Warning: Shonen-ai and strong language

Pairings: Dark x Riku, Dark x Daisuke, Krad x Satoshi



This fic has point of view changes and all flashbacks are in third person point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not own D. . I'm very poor…

Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Itsumo – Always.

Together Itsumo: Chapter Eleven

(Krad's P.O.V.)

I wasn't going to show up for school today…but Satoshi made me… I saw Daisuke and Dark up ahead. Poor Daisuke…he looks so tired…has he been sleeping at all?

"Daisuke!" I called out.

Daisuke turned around just in time to see me glomp him. We crashed onto the floor. Dark looked pissed. I don't think he likes it when people besides him are touchy feely with Daisuke. He's very possessive of his uke. I'd be, too, if Daisuke was my boyfriend. He's such cutie…guys probably fantasize about him all the time…

"Can you get off now!" Dark asked in a tone that told me I had five seconds to live if I kept touching the red head.

I reluctantly got off Daisuke. Dark is such a jerk!

"Why are you so tired?" I asked Daisuke.

"It's hard work to prevent your boyfriend from committing murder…" muttered Daisuke.


"Forget it…"

"Hey Krad, why were you in my health class yesterday?" Asked Daisuke.

"Oh, I had a test to make up…I may have skipped class…" I replied.

I did skip class…I just don't remember what class it was though. I'm pretty sure it was Math because the test had lots of numbers. It's funny, I never show up for class, pay attention, study, or do my homework, and yet I'm still passing! Sure, I don't make straight A's…but I'm, passing.

"Were you guys also scared by that Health teacher…?" I quietly asked.

That guy kind of freaked me out. I mean, come on. He was yelling and telling us we'd get an STD if we had sex or something. I feel sorry for that Takeshi kid… If my dad was giving the sex talk to all my friends, I'd die of shame and embarrassment.

"Why are you here?" Daisuke suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" I inquired innocently.

"You know what I mean…you've been to school for like six weeks straight…why?" The red head suspiciously asked me.

"I felt like it!"

"Yeah right…Satoshi probably made you…"

"I don't do whatever Satoshi tells me!"

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."





Dark started laughing at me. What is he laughing for! Daisuke's got him wrapped around his finger!

"Daisuke's got you whipped, Dark," I stated smugly.

"No he doesn't!" Dark exclaimed.

Yeah right. He'd do anything to get into Daisuke's pants, and Daisuke uses it to his full advantage. It's a very deadly weapon.

"Hey Dark, will you walk me to class?" Daisuke asked.

"No," stated Dark with a smirk. "See Krad, I don't have to do what my boyfriend tells me."

"Oh, I was just asking to be polite," stated Daisuke in a bored tone.

I watched him pinch Dark's cheek and smile.

"But, it was cute the way you actually thought you had a choice," cooed Daisuke, his smile never faltering.

Sometimes, he's just scary. Kind of like Satoshi…


I knew he was whipped. Dark's even carrying Daisuke's books. Speaking of boyfriends, more rumors have spread all over school. Somebody keeps stalking Daisuke and Dark and taking pictures of them. At first, I though it was those creepy girls from the yaoi fan club, but it couldn't be them. Whoever is taking the pictures is spreading them all over school…along with some pretty nasty comments. I know yaoi fan girls and they wouldn't do something like this. They don't like to share when it comes to cute pictures of guys making out.

It's not just the picture thing either. Someone must really be out to get Daisuke and Dark because all kinds of bad things have been happening to them. The worst was when someone keyed Dark's car. Poor guys… Damn! It's time for class…

(Daisuke's P.O.V.)

Maybe if I had stayed home today…I wouldn't be having such a crappy day. Someone vandalized my locker! Dark's really mad now. Oh no! He's heading to Riku's class… Dark is convinced Riku is behind everything… I just don't think she did it… I'm clinging to Dark's leg to prevent him from walking any farther…it isn't working… He's still walking… Man…I must look stupid. I'm clinging to the leg of an angry teenager while he walks down the hall muttering swear words. People are looking at me… They're starting more rumors…

"I think Dark is breaking up with Daisuke!"

"I knew it'd happen eventually!"

"Dark's too good for him."

"Wow…Daisuke's really upset…"

"I think Daisuke had an affair!"

"What, how can you tell?"

"He's obviously begging Dark to take him back!"


"DARK STOP!" I yelled.

Great…now everyone thinks I'm crazy too…

"What are you looking at!" I snapped.

Yup, they think I'm crazy. People avoided eye contact now… Oh shit! We're at Riku's class. Shit! Shit! Shit! What do I do! What if Dark wants to fight her!

"RIKU!" Screamed Dark.

Everyone in the classroom turned and stared. Riku was sitting in the back chatting with her friends. She stopped talking and glared when she saw Dark. Her glare intensified when she saw me. Guess she still doesn't like me…

"What do you want?" She rudely snapped.

