"Wait? WAIT! I've done my waiting, 12 years of waiting Remus. I will wait no more, let me kill him, let me rip out his throat!" Sirius practically screamed, lunging at Pettigrew's throat, Remus held him back.

"Just a few more minutes Sirius, control yourself." Remus told him as he gripped Sirius's arm tightly.

"12 years Remus, 12 years in hell, I killed them and I can't wait any longer to absolve myself. I won't wait anymore to end the death of Lily and James, I have to end it Remus, I have to end it." Sirius raved staggering backwards away from Remus.

"Sirius… they died 12 years ago, its done, its over." Remus said gently, moving slowly towards Sirius.

"I can hear them, oh Christ, I can hear them. I can see them…" Sirius's eyes had glazed over and taken on a far away look, he had his hand stretched out in front of him as if he were reaching out to someone "I can almost feel them… I have to end this hell. I have to…" he collapsed against the wall, sliding slowly down it till he came to a rest in a crumpled heap "I…have…to…"

"Sirius? Sirius, come back to the present, they've been dead 12 years, 12 long, lonely years. They're gone. We have to explain to Harry, he deserves and explanations.

"Explanations can wait till later" Sirius growled staggering to his feet "I've done my waiting, I won't wait any more." He flung himself at Ron and Pettigrew.

"NO!" Remus yelled throwing himself in-between Sirius and Ron and Pettigrew. For a second it looked like Sirius was going to attack Remus in a blind rage, but then Sirius's eyes cleared and all he did was grip Remus by the shoulders.

"He sold Lily an' James to Voldemort Remus. He sold James!" Sirius pleaded with his old friend "He sold Prongs!"

"I know Sirius, I know. But James would have wanted Harry and the others to understand, we have to give them an explanation." Remus explained to Sirius, looking him in the eye.

"James" Sirius echoed, touching his lips vaguely with his hand "Fine… explain."