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Chapter Sixty:

Duncan Matthews' mother sits crying in the hospital room. The beep, beep, beep of the monitors is the only sign that her son is still alive.

Graydon and Harrison are just outside the room, talking with the police. "I know this was a mutant attack!" Graydon insists.

"I'm sorry, sir, but it wasn't. The boys were in the wrong part of town goofing off and upset the wrong crowd. Now, we got fifteen grown men in jail tonight, and we'll do our best to keep them there. However, this kind of discrimination isn't really tolerated too well."

"Discrimination? What about the discrimination against our young men? They're teenage-boys almost beaten to death by fourteen grown men and a guy in a dress!"

"Sir, you can't talk like that."

"He was wearing high heels and carrying a purse."

"You can't…"

Graydon cut him off, "He said his name was Floofy."

"Okay, so Floofy isn't the best lounge singer out there."

"Katie's better," Harrison says.

"Oh, totally," the police officer agrees. "But he wasn't involved in the fight."

"You call this a fight?" Graydon nearly squawks.

"What would you call it?"

"A massacre!"

The heart monitor jumps and the three men stop arguing and run into the room. Duncan opens his swollen eyes and blinks a single tear. The pink dress Pietro shoved on him is sitting in a bag full of his personal belongings.

Storm starts the jet. She's worried about leaving Bishop, but knows Hank will take good care of him. He's sleeping right now.

Charles rolls toward the jet until Jean steps up. "Professor?"

"Yes, Jean," he says.

"You're going to confront Apocalypse, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"After what happened to Magneto? The same could happen to you!" Jean says, worry evident in every word and gesture.

"Erik attacked him. I simply with to communicate with him."

Jean's frustrated and she huffs out, "I simply don't believe Apocalypse is interested in hearing our point of view!"

"But opening a dialogue is the first step in coming to a peaceful resolution." He begins to roll towards the ramp again.

Jean runs in front of him, cutting off his path. "Then, maybe I should go with you. Two telepaths might have a better chance of getting through to him." Desperation begins to seep into her words. She's so worried.

Charles steeples his fingers as he realizes why she's arguing with him. He takes a deep breath and picks up her hand. "Jean, if something should go wrong, I need you here alongside the X-Men." He lets go of her hand deliberately and rolls around her up the ramp.

Quietly, Jean says, "You're not coming back, are you?"

He doesn't answer her until he reaches the interior of the jet. "Whatever happens, you must be strong… for everyone."

Jean doesn't even feel the tears as they roll down her cheeks. "You're not even going to say goodbye to Rogue?"

Charles smiles a sad smile. "Rogue would never let me go."

The ramp closes and the jet takes off.

Sinister is holding Elijah while he watches a television program. It has cute little animals dancing around the screen and Elijah is rather enjoying the singing. Nathaniel, however, is groaning and hoping Siena's bath will end soon. He wants to get back to work. Suddenly, the news comes on. There's a third dome around a previously unknown pyramid. Sinister's jaw drops. He's engrossed in the news story until Elijah begins to scream at the top of his lungs. He picked the baby up and holds him over his head. "Elijah, did the nasty news lady interrupt your favorite show?"

"Da-da," Elijah says.

"Did you just say 'Dada'?"

"Dada dada dada," Elijah repeats.

A creepy smile forms on the villain's face as he jumps up and holds his son close. "Siena! He just said his first word!" he yells as he runs into the bathroom with the baby.

Apocalypse arrives at the Sphinx using the Eye of Ages. He emerges and looks around. The panel is exactly where he remembers it. "Ah, there it is. Perfect! The world will soon be reshaped into my perfect vision." He places his hands on the panel. The systems light up. Four crystals shine in sequence and the Sphinx begins to shake. It begins to lift as the hidden mechanics are revealed from beneath. It is the fourth pyramid, the control center.

Inside the jet, Charles sits still wondering if he was right to leave without talking to his daughter. His thoughts are interrupted by the sole other occupant of the jet.

"We're entering Egyptian airspace," Ororo says. She has a picture of Hank holding Bishop taped to the panels to remind her what she's fighting for. She watches his face for a moment. "Charles, it's not too late to find another way."

He turns his head to face his friend. "I'm afraid it is. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to stop this."

"What do ya mean, he's in Egypt?" Rogue shouts at Jean.

"Storm and the Professor went to Egypt to confront Apocalypse." Jean's still in her uniform, sitting still and speaking in a monotone voice.

"Ya've got ta be kiddin' me!" Rogue shouts. "Didn't ya try ta stop him?"

Jean nods her head. "I even tried to go with him."

"Ugh!" Rogue picks up a nearby vase and throws it at the wall near Jean, who jumps.

"What the hell, Rogue?" she shouts.

"Oh, finally some life," Rogue growls. "We've got ta stop him."

"It's too late!"

Rogue pulls out her cell phone and dial's Xavier's number. He doesn't answer.

Apocalypse walks into a deeper chamber. The panel there is already lit up. Something of a smirk tries to form but is soon replaced with his stone-like expression. "It begins, the evolution of humanity. I, En Sabah Nur, the almighty and wonderous, will guide the world into a new age." He places his hands on the panel. "Of course, to create my miracle, sacrifices must be made."

He begins to absorb the powerful nanites into his bloodstream. He is essentially becoming one with this computer. The process is rather painful but he doesn't care the cost.

Rogue throws her cellphone in frustration. Gambit catches it. His hand hurts from the force, but he doesn't let it show. "T'at might be a bad idea, chère."

She turns her glare on him. "I've tried calling him twenty times, Rems. Twenty times!"

"Remy know, mais what good will come o' breakin' y'r phone?" he asks.

She sighs and crosses her arms. A single tear rolls down her face. "Remy… what if what happened ta Magsy and Mama happens ta him?"

