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Inuyasha: Curse of the Dark Goddess

Chapter 3: Rescue and Revelations

It's been a few weeks since the gang found Inuyasha alive. They searched the ruins of Naraku's castle, but they couldn't find the Shikon Jewel. But they did find Kohaku's body. They gave him a proper funeral.

Sesshomaru's attitude towards Inuyasha, as well as all humans in general, had drastically changed. That little instance of soul searching had done him some good. Nowadays, the only time you could see Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fighting each other, was during sparring practices.

Kagura started to wander around. She never stayed in one place for long. This was because she was finally free from Naraku's control. Her life was a little more carefree now.

Shippo stayed in Kaede's village. He likes to play around with the children. He is always willing to help, even if he is not strong enough to help, he's always trying to have a hand in helping people.

Miroku and Sango are starting to get used to each other, if that can ever be possible. Sango is even starting to get past the lechery. There just might be a good future for those two.

Inuyasha was sad that Kagome was never to return to the feudal era, but he really couldn't blame her. If he thought she was dead, he would probably stay away from where she died as well.

But all in all, thing were peaceful, until one day.

Inuyasha was at the Bone Eater's well. He was lamenting about Kagome's departure.

"Kagome…" Inuyasha said silently. He remembered all of the memories he had with her, all the bad, and all the good.

"If only I had made it out in time. Kagome, I miss you." A tear ran down his face.

Sesshomaru came up to him.

"You miss her, don't you." Sesshomaru asked.

"Who asked you?" Inuyasha retorted. "…sorry."

"I know how you feel. I lost Rin on that night too." Sesshomaru said.

"I'm not sure how that will make me feel better. Inuyasha said.

"Hey, you in the mood for a spar?" Sesshomaru asked. "Maybe that will get your mind off of her."

"I guess." Inuyasha said as he got up and drew Tetsaiga. Sesshomaru drew out Tokijin. The spar began.

Inuyasha started things off with a charge to Sesshomaru. He jumped out of the way and tried a stabbing technique. Inuyasha parried and then countered with a upward slash. Sesshomaru ducked and jumped back. He then charged at Inuyasha and tried to slice him from the side. Inuyasha jumped up and tried a bull cut. Sesshomaru blocked it. Inuyasha ran back a bit, but Sesshomaru ran towards him. He got out his light whip and tried to damage Inuyasha, but he was able to dodge the attack. He then jumped back and got Tetsaiga. He was about to attempt to slash Sesshomaru when a bright light consumed them both. They were knocked unconscious.

When they regained consciousness, they found a young man trying to wake them up. He had blonde hair and green eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt and navy blue sweat pants.

"Hey are you alright?" the man asked.

"Argh…I think so." Inuyasha said.

"Can you walk?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Good." The man said.

Sesshomaru got up too.

"Are you okay?" the man asked.

"Don't worry about me." Sesshomaru answered.

"That's good."

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'll explain later. But first, can you guys help me with something?"

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm on my way to save some people in a fire at a shrine not too far from here, and…" the man was cut off by Inuyasha.

"That shrine wouldn't happen to be Higurashi Shrine, would it?" He asked.

"Yeah, so?"

"Kagome!" Inuyasha said, running off.

"Man, talk about gung-ho." The man said, seeing Inuyasha off.

"Don't worry about him. You need some help getting there?"

"No. Do you?" the man retorted.

Sesshomaru simply smiled and ran off towards Inuyasha at incredible speeds.

"Tch. Asked and answered." The man said as he ran off into his street racer.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru made their way into the Higurashi Shrine. It was completely bathed in fire.

"Damn. Kagome and her family must be in there." Inuyasha said.

"We need to get them out of there, fast." Sesshomaru said.

The man's car drove straight through the gate and parked next to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. He got out and looked at them.

"Thanks for waiting up for me." The man said sarcastically.

"You're welcome." Inuyasha retorted.

