1Damien Shepard here. This is my first OFFICIAL Inuyasha fic! Take note that this is not for Jaken or Kikyo fans. 'Cause their gonna die in this first chapter. Also, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have to call a truce to find Kagome. Other than that, please enjoy!

Summary: Events that happen lead up to the final battle with Naraku. But at the end, Inuyasha is thought to be dead. Kagome goes back to her own time in indescribable sorrow. But Inuyasha was only in a coma. One day, he and Sesshomaru are thrown into Kagome's world where they find the Higurashi shrine totaled. They learn that someone turned Kagome into a demon and they travel to another town to find her, but the person who turned her into that demon, who is known as Hagakure, the Goddess of Disaster, may have a true identity which no one expects.

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Inuyasha: Curse of the Dark Goddess

Chapter 1: A Series of Events

One day, in the Feudal Era, Inuyasha and the Gang were investigating the location of another Shikon Jewel shard.

"I think it's over here somewhere." Kagome said.

"Well, let's get it already! I don't have all day!" Inuyasha said, being his usual jerky self.

"Easy, Inuysha. We need to check for any demons." Miroku said.

"There could be one who holds the jewel shard. We can't take chances." Sango said.

"Yeah, so pipe down already!" Shippo said.

"Keh." Inuyasha simply said.

Sure enough they found one of Koga's tribe trying to transport the Jewel shard to Koga.

"Uh-Oh! I have to run!" the minion said.

"Oh no you don't!" Inuyasha yelled, running for the tribesman.

He knocked down the tribesman and got the jewel shard.

"Now it's time for you to…" Inuyasha started to say.

"SIT!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha dropped face first into the ground. This gave the tribesman to run like a scared child, completely ignoring the jewel shard.

Inuyasha got up and ran to Kagome.

"What's the deal! I almost had him!" Inuyasha yelled.

"We got the jewel shard, so you should lay off!" Kagome retorted.

And so, another fight between the two was kicked off.


Sesshomaru was looking for Inuyasha. He sensed him somewhere in this forest. He was almost to his location when he overheard a bunch of screams. It seemed that a demon was attacking a nearby village. He did not know why, but he decided that Inuyasha can wait and he ran to the village. He was right, a large demon was starting an attack on the village. Sesshomaru did not understand why, but he felt that the demon must be stopped.

He ran to the demon and fired his ultimate attack from Tokijin at the demon. It was obliterated instantly.

He then heard a young boy crying. He removed some debris to find that the boy's mother had been hit by that debris and was killed instantly.

"Mommy! Please open your eyes!" the boy cried. But his pleas were in vain. His mother was dead.

Sesshomaru did not yet understand why, but he felt like he should save the mother. He pulled out Tenseiga and slashed the mother. Tenseiga's healing abilities kicked in and revived the mother. She opened her eyes like she did when she woke up every morning.

"Mommy!" the boy cried in happiness. He then hugged his mother. Afterwards, they looked at Sesshomaru in disbelief. Sesshomaru simply smiled and walked away.

Soon after, Sesshomaru was pondering on what he just did.

'Why did I just do that? I'm supposed to be the lord of the Western Lands, despised by demon and human alike, yet, why did I save those humans? Is this what the humans call a "Sense of Justice"? Or is this something else.' Sesshomaru thought.

Images of Rin appeared in Sesshomaru's mind.

'Now that I think about it, ever since I was saved by Rin, I've felt a strange warmth in my heart. Is this what the humans call feelings? It must be. Father, I think I understand now why you gave me Tenseiga instead of Tetsaiga. And I think Rin has taught me how humans are not all bad. Thank you both.' Sesshomaru had to smile. He finally came to terms with what has happened during his life. He then decided to go tell Rin his true feelings.

But he would never get the chance.

Rin was picking flowers for Sesshomaru, while Jaken was sitting nearby with Ah and Un.

'These should be enough for Lord Sesshomaru.' Rin thought. She then started to head to where Jaken was. She got there and asked Jaken a question.

"Master Jaken, do you think these are enough to appease Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked.

'This girl just doesn't get it.' Jaken thought. 'It's time someone told her the truth, and it might as well be me.'

"No, I don't. I also doubt that Lord Sesshomaru even cares for you!"

"Wh-what do you mean?" Rin asked in fear.

"You don't understand. Lord Sesshomaru is feared by all humans and demons. What makes you think that he cares for you! I wouldn't be surprised if he kills you in your sleep!"