"Ya said yaself they ain't dead."

"No… they can't be… But… what if… what if Ah'm wrong, sugah? What if Ah've just been lying ta myself?" Tears silently roll down her cheeks.

"T'en, Remy will do whatever it take to keep ya safe."

The jet lands near the pyramid. Charles removes his seatbelt. With a sigh, he turns to Storm. "I want you to stay in here."

"What?" Ororo asks.

"If things go badly, I want you to get out of here."

Firmly, she states, "I am not leaving without you. So, do not ask me to."

"You must," he says. "You have to go home to Hank and Bishop."

Tears form in her eyes, "I have to protect them… and if this is the only way… This is the way I will do it."

He sighs as he realizes there is no convincing her. She helps him into his wheelchair and opens the ramp. He rolls down, frowning. He was hoping not to involve her in this mess. Turning back towards the ramp, he watches her walk away.

Forge had been helping him design a helmet that would allow him to connect with Cerebro from anywhere in the world. It boosted his telepathy quite a bit and had only taken 23 tries before they stopped exploding. This is model number 50, just in case. He pulls it onto his head and closes his eyes. It lights up.

Inside the jet, Ororo has a video link with Hank. They both wear a sad smile. "He's activated the Cerebro headgear. Relaying the signal to you." She flips a switch as the panels light up in the jet.

"Ororo," he says.

"Please, Hank, I can't…"

"I just wanted to say, I love you."

Tears roll down her face. "I love you, too."

"Come on, chérie, let's go out and do somet'in' fun. You need t'e distraction," Gambit says, shuffling his deck. Rogue's phone is still in the pocket of his trench coat.

"No," she says. She's sitting on the edge of her bed, crossing her arms and pouting.

Gambit loves how she looks when she pouts, but he doesn't love her feeling this way. He sits down and places his arm around her.

Persistent, isn't he? Carol's psyche asks.

Rogue just nods, letting Gambit think she's nodding at his arm.

He sighs. "Remy wish he could borrow your powers for a moment and knock you out wit' a kiss. T'en you just wake up when your Papa is home safe and sound."

A sob forms, "Ah don't thank he's comin' home, Remy…" She begins to bawl.

Kurt ports in. "Scott says to suit up. Let's go."

Rogue jumps off her bed so fast, Gambit falls to the floor. She begins to laugh through her tears.

Hank is sitting in Cerebro. He flips his own switch. A translucent image of Storm appears before him, causing him to sigh from her beauty. A translucent image of Xavier appears next. "I'm receiving it," he tells her. "Professor, your powers are at full amplification."

Xavier's image turns his head toward Beast. "Thank you, Hank," he says with a slight echo to his voice.

In Egypt, he begins rolling towards the pyramid. "Oh, and please keep the chamber closed to the students."

Back in Cerebro, Hank answers, "I'm afraid we're a little late for that." He looks over his shoulder.

Jean, Scott, Gambit, Rogue, Kurt, Kitty and Piotr have just ported into the room, suited for battle.

"We're not going to let you go through this alone, Professor" Jean states.

"Did ya really thank Ah'd be that easy ta avoid, Papa?" Rogue growls.

Xavier sighs. "I'm sorry, Rogue… but it has to be like this."

"It doesn't! There has ta be a betteh way!"

"Unfortunately, I've looked at this from every angle. Reasoning with him is the only solution."

Rogue closes her eyes in defeat. "Papa… Ah… Ah love you."

"I love you too, dear. If anything should happen to me, please look after your brother, David."

She nods and feels another tear roll down her cheek.

Xavier mentally looks over the seven students. "Thank you all. Now, let's see if I can get Apocalypse's attention." He closes his eyes.

Deep in the recesses of the Sphinx Pyramid, Apocalypse's transformation is completed. The panels lights go out and he releases it. His body has altered drastically. He looks more like a machine than a man now. "It is done. I, En Sabah Nur, the great Apocalypse, ruler of the entire world, will now begin my… what is this distraction?" He turns glowing red eyes towards Charles Xavier's presence.

A door lights up outside the pyramid. Words appear in the strange language from the Eye of Ages. It pulls back to reveal a huge opening. Apocalypse floats majestically out. He lands in front of Xavier.

Charles' lips move, but no sound comes out.

En Sabah Nur just smirks down at him.

Back in Cerebro, the X-Men watch as he floats to Charles. "Oh man! Look at him," Kurt exclaims.

"Ah don't know if Ah watch this," Rogue says. Gambit says nothing, but takes her hand in his own.

/"I am Charles Xavier,"/ the Professor thinks to Apocalypse.

/"I know who you are,"/ that being states with his mind.

/"Then you know I've merely come to talk,"/ Xavier thinks, /"to discuss what you're planning and…"/

Apocalypse's thoughts cut his off. /"I, the great Apocalypse, Lord of Egypt, Ruler of all, have planned nothing. I am but an instrument of destiny."/

/"But it's a destiny of destruction,"/ Charles thinks.

Again, Apocalypse interrupts, /"The future came to me in that craft. I have embraced it and merged with it's technology so that I may led the evolution of the human race."/

Charles' thoughts are firm, /"The human race does not need your help."/

Another smirk forms on Apocalypse's face. /"Since when does mankind ever know what it needs?"/

Charles grits his teeth. /"You have to know that somehow you will be stopped."/

Apocalypse lifts his hand and the Cerebro headset flies off. /"What I know is, it will not be by you."/ He lifts Xavier out of his wheelchair.

Back in Cerebro, Rogue screams while the others watch on in horror. "Papa! No!"

Whatever Apocalypse was trying to do is interrupted by lightning. Storm gathers all she can handle in her hand and throws it at Apocalypse. "Leave him alone!" she shouts.

To be continued . . .

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