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Chapter 2

Who Are You and What Have You Done With James?

"JAMES GET UP NOW! THREE MINUTES TILL BREAKFAST!" someone shouted in my ear.

I let out an annoyed grunt and rolled away from the sources of the noise, in the process I rolled right off my bed efficiently waking myself up. "Waddya want Remus? I was fudging asleep!"

"Little Potter can't swear cuz his mummy doesn't like it! Maybe lil' Potter wants someone to help him get dwessed to?" Remus said in a mock baby voice and then took off running when I lurched to my feet and chased after him, waving a pillow threateningly.

A few minutes later after shoving Remus into a shower stall and turning the water on; myself, Remus and Peter stumbled into the Great Hall. We headed strait towards the Gryffindor table, I spotted Black sitting alone at the end of the table, and I led Remus and Peter over to him and plopped down beside him.

"Howdee Black! Why didn't you wake us up? Almost missed breakfast!" I asked him jokingly reproachful.

"I didn't think you needed a care-taker, Potter!" Black told me sharplym he glanced at my shocked expression and his face softened a bit "sorry, I'm just a bit on edge."

"It's o.k. What's got your kickers in a twist?" I asked as I spread jam on a piece of toast.

"The fact that any minute now the post is going to come in and with it half-a-dozen howlers from my family, it's not something I'm exactly looking forward to." He replied wearily "and my knickers are not 'in a twist' thank you very much."

I was about to say something comforting when the post flew in, a black owl headed strait for Sirius, with a dark green envelope clutched in its talons If anything Black's face fell when he saw the letter.

"It's worse than I thought…" he muttered taking the letter from the owl and the owl promptly helped itself to his pumpkin juice.

"What do you mean? At least you didn't get a howler!" I said cheerfully digging into my pile of scrambled eggs.

"It means, I'm in more trouble than I thought. A howler would mean that they were disappointed in me and extremely embarrassed and wanted to show the other pure-bloods that they didn't condone this in the slightest. This means that I have made such a mockery of the Black name that they want to keep it as quite as possible… oh fuck! Why couldn't that stupid hat just have put me in Slytherin? Why Gryffindor for Salazar's sake?" he moaned, cradling his head in his good hand, the other one resting on the table.

"Hey!" I exclaimed indignantly "There's nothing wrong with Gryffindor!"

He glanced up at me with a raised eye-brow "nothing wrong? Gryffindor is full of sappy, do-gooders who save kittens and sacrifice themselves for the good of others daily. And lets not forget that half of them are mud-bloods and half-breeds who don't even know how to hold a wand right! That's what's wrong with Gryffindor!"

I glared at him, my good mood dissipating quickly "what's so bad about muggle-borns? And I don't see what's wrong with having a couple muggles in your family."

"Of course you wouldn't, you're a Potter!" he said as if that explained everything and then upon seeing the confused look on my face he added "Potter's are generally a bunch of brown-nosing, annoying, muggle-lovers."

I sent him a withering glare "you know you're not very good at this whole making friends thing. Or even having a decent conversation without insulting the person you're talking to Seeing as I'm the only Gryffindor to be moderately decent to you, you might want to try not insulting me or y family for a couple of days." I told him seriously.

He snorted sarcastically "I suppose punching a person numerous times in the face is you're version of moderately decent?" he snapped viciously.

That made me pause and think for all of ½ seconds "Oh and what do you call teasing Lily by torturing her cat? What doing? Welcoming her to the wizarding world? What a wonderful first impression she must have gotten!" I replied angrily, turning to face Black, who had by now lifted his face from his hands and was glaring murderously at me. Remus and Peter along with a quarter of the Gryffindor table, a few Ravenclaws, one or two Hufflepuffs ad a lot of Slytherins were watching our argument with a mixture of worry, interest and apprehension.

"I call that fun!" he shot back, earning him a few appreciative chuckles from the Slytherins.

