DISCLAIMER: I don't own this superb RPG series at all! I just like it very, very much.

Upload Date: April 28, 2005

I Really Did Love You

I sit here and stare listlessly at the space before me
Only now have I begun to realize the true meaning of your words
Would you understand if I say that now I truly see?
Will those pretty gray eyes of yours still stare back with such hate?

Believe me when I say that this was no ploy
I truly meant what I said, and my purpose was never to harm you
I know that you believe that I was treating you as some senseless toy
I plead to you and say that thus is not true

If only we had met at another time
Maybe then things would be different between us
I would have been clean from many a crime
And I at least would have earned your trust

I can see the pain in your eyes
You want to be loved by that man
Through your head rings your desperate needy cries
With you asking yourself if he ever truly can?

I've memorized your every detail
From the way you move to the way your vibrant hair sweeps across your face
I've studied your beauty, your charm, without fail
Down to what irks you the most, down to your trimmings of lace

From that time in Apoina Tower
The turn of events that seemed so long ago
When you were such an innocent, lovely little flower
The things happening now cause you to hang your head low

My dear Karin, I can give you what you crave
Love, a home, and security
Your unsheltered feelings you want to keep safe
If only you would accept my offering and allow me!

One more chance is all I ask
A second opportunity to truly redeem myself
I understand that this is not just some simple task
But it is a mission that I would gladly take

I confess and whisper the words that you threw back at me
It is such a shame that I am here, just whispering them for my part
I understand now, the man that I could have been
Those feelings just swirling in a mass of black that rare would call a heart…

Author's Note (April 28, 2005):

Hope it wasn't mind-numbingly horrible. I haven't written poetry in awhile and I'm just getting back in the swing of it so I'm kinda rusty. Here's a poem about Nicolai and Karin, from Nicolai's point of view…I finally got around to writing something for them. Right now it's just a poem, but I'll try and create an actual FICTION about them for those Nic/Kar fans (like me, who was just converted XD). I really need to write more for Shadow Hearts, considering how I'm so obsessed with this super-awesome-terrific-eat-up-all-your-time game. Yeah. Now ends my senseless rambling. Reviews are very much welcome, they make me feel happy.