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Higurashi Kagome sighs. So bored... she thought with a small groan. I can't wait 'til this is over! Turning toward her new friend, Sango, she noticed that the girl had her eyes discreetly closed. Obviously asleep.

Kagome grins slightly. I can't blame her... Lucky Sensei hasn't caught her yet. Taking out her light blue cell phone, she checks the time and grins. Leaning over, she pokes Sango. "Sango-chan! Psst! Sango-chan! Wake up! The period's almost over!"

Sango looks up sleepily. "Huuh?" she asked Kagome through half opened eyes.

"The period's almost over! Then lunch!"

"Oh... awesome. Wake me up when it's over, alright?"

Kagome giggles when Sango plonks her head back onto the desk, once again asleep. She sneaks a look at Sensei. Good, he's in a long winded speech. He won't be paying attention to what's around him for awhile, if I gathered was true about him.

Indeed, some of the other students had their cd and mp3 players out, some were playing variations of GameBoy (or Nintendo, whatever the brands are), and some were reading and/or doodling. Some were even sleeping like Sango-chan.

With a grin on her face, Kagome takes out a book from her backpack. It was the new 'Eragon' trilogy book, Eldest. She was obsessed with those kinds of books- fantasy, sci-fi, you name it, Kagome liked it. Flipping through the pages, she found her marked one and began to read.

She was just really getting into it when she feels something foreign and very unwanted on her backside. "HENTAI!" she shrieks, bashing the man behind her with her book. And, trust me, that book is big- especially since it was hardcover.


"Ah... it was worth it..." the man sighs, drifting to the floor.

It seems this act of violence had awoken Sango. "Eh...?" She blinks, noticing the man on the floor and Kagome's homicidal look. "Kagome-chan..? What happened?"

Kagome gestures to the dark-haired man on the floor, the same furious look on her face. "This... this hentai groped me!" she hissed.

After glancing quickly at the man, instantly recognizing him, Sango rolls her eyes. "Oh, him? He's mostly harmless. Name's Kazaana Miroku, school groper. You're lucky you didn't get his famous line before you KO-ed him. Actually-"she glances at Kagome's book "It's a damn good thing you didn't. Then I might actually have felt sorry for 'im"

"Wh...what's his famous line..?" Kagome dared to ask, a shocked expression on her face.

At that moment, Miroku awoke, automatically jumping up, taking hold of Kagome's hands. "I see..." he said seriously, "I must have frightened you with my sneaking up on you. I am sorry... may I ask your name, oh beautiful sunshine?"

"Um..." Kagome looked startled, "It's... it's Kagome. Um..."

"I see. Well, I am Miroku. May I ask you a question, Kagome-san?"

"Sure... I guess."

"Beautiful Kagome, watashi no ko o unde kudsai?" Miroku asked still in the unbelievably serious tone.

For a moment, Kagome just gapes, not believing what she had just heard. Beside her, Sango groans and, slapping her hand to her forehead, grabs her bookbag. Swiftly, Sango reaches out and lets the bag fly.

Right in Miroku's head, knocking him out. Again.

The man crumples to the floor and Kagome looks at him, horrified. She makes some unintelligible noises under her breath, a hand on her mouth.

"Gomen Kagome-chan." apologized Sango to the mortified girl. "I should have warned you a bit earlier. He asks every girl that." She takes on a thoughtful tone. "Actually, I'm surprised that that sukebe hasn't suffered brain damage yet. But then..." she spares Miroku a glance, "maybe he has. Either way, he's damn persistent."

"And he's always after your ass, Sango-san!" One of their classmates snickers, as she was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Kyaa! Aya-san, what the hell! You were listening in!"

The girl nods, blushing a bit. "Yeah..." she looks at Kagome, "Kagome-san, by the way, nice hit. You're a natural at Miroku-hunting."

Kagome sputters a bit more, embarrassed, as the bell rang. The two girls chortle a bit at the girl as they walk out of the classroom, completely disregarding the still unconscious Miroku.

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