kouga is gone. I'll just lie to him to get him out of here. A little white lie never hurt anyone.' "Kouga, you're right. I'll come join your clan to be your mate as soon as Naraku is dead, okay?" She smiled big at him.
He returned the smile, then gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll be waiting for you Kagome. Better keep MY woman safe half-breed"
Inuyasha lay on the ground. The spell had worn off a long time ago. His first thought was, 'what did I do? I didn't do a thing and she sat me.' He looked up from the ground when he heard Kagome agree with Kouga. Then they smiled at each other and kissed. 'She thinks I'm just a half-breed? But, I thought she liked me.' He laid his face down on the ground again as the realization hit him. 'Kagome chose Kouga. There's no way I can stay here anymore. She thinks I'm worthless and will be a constant reminder of it now. Damn you, Kagome. I HATE you'
"I'm so sorry I sat you, Inuyasha. Okay, Kouga is gone. You can get up now"
Inuyasha stood but did not meet her eyes. He kept his face looking down.
"So," she said in her normal cheery voice, "what was it you wanted to tell me"
Inuyasha tensed everything in his body. Kagome saw this and was puzzled. Then he relaxed and looked up at her, his eyes and face showed no emotion. It was like staring at Sesshomaru.
"I'm glad to see you've chosen your mate Kagome. I won't bother you anymore, goodbye." He said it in such an icy tone that Kagome didn't have the time to react before Inuyasha bolted off deep into the woods.
Kagome sat there stunned. 'He thought I was serious? How could he think that? I just said that to get rid of him. I have to get the others so we can find him. She ran back to the hut to wake the others.
"Sango, Miroku, Shippou! Get up, Inuyasha has run off and isn't gonna come back!" She screamed at her friends.
They all began to wake up very groggy. Sango spoke first. "Hold on, Kagome. Start at the beginning and tell us what happend"
Kagome then told them every detail from when they left the hut. When she finished, Miroku and Sango had a look of shock on their faces while Shippou looked angry. Miroku opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Shippou took this time to speak out instead.
"I can't believe you chose Kouga! How could you do that to Inuyasha, Kagome! He was trying to tell you he loved you and you chose Kouga right in front of him. Worse than that, you SAT him and then chose Kouga!" The kit finished yelling and raced outside to cry. His sobs and wails echoed in the night.
Kagome looked back to Sango and Miroku who also looked very cross. Miroku stood and headed for the door. "I'll go check on Shippou." Kagome just watched him leave. She then turned to Sango.
"Is that true? Did he really think I chose Kouga"
"Yes, Kagome. Your actions, in demon terms, did exactly that. You chose Kouga over Inuyasha in the worst possible way. His human side may have been able to see it, but the demon side clouded it. As such, he's not coming back. He's gone for good Kagome." Sango then stood and exited the hut. Kagome broke down and cried. Sango went to find Miroku and Shippou.
She followed the sobbing and found Shippou. She picked him up and hugged him. His sobbing began to quiet down until he was only snifling. "Shippou, didn't Miroku come out here to find you"
"No . . . (sniff) . . . he came out . . . (sniff) . . . and headed to the village"
"Do you want to help me look for him or would you rather I left you alone"
"Would you stay a bit longer? Then we can go find him"
Sango smiled at the kit. "Okay, we'll wait a bit longer." She began to slowly pet his hair and he calmed down a lot. "All better"
"Yeah, but now I'm tired"
"Okay, you go back inside and go to sleep. I'll go find him alone"
"Okay, Sango." Shippou then trotted over to the hut and went inside.
Sango headed off to the village, Kirara joined her at her heels. She wandered around the darkened huts. She heard a familiar voice coming from one of them and headed towards it. When she was close enough, she heard a very feminine voice too. She gasped. 'No, he wouldn't do that would he?' Sango crept up to the door and peeked through the crack. Her eyes shot wide as her worst fear was realized. 'That bastard! He's with a whore!' Tears began to run down Sango's cheeks as she ran back to the hut, Kirara had to transform to keep up.
"Kirara, we're leaving." Sango quietly snuck in and picked up her stuff. She left a note explaining why she was leaving and hopped on Kirara. The fire cat then took off into the woods at top speed.

