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Literary Delights and Demonic Sex Ed.

"I'm sooooooo board," exclaimed Rosette yawning, "theirs nothing to do." It was a bright sunny day in April. One of the few they had. And incidentally it had fallen upon their scheduled day off.

"What are you talking about, theirs tons of stuff to do," said Chrono who was lying in the grass right beside her.

"Ya, but we've already done all that stuff before, and Azmara's training, so we cant do anything with her, and the kids at the monastery are all in classes," exclaimed Rosette in one long exasperated sigh.

"I hear they have a new book series at the library, "said Chrono, "I think its called Lord of The Rings I think the first one is called The Fellowship of the Ring." He suggested.

"Mom used to read to us all the time, then when she died I would read to Joshua all the time, when he was to sick to sit up," said Rosette in a heavy tone. Chrono was quite taken aback by this comment, it was very rare that Rosette ever spoke of her mother, early on is his partnership with Rosette she had told him that she could barely remember her parents, he guessed that this was one of her few good memories, and didn't press it.

"Tell you what, "said Chono, "I'll read it to you."

"WHAT," exclaimed Rosette sitting bolt upright, "Chrono I'm not a child anymore!"

"I know your not," muttered Chrono staring at her large chest, "but," he said it a much larger voice, you said you don't like reading because it makes you think to much of your brother, so I'll read it to you." And before Rosette had any time to protest Chrono was walking toward the church library.

For once, she didn't have the energy to protest. She muttered something along the lines of, "that's not what I said," then sighed and laid back down in the grass.

Chrono was back in the time frame of about five minutes. He had a rare grin on his face and a large book cradled in his right arm.

"The librarian was very hesitant to give this to me, but I said it was for you, I don't think she believed me, so you have to listen to this, just in case she quizzes you on it," said Chrono sitting cross-legged it the grass right next to Rosette's head. He started to open the book, but before he started to read it, he took Rosette's head and put it in his lap. Rosette was a little startled by the sudden display of affection but did little to protest. Rosette stretched yawned and put her arms across her chest, as Chrno put his brilliant story telling skills to work. By the end of the first chapter hooked Rosette.

2 hours later

"Oh, Chrono please read me another chapter, c'mon," she wined, for once not feeling hungry.

"But Rosette, I'm starved, and we have to do chores," said Chrno trying anything to get Rosette to let go of his midriff. He didn't want any "embarrassing occurrences" to happen within his body, which they usually did when she got like this.

"Awwwwwww, c'mon Chrno please!" cried Rosette, trying to hall him back away from the convent.

"No, " said Chrno firmly, "must do chores." Struggling to take a step towards the convent. Rosette's arms were now around his upper thigh. He was now blushing madly and trying everything (well almost everything) to get out of her grasp. Suddenly he thought he'd make a break in the opposite direction, just to surprise her and inadvertently jabed her in the side.

"Gaaaaa," said rosette letting go immediately, and rolling away clutching her side giggling.

"Don't do that Chrno," said rosette gasping for breath.

"Do what," said Chrno with an uncharacteristically evil grin on his face, "you mean this!" exclaimed Chrno jumping on rosette and tickling her side, chest, thighs and feet.

"I thought you grew out of your tickle problems, " said Chrno who was currently tickling her newly exposed feet, whilst trying to hold her down. Which indefinitely put them in a very, embarrassing position.

"Hello Sister Rosette," Came a very masculine voice from about 50 yards away, "I see that Chrno has discovered that you're still ticklish."

"Wait you knew," said Chrno in a surprised tone, he momentarily stopped tickling Rosette, still not realizing how ocwourd they may appear to the observer.

"Oh yes, " said the elder who just got out of the same car that Father Remington had pulled up in, "We know almost every little thing physical and mental thing about all of our members, "We use it for security reasons, I'm sure you can under stand, though for the militia, and strange cases such as yourself, its top secret. "

"And by the looks of things your trying to expand your still ever large breeding line, which I hear is still very prominent in pandemonium," the elder snickered. Chrno immediately jumped off rosette, and started to back away slowly.

