Sara sat at the bar, looking around her. This was the place where she met her first girlfriend, and knowing her grudges, probably her last. She hadn't realized she had zoned out until a male voice asked,

"What are you doing here?"

Her head whipped around, startled by the unfamiliar voice.

"Well," She began. "This is a gay club, and I'm bi." She threw him a challenging stare, one that has intimidated Greg and Nick many times before.

"Funny," the man said. "Same here. I'm Rich." Looking into his face, Sara only saw kindness and openness; nothing showed any reaction to the 'death stare' she had just darted at him. She was slightly offset by this. She was relying on her 'death stare' to intimidate people, and it didn't seem to be working. Suddenly, she needed to defend herself.

"I've only really only had one girlfriend, though." She said in a very quickly.

"Funny, same here." The laughter on his face was reflected in his voice, and that just melted the barriers around Sara's heart. She opened up.

"I'm Sara. Would you like to dance?"

Little did Sara know that the one she should have been dancing with, was already dancing. When she saw Sara and that guy dancing together, she was green with jealousy. The color really did not go with her blonde hair.