Several hours later, the sun started to rise. Kagome woke to find a note pinned to her sleeping bag. She read it and gasped. "Not Sango too"
"What about Sango now?" Miroku piped in as he stepped into the hut.
Kagome stood and punched him in the face and threw the note at him. He read it and paled.
"I have no justification for what I did. Nor do I deserve forgiveness." He sighed then continued. "Kagome, I'm at a loss for words. I don't know what we should do now. If we're gonna continue to hunt for shards, we'll have to get stronger. We'll need our combined spiritual powers at their peak if we're to do this"
Kagome was furious. "How can you just move on like that? We've chased the loves of our lives away and there's nothing we can do to get them back"
"I am well aware of this, but we still need to continue on our mission. Otherwise, the world will be encased in darkness. We will worry about their loss later. Now we must move on and regroup. Let us prepare to leave"
They then began to pack everything up and get ready to leave. It was then that Kagome noticed that Shippou wasn't in the hut.
"Miroku, do you see Shippou outside somewhere"
"I believe I saw him over by the God Tree"
"I'm gonna go look for him"
Shippou sat at the base of the tree in deep thought. 'Inuyasha, I wish I'd gone with you. I can't stand to be around those two now. I read Sango's note. They disgust me. They've broken the laws of our pack. Kagome might have been like a mother to me, but you are my father, Inuyasha. As such, my loyalty is to you alone. I will stay with what is left of our pack and protect them. I will become as strong as you, as fast as you, as powerful as you. I will BECOME you. I will keep these two safe, so that when you and my pack sister Sango return you may exact your revenge on them. I will train hard and learn to fight well. I'm even gonna see if Totosei will make me a sword so that I can fight. They will be safe. And I await your return, father'
Shippou then detected an all too familiar scent in the air. He scrunched his nose wishing he didn't have such good senses. 'It's time to make you proud father'
Kagome then walked up to the small fox demon sitting under the tree. "Hey, Shippou. We're packing the gear to head out. You wanna come help us"
Shippou stood and crossed his arms over his chest then started walking back to the hut. "Whatever"
Kagome went to try and pick him up to carry but he slapped at her hands instead. "Don't touch me! You don't have the right to touch me ever again"
"Shippou, what's gotten into you"
"Nothing, wench, I just finally get to see the truth is all"
Kagome was fuming. She stomped in front of Shippou and glared at him. "How dare you speak to me like that, Shippou. I've been like a mother to you. Why are you acting up like this"
"Because you were like a mother to me, before you betrayed the alpha male of our pack. He was and still is like my father. He's who I want to be when I grow up. Since you've dishonored our pack by declaring yourself to be Kouga's bitch and Miroku has betrayed us by being a bastard and breaking Sango's heart, I have to take up the slack. It's painfully obvious you two humans are gonna need help. I'm going away for a little while. Don't try to find me, I'll track you down when I return in a few days"
Shippou began to turn to take off when Kagome tried to grab him. He quickly turned and used his claws to leave small cuts on her hand. Kagome drew her hand back and grimaced. Shippou just smirked. "I warned you not to touch me, stupid wench." He then took off to find Totosei, leaving a crying Kagome behind.

Deep in the woods, Sango sat crying while Kirara curled around her to protect her. She began to talk out loud to the cat demon. "How could he do this to me? He knows how much I cared for him. He promised we'd marry after Naraku was defeated. I was gonna bare his children. But NO! He had to go and sleep with the village whore instead. Why couldn't he just wait?" The tears were flowing so freely when a form stepped up in front of her.
Inuyasha stood before Sango. She just looked into his understanding eyes as the tears continued to fall. He knelt down and embraced her, purring slightly and rubbing her hair. The soothing action calmed her fast. He then loosened his grip but didn't let go. He looked into her eyes and smiled gently. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy, he'd been crying like she had.
"I heard what you said, Sango. I know the sentiments of a half-breed aren't much, but for what it's worth I'm really sorry. If you want to be alone I'll understand"
Sango never took her eyes away from his. "What makes you say something like that about yourself? Who would ever call you something so hurtful"
"All the villagers growing up, Sesshomaru, Kouga, and . . . . . and . . . . . Kagome." He whispered the last name as he glanced down. "She agreed with Kouga and then accepted his offer to mate. And before you go into try and tell me that it was a misunderstanding on my part, I picked up the conversation from the hut. I spent the night wandering the woods thinking. I realize now she wasn't right for me anyways. She's too much of a reminder of Kikyo. Whom I realize I never really loved. We were just two lonely people who found each other. Kagome was too weak to be my mate. Yes she has powerful miko abilities, but nothing like the strength my mate should have. But that is behind us. Now we have the future to plan for. I suspect those two will replace us and keep after the shards. Our task is no longer finding shards, it's to grow stronger and simply defeat Naraku. That is our only goal. I have an idea for some help I'd like along the way, so let's get moving." Inuyasha stood and offered his hand to Sango, who took it and stood in front of him.
"Inuyasha, I never knew you to be one to plan things out ahead of time. When did this start"
"Since last night. I'm now thinking more clearly and calculating than before. It's like it was all just holding me back. Anyways, let's get out of here before we get too caught up in the moment. That is unless you want the old me back." Inuyasha smirked as he said this and they both began to chuckle. The started walking together, Kirara jumped up on Inuyasha's shoulder in her kitten form.
"Thank you, Inuyasha"
"Anytime, Sango."

And so the new Inuyasha pack had formed and would soon grow in size and strength. Whatever came their way. They would take head on and conquer. Nothing would stop their revenge. Because that's all they wanted now, sweet revenge.