DISCLAIMER: The X-Men and and all other characters belong to Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. Etc. Etc. And so forth.

WARNING: This fanfiction takes place in a highly different AU. Things have been changed EXTREMELY, events, people, the way the genetics of mutations works, and relationships (especially parental relationships). This story is heavy on the ROMY, as well.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This takes place, mainly around the end of season 2, however all the events, which include Rogue, from have changed. So you will need the background.

Rogue was indeed hidden from the X-Men, all too well. Destiny had adopted her when she was only a baby, she hid this from Mystique as well. This Rogue was a different Rogue, one who knew about her past, and who Charles Xavier was. Destiny had told her about her powers when she was a child, and she had spent many years training for the day when they would manifest. When they finally did one night at a simple dance, she fled, overwhelmed by the memories and emotions stirred up within her. However, she didn't go, confused, to Cody's house, thinking she was him. It starts, she thought, a slight smirk on her face, knowing full well which "me was me." Shaking off the desire to go home and tell Irene goodbye, she headed south to New Orleans, a place she longed to visit. Neither Mystique or Xavier found her that night. Not even Destiny had seen this one coming. The first person she met was a thief named Remy Lebeau, and he introduced her to the Theives Guild. Rogue and Gambit became rather inseperable, much to BellaDonna's disappointment. They would go off into the woods every day with no explaination. They were secretly training their mutant powers, but everyone in the theives guild thought, well something different, and they were never followed. Rogue felt indepted to him, and that turned into love, and she would have followed him anywhere. . .

Meanwhile, a heart-stricken Mystique, was betrayed by her former lover, Magneto, one to many times, and with tearfilled eyes, knocked on Xavier's door. Charles was surprised to see her there, but a quick test of her mind proved she was sincere. She wished to join the X-Men. The others were dubious of course, but all agreed, it was best to keep this enemy close. There was just a few things on her mind.

Mystique: "Charles?"

Charles: "Yes."

Mystique: "Should I tell Kurt?"

Charles: "That he's your son? It's really a hard decision. I'm not sure."

She sighed, if only that was all, "He's not my only child you know."

Charles sighed as well, "Yes, I seem to remember you being pregnant about a year before that too."

Mystique: "I lied to you. It was me that night. . ." Her voice trailed off into her deepest regret.

Charles looked shocked, then angry, and finally hurt. "Are you trying to tell me that child was mine?"

She nodded. "I'm sorry."

Charles: "What happened to our child?"

Mystique: "I gave her up for adoption. I never even met her adoptive parents. I thought that someone else could give her a better life than I ever could." She could see her precious baby now, wrapped up in her pink blanket with so much hair, brown, with a little white patch in front. She willed the memory into Charles' head.

Charles, trying to ignore the image: "Just like Kurt."

Mystique cringed, "Kurt was different. I had to hide him. His father was playing with his DNA! I didn't want to give him up." There was a pause, "I didn't want to give Anna up either. I'm sorry I never told you before." Charles said he forgave her, but he knew it would take some time. And Mystique did end up telling Kurt who she was.

And now to the story.


Gambit stands alone in a dark wood. He is just waking up from another training session with his best friend. He looks around, something is wrong. Rogue would never leave him lying unconscious. Before he can spot her, a strange spherical object moves in his direction. The metal ball lands two feet away from him, and begins to open. Aliens? he thinks.

A decided human figure stands in the ball, "Remy Lebeau, I presume?" the aged man says, rather superiorly.

"What d'you want wid me?"

The man introduces himself and offers Gambit a rather interesting proposal ending with, "I assume you are bored with this 'hide your powers and protend you wear contacts' facade. Don't you wish to see more of the world than the pockets of New Orleans?" His last remark holds a double meaning that Remy gets completely. He wants to go with this man, but there is only one problem.

"Where he goes, Ah go," a voice speaks up behind him, a girl slightly younger than he slides up to him and snuggles into his chest, "Ya'll got a problem with that, mister?" She'd been hiding in a nearby bush, listening to the entire conversation.

Problem solved.

A knowing look comes over this man's face. He smirks as he says, "Is that so, Anna?"

Her eyes darken and she scowls at the man as she snaps back, "The name's Rogue. And yes, it is."

Magneto nods, "Come along then." And he gestures for them to enter the sphere. He wonders if she has any useful powers and how annoyed Charles and Mystique will be. . .

As they enter the sphere, Remy catches her eye and mouths "Anna?" She rolls her eyes and the sphere closes around them.