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Sara stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. She turned a corner a little too sharply, and came face-to-face with Greg.

"Greg! Uh, hi. I didn't expect you to be here…" she trailed off lamely.

"Well, you left a few threads hanging, and you said something… true?"

"Sorry, bad memory, what did I say. I was so focused on bashing Eklie…"

"That you are going out with Catherine."

"Yes. True. Yes. Good. Great. Okay. Back to work. No, wait. Cath- work- eh-" Sara was very high-strung, and Greg could tell she was about to snap.

"Sara, go see Cath. I'll explain to Griss-"

"DON'T tell- well. You know. Right. Cath. Her office. Right. Okay." She walked away, not all quite there, and very distracted. Eventuall, she found Catherine, who appeaed to be deep in thought.

"Erm… Cath?" Catherine jumped. She look at Sara, at the strained expression on her face, and rushed around her desk to hug her. That one action just broke Sara, she began to sob into Catherine's shoulder.

"I- I think- I- We have to get out of here. Eklie, he'll- he's going to- hurt-" Catherine patted Sara's back, and murmured soothingly. It was something in another language, a lullaby. It calmed Sara down almost immediately.

"Sara… Sara, love, do you want to stay with me tonight?" Sara looked at Catherine.

"Really?" She looked so hopeful.

"Of course."

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