"Why did you spread those photos all over school! Why did you vandalize Daisuke's locker! Why did you key my car! What the hell is your problem bitch!" Screamed Dark.

Riku snapped. I let go of Dark's leg and moved away…things were going to get ugly…







Riku and Dark both took a deep breath. They were both trying to calm down…trying being the key word…they started yelling again…




Wow…Dark looked super pissed… He looked about ready to crack Riku's skull…oh…they're still yelling… Where are all the teachers?

"BITCH!" Dark shouted at Riku.

"BASTARD!" Riku yelled back.





That's when Yumi-sensei passed by. I guess she was on her way to class and heard the argument…

"Mr. Mousey! Ms. Harada! The principal's office! Now!" She ordered. "I suggest you go too, Mr. Niwa. I have a feeling you're involved too."

Great…I didn't even get to go to first period…it's halfway done anyway…

(Dark's P.O.V.)

I can't believe I got in trouble for yelling at that prostitute! I didn't do anything! She's the one that spread that stuff all over school! I shouldn't get punished… OW! Daisuke kicked me…

"Moron," he muttered.

The principal was a young woman named Towa. She was always perky and easy going. Everyone liked her. Right now, though, she looked angry and disappointed.

"I've never had a problem with you three," stated Towa. "What happened?"

"Dark came into my classroom and started accusing me of things I didn't do!" Exclaimed Riku.

"That's a lie!" I yelled. "She's the one that spread all that stuff about Daisuke and me! She also vandalized Daisuke's locker! You wouldn't believe what she did to my car!"

"I didn't do it!"

"Shut up!"

"Mr. Mousey! Calm down," Towa said in a soothing tone. "You too, Ms. Harada."

"Fuck you, Riku!" I screamed.

"Shut up, you trashy man whore!" Riku shot back.

"Bring it on, bitch!"

"Consider it brought, loser!"

I lunged and tackled Riku. She hit the floor hard and all I wanted to do was bash in her skull. I had my fist raised when I felt someone put their arms around my waist.

"Onegai, stop Dark…" I heard Daisuke whisper.

"That's enough!" The principle yelled. "I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm calling all of your parents! I will not tolerate this kind of language or behavior! Lindsey, come here for a second!"

A young woman came into the room.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" She asked.

"Call the parents of Daisuke Niwa, Riku Harada, and Dark Mousey," ordered the principal.

"Okay," replied the woman as she left the office.

I was sooo screwed! I could hear my mother's voice over the phone…she's very loud… SHIT!

"This is all your fucking fault, Dark," muttered Riku.

"Dark didn't do anything!" Daisuke insisted.

Good to know Daisuke's on my side.

"Shut up! You're only sticking up for him because you're his little bitch!"


"Stop it!" Towa yelled, as she tried to regain the peace once again. "I told you before, this language is not acceptable at school."

"It's not my fault Daisuke lets Dark fuck him when he wants something," sneered Riku.

"I DO NOT!" Shouted Daisuke.

Now Daisuke's mad too…

"Listen Riku," I angrily said. "Daisuke is not some whore! He's my boyfriend and we have sex because we love each other!"

Oh…and because I'm horny and can't keep my hands off the cute little uke.


The door swung open and I saw my mother in the doorway. SHIT! I was in sooo much trouble.

"I'm Dark's mother…what's going on?" she asked.

"Thank you for coming, Mrs. Mousey. Your son got into a very loud and rude argument with Ms. Harada," stated Principal Towa.

My mother looked surprised…I may have forgotten to tell her that I broke up with Riku…or that I'm dating Daisuke…

"Why would my son fight with his girlfriend?" My mother asked.

Daisuke looked like he was about to kill me while Riku avoided eye contact.

"Um well…you see mom…." I nervously said.


"Where is my baby!" Exclaimed Emiko, as she entered the room.

She pulled Daisuke into a tight hug, in fact, I think he was turning blue…

"Can't…breathe…let…go," gasped Daisuke.

Emiko let go and asked the principal, "What's going on! I'm Daisuke's mother, Emiko. What happened!"

"What did I miss?" A woman asked as she entered the room.

I recognized her as Riku's mother. She's always busy so Riku will probably be in a lot of trouble for making her miss work. Then again, my mom will kill me too. She had a hair appointment with a very famous hair stylist and she was going to go see her lawyer about the divorce with dad. Our mothers were looking at us disapprovingly…I was in deep shit. I knew I was really in trouble when my dad walked in through the door, followed by Riku's father.

"I've called you all here because there was a distur-"

"DARK CHEATED ON ME!" Riku yelled, cutting off Towa's speech.

"What?" The adults chorused, minus the principal, who was now massaging her temples in frustration.

"Dark…I didn't think you were the type of boy to do this sort of thing…" muttered Emiko.