"WHAT BREADING LINE, CHRNO WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT ANY OF THIS!" Rosette was approaching Chrno with a look of impending doom on her face, when, luckily for Chrno, the unnoticed thunder heads started to dump their contense on all of New York. Rosette being Rosette slipped in a mud puddle while on her war path to Chrno. Chrno said a prayer of thanks while Rosette cursed, and then it hit him like a brick.

"Oh God, the book. "He yelled, knowing that Kate, and Sister Clara would have his skin if it got ruined.

"Oh shit, " said Rosette springing off a second after he did, after she realized that the precious story could be ruined.

3 hours later: all the chores were done, (unfortunately they had garden duty today, and dinner was finished

After running inside, after their mad dash from the Mess Hall, they started taking off their clothing (AN: Remember, Chrno moved into rosettes room last chapter). He turned around blushing, not wanting another reason to get clobbered by Rosette.

"S'okay, "muttered Rosette under her breath, "I really don't care any more." Chrno would have questioned his hearing, but demon ears can never make mistakes. He turned around to see if Rosette was okay. She was sitting on the bed blushing, deliberately not looking at him. Chrno quickly slipped his nice dry pajama pants on, took the ribbon out of his hair, and flopped onto the bed next to Rosette. (They still hadn't acquired another bed for Chrno)

"What's wrong Rosette," asked a shirtless Chrno.

"Nothing, " said Rosette in a mock-casual voice. She glanced at Chrno quickly who was fixing her with a 'No your not, I know you to well, quit lying to me' stair. He was currently ringing out his unbraided hair. She grabbed a brush from the top of her dresser, and started to brush his hair.

"C'mon Rosette, stop lying," said Chrno.

"Nothing wrong," she said in and exasperated tone.

"Rosette, " She could tell she wasn't going to win.

"Chrno," she said in a very quiet tone, "was what the Elder said, about your breading lines, true." Chrno leaned back to look at her. The expression on her face surprised him. She was blushing madly, and almost looked a little sad.

"Is that what your worried about," he said sounding surprised, and then he sighed sympathetically.

"Listen, "he said gently, "Demon mating is very complex. In Pandemonium it is all about survival and reproducing. The most powerful demons have the most off spring if you know what I mean, we never mated out of love."

"That's so sad, " said Rosette, running the brush gently through his purple locks.

"Yes, but it's a fact of life, survival of the fittest." He said sighing.

"Wait, but I thought you said that Pandemonium was the mother of all demons," said in a confused manor.

"Technically yes, She gives all our offspring the spark of life, "said Chrno then seeing the confused look on Rosettes face he elaborated, "That's the first spark of astral energy that start the flow, even though the breeders (AN if you haven't read the fic 'Demons and Love' read it, it will elaborate more on breeders) and the elite males did the reproducing without her component they would just be lifeless corpses in their egg sacks, She's also the one who over sees the birth and care of all the hatchlings. So we just see her as our mother when were born, we find out later what genetic line your in. "

"I get it kind of like dog breeding," said Rosette trying to make some sense of what he just said.

"Exactly," said Chrno

"I still like the way humans do it better," said Rosette with the pink tint refusing to fade from her cheeks.

"Me to," agreed Chrno.

Rosette glanced at the large book propped up on the bed stand, "Oh please just one more chapter, I want to find out what happened to Frodo, Please." Unable to resist her pleads he gave in.

"Fine, but only one, " He said, "It's getting late."

"Yes, " She said snuggling up under his left arm and resting her head on his chest. She listened to the thunderclap outside, and the rain pouring down. While Chrno's voice weaved pictures in her head. Soon her eyelids became very heavy, and the voice became a low purring rumble, before she knew it, she was asleep in his arms.

Chrno paused for a second and looked down at the sleeping Rosette in his arms. He gently put the book back on the nightstand, turned off the light, and snuggled down into the covers with Rosette.

"Thank god for her literary delights," he thought.

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