"Listen, the only way we're ever going to get them out of here is if we work together." The man said.

"Fine by me." Inuyasha said.

"What must we do?" Sesshomaru asked.

"You, with the crescent moon…" the man commanded. "…you check the first floor. You with the dog ears, help me check the second floor."

They had no choice but to comply. They all ran into the house together.

Sesshomaru looked in the living room and in the basement, but he could not find anyone. He then looked in the Kitchen and Dining Room, and found Kagome's Mother and Grandfather. He checked for their pulses. They were both very faint. He ran out of the house with the two in tow.

Inuyasha and the man looked everywhere they could think of for any sign of Kagome and Souta. They finally found Souta sitting unconsciously against the wall across from Kagome's room.

"Souta!" Inuyasha called out.

"You know the kid?" the man asked.

"No time to explain. Let's just get him out." Inuyasha said. The young man complied and they ran to Souta. He was in very bad shape. He had excessive burns all over his body. Inuyasha picked him up in a piggy-back fashion and they were about to escape when the fire had surrounded them.

"We're trapped." Inuyasha said.

The man looked at the window and asked Inuyasha, "How athletic are you?"


"Let me ask you in a different way. Can you survive a fall from here?" the man asked in a different question, but with the same meaning.

"Yeah." Inuyasha answered.

"Good." Was all the young man said as he ran out the window.

"H-Hey!" But it was too late. The man had already jumped out the window.

"Jeez." Inuyasha said before he decided to do the same thing.

The man landed, making a rolling stop. Inuyasha landed the same way he always does, and causing a bit of a dent in the ground in the process.

The man ran to the mother and grandfather. He checked their pulses. He felt them slip away.

"No good. I just felt them pass on." The man said. He walked up to Souta and put him on the ground in between the mother and grandfather.

"I'm afraid they're all dead now." The man said.

"Stand back." Sesshomaru said. The man did just that. Sesshomaru walked up to the family and pulled out Tenseiga.

'What's he thinking! How the hell can a sword help them now!' the man thought.

Sesshomaru slashed the family. They came back to life miraculously. The man walked up to Sesshomaru, and looked at him dumbfoundedly.

"Remind me to ask you HOW you did that sometime." The man said.

Inuyasha ran up to Souta. Souta opened his eyes and saw Inuyasha.

"Inu…yasha…I knew…you weren't dead." Souta said.

"Souta, are you okay?" Inuyasha asked.

"I think so." He looked around. "Wh-where's the woman?"

"Woman?" the man asked.

"Souta, can you tell us what happened?" Inuyasha asked.

"Gladly." Souta said.


Souta was in the dining room with his mother and grandfather. His mother was cooking dinner. She looked concerned.

"It's been a few weeks since she came back from the feudal era. I just can't believe that Inuyasha had died." Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Indeed. Whoever that Naraku person was, he most certainly was of the evil sort." Souta's Grandfather said.

"I just wish that sis would just come out of her room ONCE!" Souta said.

"Souta, would you like to take Kagome's dinner to her?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Sure." Souta said solumnly.

He took Kagome's dinner to her room. But before he could knock on the door, he heard voices coming through the door. He opened the door just enough to see Kagome, who seemed to be looking at someone.

"Who are you!" Kagome asked.

"Do you hate everyone?" a voice came. It sounded like a woman.

"Why should you know! Who the hell are you!" Kagome asked.

"I'm just a concerned citizen, wanting to help you. You're filled with despair at your loss, aren't you?"

"Yes, but why should you care."

"I am here to help you. Do you want revenge against the world for taking the one you love?" the woman asked.

"…yes." Kagome said silently.

"Come again?"

"Yes! Yes, I hate everyone! I hate my friends for saying those things about him! I hate my parents for not helping me cope with this loss! I hate myself for not doing anything to save him!" Kagome yelled.

'Sis…why didn't you say something?' Souta thought to himself.