"I thought I raised you better. Please don't become your father!" Sobbed my mother.

"The boy was unhappy with that other girl! You can't blame him!" Argued my father.

"Why didn't you say anything, Riku?" Mrs. Harada asked her daughter.

I guess that's why she wouldn't look me in the eye. She didn't tell her parents either.

"I can't believe I treated you like part of the family," Mr. Harada angrily spat.

"Who was the girl?" Emiko suddenly asked.

"Er well…she…well…it's not really a she…well that is to say…." I mumbled.

What do I say?


Well…that's one way to put it… Why is everyone looking at me funny?

"You have defiled my son's virginity!" Daisuke's mother sobbed.

Now everyone's looking at me like I'm sort of pervert…

"My son's not like that!" My father exclaimed.

Yeah, I am.

"Everyone, I think you should all calm down," Principal Towa suggested.

She was, of course, ignored.

"I bet he gets his infidelity from you," my mother told my father.

"You couldn't keep me satisfied," smirked my dad.

Oh boy…

My mother gasped and tackled my father. She started hitting him repeatedly with her handbag.




I didn't even know my mother knew those words. Emiko pulled her off my father… She looks really mad.

"It's true," I stated as I stood up.

Everyone was looking at me again.

"I'm dating Daisuke," I proudly told everyone.

"Your son seduced mine!" My father told Emiko.

"Actually, I took advantage of him while he was drunk," I corrected.

Wait…that came out wrong…

"You got my poor baby drunk and raped him!" Emiko cried out.

"Don't worry mom…the rest of the times I wasn't intoxicated…" Daisuke said in an effort to console his mother.

"Other times…?" repeated Emiko.

"How many times have you messed around with that…boy…?" Asked my dad.

"Um…I can't remember…lots of times," I truthfully replied.

I guess that wasn't the answer Emiko wanted, she cried harder. Riku's parents were looking at me with disgust.

"I want you to stay away from our daughter!" Yelled Mr. Harada.

"Sure," I replied rudely. "As soon as she admits she was the one that spread all those pictures and vandalized Daisuke's locker."

"I didn't do it!" Argued Riku.

"My daughter wouldn't do that!" Shouted Mr. Harada.

"My son wouldn't lie!" My mother shot back.

"You know what they say, like father, like son. It must run in the family to betray the people you love," sneered Mrs. Harada.

"I DIDN'T BETRAY MY WIFE!" My father yelled.

I think cheating counts as betrayal…

"You say that…yet I saw you fucking that whore on your desk!" My mother countered.

By now, the principal wasn't even trying to stop the arguments. Daisuke was sitting in his chair and looked like he wanted to die. Riku…well…she was still mad and denying my accusations. My mother started beating my father up with her bag again.

"Your daughter should apologize!" Emiko told Mrs. Harada.

"She didn't do anything!" Mrs. Harada insisted.

"That boy is the one that cheated on her," scowled Mr. Harada.

"I didn't cheat on Riku! She broke up with me and then I got together with Daisuke! I never cheated!" I told Riku's parents.

"My son isn't gay!" Repeated my father. "You're not gay, Dark!"

"No, I'm not, I'm bisexual," I smirked.

I must be pissing him off. My father is very homophobic. He came closer and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Son," he said calmly. "You're just confused. This is all just a phase. Soon, you'll meet a nice young girl and repent your ways."

"Are you saying my son isn't good enough for your son!" Emiko asked, outraged by what my father said.





While my father and Emiko got into an argument, Mrs. Harada got into a cat fight with my mother.

"Your daughter isn't worth my son's time and she knows it. It's obvious she's pulling these pranks to break up my son's new relationship. She wants him all to herself," she smugly told the other woman.

"My daughter is good enough to have any boy she wants!" Mrs. Harada exclaimed.

"Yeah right. With that figure? I think not."

"She's the prettiest girl in the world!"

"You wish! She'll probably end up becoming a hooker!"

"You're thinking of your trashy son!"

Wow…they're beating each other with their purses… Oh shit! I think my mom just knocked that lady's tooth out… Ouch! I never knew my parents could get so violent… Mr. Harada is trying to get the principal to expel me.

"I can't expel a student for cheating on another student," stated Towa calmly.

"Just say he was on drugs, he sure looks like it," suggest Mr. Harada.

"I can't do that!"

"Sure you can!"

Riku was sending me a death glare.

"I didn't do it," she mumbled.

"Stop denying it!" I told her.

"Stop fighting!" Daisuke pleaded.

The door opened and the secretary walked in. We all stopped talking and stared at her.

"Um…Miss Towa…" she said nervously.

"Yes?" Asked the principal.

"Well…everyone heard what you all said over the P.A. system…it seems you left the microphone on from when we did the announcements…" she muttered.

"You mean everyone heard everything?"


"The entire conversation?"


"Please leave my office now."


Somehow, things can always get worse.