"Because its soooo much fun causing pain and suffering, making people cry is the highlight of my day! Muggle-borns are the same as any pure-blood. Your ancestry doesn't count for nothing, it doesn't affect your magic and it doesn't affect you. You're just a stupid, judgmental prick!" I shouted at him.

"Mudbloods are scum, do you think muggles would 'accept' us if they found out we exist? No, they'd yell and scream and try and burn us out, they're not fit for anything except being our underlings, they're not built for anything else. Oh and another thing get off your fucking high horse and look around. You're not exactly perfect either, I saw you on the train, I heard you talking about some of the Slytherins. It's not our house that defines us; it's our lineage, our purity, our beliefs. So fuck you Potter, if you don't like the truth keep your nose out of other peoples business." Black finished coldly, he wasn't yelling but his voice seemed to project and I know that everyone in the hall could hear him perfectly.

I opened my mouth to retort something, anything I couldn't let this stupid Slytherin wannabe beat me in this battle of words, which could soon become a battle of fist or maybe even magic, I was about to say something angry and potentially stupid when I was cut of my McGonagall.

"You two follow me now!" she said in a voice that like Black's wasn't loud but everyone heard it and everyone could hear how angry she was. Her lips were pressed together and eye's seemed to sear right into you, expressing her rage and disappointment. "What were you thinking? Shouting things like that in the dining hall! Disgraceful! Mr. Black, I am horrified that you hold muggles and muggle-borns in such low regard, never let me catch you using such language or expressing those sentiments ever again. You've just lost your house 50 points and you have detention tomorrow night with me." McGonagall said angrily, her cheeks red and her lips pressed together in an impossibly thin line.

Sirius stared back at her coldly, his face didn't change from the blank, aloof look that he had worn when he was yelling at me, he almost looked unfazed, except you could see that he was shaking badly.

"And you Mr. Potter," I jumped as McGonagall addressed me "I don't want you using that kind of language again, 5 points from Gryffindor. Do better next time, if you are having a dispute with a fellow student then find a teacher and get them to resolve it, try not to resort to screaming insults at each other. Now get to class, both of you."

And with that she turned and swept back into the Dining Hall, leaving Black and I alone. I looked over at Black and saw that he'd turned his back to me and had his arms clenched around himself. His body was shaking.

"Black…" I began, slightly worried.

"Fuck you" he said hoarsely. I stared at him shocked. "Fuck you!" he repeated. "Fuck you and your fucking morals, fuck you, fuck Gryffindor, fuck McGonagall, fuck Dumbledore, fuck my family and fuck that stupid fucking hat!"

"Black…" this time I wasn't interrupted I just didn't know what to say, and suddenly I was hit with a blast of clarity, for a few minutes I saw the world in techno colour, not just black and white, Slytherin and Gryffindor, bright vibrant colours, freakin' R-O-Y-G-B-I-V coulours and I knew what to say. "Black, I'm… I'm sorry." Black slowly looked over his shoulder at me, his eyes narrowed incredulously, he looked into my eyes as if he was trying to find out whether I was trying to trick him. "I'm sorry I was such a dick-head back there, I'm sorry that I won't ever be able to understand why you think the way you do, I'm sorry that I don't understand how your life works, I'm sorry that we can't be friends, I'm sorry that we were born on opposite sides, I'm sorry that this is how life is and I'm sorry that know who you really are."

Black stared at me in complete bafflement, the cold look dropping from his face to show baffled, confusion. He looked me questioningly and seemed about to say something when suddenly the doors to the dining hall burst open and students poured out, laughing and gossiping amongst themselves, I was swept away by the tide of people until Remus some how found me and pulled me into a corner away from the crowd. I looked around wildly but Black was no where to be found.

"What was that all about?" Remus asked, gripping my arm tightly "I thought you said you were getting along with him?"

I looked at Remus and I had no idea how to explain to him what had occurred, so I grabbed my bag from him and muttered "I'll explain you in class."