"I want revenge against this world for taking what was most dear to me! Is that why you're here?" Kagome said.

"Yes. I'm here to help you with your problem." The woman said, taking a blue orb from Kagome's body. Kagome just stood there.

"This, Kagome, is your heart. It's so beautiful, colored with despair. And such strength is not easily missed by someone like me."

The woman literally turned the blue orb black.

"And it is this strength that will make you become my new Princess of Disaster!

The orb surrounded Kagome and a fierce wind started knocking things over. As the wind blew, Kagome was covered by a black aura. When the wind subsided, so did the aura. Kagome was now decked in an evil, tattered looking dress, and her long, black hair was now even longer. It stretched all the way to ground.

"I feel so much stronger." Kagome said. She looked up at the woman. "Thank you. Who are you!"

"I am Hagakure, the Goddess of Disaster." The woman said. "Pledge your loyalty to me, and I'll guide your to your revenge."

"Yes! Yes! I'll do it!" Kagome said. Souta could only look in horror at Kagome.

"Excellent, but you must abandon your original name. Your new name is Fenril. Do you understand.

"I understand, my lady. "Kagome, now Fenril, said, bowing down.

"Good. Now, prove your loyalty by destroying this shrine and everything in it!"

"At once, Lady Hagakure." At this, Fenril formed a bright, purple ball. She threw it to the ground, and the house caught fire. The last thing Souta saw before losing consciousness was Fenril and Hagakure. Hagakure was a shapely woman with the same black hair as Fenril. She had reddish-brown eyes that looked somewhat menacing. She was wearing an even more evil looking dress that was adorned with black pearls. They disappeared from view, and Souta lost consciousness.

End Flashback…
"And that's my story." Souta said.

"So Kagome has become this Princess of Disaster, Fenril, huh." Inuyasha asked.

"Yes. I don't know what that it, but it sounds bad." Souta said.

"I think I've heard about something similar to this."

"Before you go into anything else, I suggest you identify yourself." Sesshomaru said.

"Might as well. The name's Jacob. Jacob Terrack. I'm a member of S.B.T.A.S."

"S.B.T.A.S?" Inuyasha asked.

"It stands for "Special Breeds Tactical Assault Squad." It's an anti-terrorist agency officially recognized by the World governments." Jacob exclaimed.

"What are these "Special Breeds" that are mentioned." Sesshomaru asked.

"Special Breeds are people who have demon ancestry, whether they be part, half or full demon. They have special powers that help them in life." Jacob said.

"You said that you've heard about something similar what happened. What were you talking about" Inuyasha asked.

"Actually, I've heard about TWO things similar to this. If you will let me, I'll take you to the nearest base. I've been given clearance to escort all victims to it."

" Alright. We'll go. But there's only room for four of us. There's six of us. Who will have to wing it?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"No need to worry." Jacob said. He then pulled out a remote control and pressed a button on it. What was a street racer had now become a storage car.

"How did you do that!" Inuyasha yelled in Jacob's ear.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." Jacob answered sarcastically. A sweat drop appeared on Inuyasha's head. "Alright, everybody in!" the young man yelled. They got into the back of the car while Jacob got in the driver's seat. The car drove away from the burning shrine just in time for the firemen to come in without noticing them.


Fenril and Hagakure were standing at the top of a building in another town.

"This is where the Prètear and the traitor are. I will need your help in destroying them." Hagakure said.

"You have my full support. Just tell me what I need to do." Fenril said.

"First, we need to wait. We will strike when the time is right. When that time comes, I need you to be at your strongest." Hagakure said.

"Very well, Lady Hagakure." Fenril said.

'Yes. The time will come. And the Prètear will fall, and this world will be cleansed in darkness.' Hagakure thought as she and Fenril disappeared into thin air.

Next time: After explanations are brought and old faces and new faces are met, the gang prepares for the upcoming battle. Next Chapter: Reunions, New friends and Preparations.