Rin was devastated by this. She could not believe what Jaken was saying.

"Lord Sesshomaru would be much happier if you never showed up! Now get out of here!"

Rin did just that, and ran away, crying.

"Good riddance." Jaken said. He then went back to wait for Sesshomaru, unaware of the damage his little lecture was going to do.


Inuyasha and the gang were walking through the forest. Inuyasha and Kagome refused to look at each other after what happened.

"Will you two just make up already! This is getting ridiculous!" Shippo yelled.

"Calm down, Shippo. Now is probably not the time to talk to either of them." Miroku said.

Suddenly, a sacred arrow flew at the gang from out of nowhere. When they regrouped, they found Kikyo, bow and arrows in hand.

"Kikyo! What do you want now!" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm here to take you to Hell with me, Inuyasha. And this time, I intend to go though with this." Kikyo answered. She then fired a sacred arrow at the group. But the gang was barely able to dodge it.

"It seems that Kikyo is serious about this." Miroku observed.

"Let's not let out guard down!" Sango said.

"Kikyo, why are you doing this!" Kagome asked.

"Quiet! You can never understand the feelings that the dead still hold!" Kikyo yelled.

Just then, a wooden tentacle lunged at the whole group. Naraku came out from behind a group of trees.

"We'll settle this now, Inuyasha."

"Naraku! Why now?" Inuyasha asked himself.

Naraku thrust a tentacle at Inuyasha, but he dodged it. Inuyasha counterattacked with the Wind Scar, but Naraku also dodged that.

"I think that you should suffer a little more, Inuyasha." He then thrust a tentacle at Kikyo, regardless of what his body felt.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha yelled. It looked like Kikyo was done for, but Kagome shot a sacred arrow at the tentacle, cutting off Naraku's attack.

"Why did you save me?" Kikyo asked Kagome.

"Even if you are out to kill me, you shouldn't die like that." Kagome said as she went back to battle with Naraku. Kikyo have this some thought before going back to the fight.

Soon, both sides were exhausted. Naraku decided to run away and fight another day.

"We'll have to settle this later, Inuyasha, but before I go…" Naraku said. He then thrust a tentacle at Kagome. But Kikyo got in the way. The tentacle pierced Kikyo's stomach. She slumped down to the ground. Kagome picked her up by her upper half, and Inuyasha ran to her. Naraku escaped, but they did not care about that just yet.

"Kikyo, why did you sacrifice yourself?" Kagome asked.

"I finally understand." Kikyo said.

"Understand?" Inuyasha asked.

"Inuyasha, I was a fool to think that we could be together again. I was too wrapped up in my feelings, I didn't know or care how you felt. Forgive me."

"Kikyo…I…" Kagome could not say what she wanted to.

"Kagome, will you forgive me too?"

"…yes…" Kagome responded.

"Thank you." Kikyo faced Inuyasha. "Inuyasha…you must take care of her. Farewell." Kikyo said. Her clay body then turned to dust, and the remaining piece of her soul returned to Kagome.

Back at Kaede's village, she felt Kikyo's soul pieces reunite.

"So, Kikyo has fallen." She then closed her eye, and a tear fell out. "Farewell, Sister."

"Thank you, Kikyo." Kagome said.

"We'll get Naraku for you." Inuyasha.

"Naraku couldn't have gotten far. We need to follow him." Sango said.

"Right!" Inuyasha and Kagome said. They then followed Naraku.

But Kagura was watching from some nearby trees.

"So, the last battle is finally approaching. I have to be there." Kagura then got on her giant feather and flew towards Naraku's castle.

Sesshomaru had made his way back to where he left Rin and Jaken. He came up to Jaken.

"Jaken, where is Rin?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I made her come to her senses. I told her how you care for no one, and she ran off." Jaken answered.

Sesshomaru was shocked at what Jaken did.

"Personally, I'm glad she's gone. Now we won't have her to hold us back."

Sesshomaru's temper was going up.

"I say, good riddance. We're better off without her." Jaken said. Sesshomaru could not take it anymore. Jaken heard Sesshomaru unsheath Tokijin. The last thing that Jaken would EVER see was Sesshomaru slashing him in anger.

"Rin must be heading to Naraku's castle. I've got to find her!" Sesshomaru said. He then ran towards Naraku's Castle

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