Silence, Version 2

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I love Silence, my Sil. It's my baby, as mentioned in multiple fanfics of mine in author's notes you will never see. Version One was horrible- I'm adding many a page to where there was one... then went straight for the kill. No bs-ing. As you can probably tell, it makes me twitch. I'm sorry for the big tirade that was originally here about whining. I never liked it anyway, and I don't want to scare people off with it- wherein I probably did. Gomen nasai! And the thing with Kagome's last name...? Taken care of. Had to kill another story to do so, but, well, it was asking for it. It's now Higurashi, as it should be. I hope to catch the notice of you all now and in the future in this and my other stories.

By the way, the semi-prequel to this is up (first chapter) on the other name, rapid chipmunk- which will soon be changed to inuani (if I get the incentive to do so. Hah.) Thus, I bid you adieu.

Silence born: Sometime in Late October- Early November 2003. Never dated, for was an semi-dream inspiration during the night pondering Sensitiveness. Started right away in Book #1 in script format without a summary.

Silence revision began: Feb. 22, 2004 (was actually noted on the day after)

Silence typed started: Nov. 23, 2004

'Silence' Chapter Numero Uno!

Blanket Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha, blah, blah, blah, Takahashi Rumiko-sama owns said brilliant idea and I just use the image she created for the sole purpose of my own and other's enjoyment of reading and writing fanfiction. And torturing them.

"Bye Mom!" Kagome Higurashi called behind her, jumping out of the car. "See you later! But-"she added with a hiss leaning into the car window, "Next time let me drive by myself for now on. This is so embarrassing!"

Mrs. H. just gives her a knowing smile and, gunning the engine, zooms away.

Kagome, a pretty, young woman with shoulder length black hair and intelligent blue eyes at the age of 18, sighs in relief. Pulling down on her blue mandatory school fuku, she starts to walk into the school. She hardly took any notice of the chattering students around her and focused on getting inside.

However, she didn't see that the school door was closed.


"ITAI!" Damn door... They should at least open it for Kami's sake!" Kagome yelled, clutching her aching head. Kicking it, she angrily slams the door open, and stomps inside.

Inside, she breathes in, trying to calm down, and sighs. "Ah... I love school. The smell of it! The feel of it! The texture!" She gets starry eyes. "New school, new friends, and new stuff to learn! I can't wait!" She, after quickly looking at her class schedule, hurries to her homeroom.

After two wrong homerooms and about 12 run over people (all done in three minutes), Kagome finds her homeroom.

Walking in, she doubtfully glances at her fellow classmates, who were chattering like little monkeys, and walks up the sensei's desk.

The sensei looks up from her desk and smiles at the wavy haired girl. "Hello, can I help you?" she asks. Blushing lightly, Kagome gives her a note telling her that she was a new student from Osaka, and the like.

A minute passes as the Sensei skims the note and, with a smile, stands up. "Ohayo, minna! Please be quiet for a minute!" she calls to the class.

The class takes no notice of the middle-aged woman and continues talking.

With a roll of her eyes to Kagome, who shrugs, the woman bellows, "SHADDUP!"

The room is instantly quiet, very much afraid of the woman's wrath.

Sensei smiles serenely. "Arigato." She coughs politely. "Now, we have a new student. Not like the ones who were all here through the years." She gestures vaguely in Kagome's direction. "This is Higurashi, Kagome from Osaka. Onegai, tell us about yourself, Kagome-san."

Blushing again, Kagome takes a deep breath. "Konnichiwa", she starts, "As you all know, my name's Kagome. I just moved to the Nichibotsu Jinja with my Okaa-san, Jii-chan, and brother, Souta." After a pause, she adds something else, "Oh. And my obese calico- "

She is interrupted by the door slamming open, a tall teenager with long, silver hair covered by a red hat and a large messenger bag rushing in, amber eyes wide.

"Taisho-san, you're late. Again." The Sensei told him sternly.

"Buyo." Kagome finished belatedly.

With a quick bow to the teacher and an unintelligible mumble, 'Taisho-san' makes his way to his seat, a boy with his black hair in a rattail and violet eyes greeting him with a handshake when he sat down.

Sensei glares at him for a minute then she smiles at Kagome again. "Gomen Kagome-san. He's just a dolt, ignore him. Anyway, you can sit next to Sango over there." She points to a girl with a short ponytail and her maroon eyes lined with dark pink eyeliner. 'Sango' waves to her cheerfully, which Kagome returns as she made her way to her.

They became best friends almost instantly.

Sensei clears her throat to get the classes attention, and of course, no one pays her any mind. After a few minutes of this, the woman gives up and in a huff, goes to her desk, where, like all the other teachers in Shikon High, waited impatiently for the bell to ring.

Yep, just another day.

YAY! End of the first chapter. Not really how it's played out in Book #4, but... don'na. (whatever)

Just so you all know, the beginning you guys read is not the original one. Actually, the first, FIRST beginning was when I had the idea of them younger. 'Bout 5, really. It was also done on looseleaf. I decided, after I started revising, not to revise that. It was just meaningless filler that showed Kagome moving in and getting settled. So... if it may start off abruptly to you, that's why.

And... eh. Kagome's last name. I know it's not Hiragashi. It's Higurashi. But... blame Younger D.S. We didn't know- hell, for most of everything, Sesshomaru's name's spelled Sesshomeru. laughs at self

But, anyway. I'm in JHS, eighth grade, and gonna graduate soon. Yay. So, if anything is wrong with the HS scene, gomen nasai. Man, and really, I wrote most of this –and more- in Seventh Grade.

God, I'm such a geek. Haha. Hope y'all like the story- and honestly, I'll continue writing even if no reads it. I have a trilogy based on this already mostly written. Yay for me. But... enjoy for now! Ja minna-sama!

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