Warning: Shonen-ai and strong language

Pairings: Dark x Daisuke, Krad x Satoshi, mild Dark x Riku



This fic has point of view changes and all flashbacks are in third person point of view.

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Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Itsumo – Always.

Together Itsumo: Chapter Thirteen

(Riku's P.O.V)

Risa and I had always been close. We're twins, for heavens sake! Everything we did, we did together. We'd always liked the same things and dressed alike too…that is…until we went into middle school. Suddenly, pink was the greatest thing and ribbons were a fashion statement. It was like I didn't know my own sister anymore. She refused to call me big sis and even declared herself my rival. I never understood why she did that. I thought she was great, even if she had changed, and I didn't feel like we needed to compete.

When I first met Dark, I thought he was a pervert. I'm not sure when things changed. Suddenly, I liked him too. The problem was, Risa liked him as much as I did. I rejected him over and over, but he kept trying. I didn't realize I was beginning to like him more and more. In the end, I accepted his offer and became his girlfriend. I had loved every minute we spent together and I could tell Risa was insanely jealous. I'd felt bad for her, but I really liked Dark.

Then things changed again. I think I'm starting to hate change. I realized, there was someone else besides me that Dark cared about and those feelings were turning into something more. I felt betrayed and like I was losing him. In the end, we had a fight and I lost him anyway. Even when I tried to repair the damage and get him back, it blew up in my face. I saw something I didn't want to see. I saw Dark happy with someone that wasn't me. I should have seen it sooner. Daisuke's whole world was Dark and Dark, even though he didn't realize it at first, couldn't live without Daisuke at his side.

I wanted to scream and yell, anything to make it all go away, but things didn't work that way. Funny, I'd never noticed Daisuke before until he became an obstacle. I don't think anyone ever saw him. He used to be invisible and shy, but now, his true self was showing. He was hard to ignore now. Heads turned when he walked by and he grabbed everyone's attention. Boys and girls now lusted after him. It was an odd thing, but very true.

Risa was so different. She was manipulative and made people into puppets. She had turned into someone I didn't like. The pictures proved it all. The old Risa would have never done this, but now, I'm not so sure. This is something Risa would do now… I wanted to be wrong, but it was hard to believe her. She had told me so many lies…I couldn't figure out what the truth was anymore. It hurt that I couldn't trust my own sister anymore. She had been the one person I had always counted on and now she was gone.

I heard the front door open and close; Risa had come home. Our parents wouldn't be home until late into the evening, so I knew it had to be her. I walked downstairs, the pictures in my hands. I was angry and upset. I wasn't sure what Risa had been trying to pull off, but Dark had accused me of doing something I hadn't because of her. She had also made me look bad in front of everyone. Why would she do something like this!

"Risa!" I yelled, as I reached the front entrance

My twin set her bag down on the floor and turned to face me. Even though we were twins, the differences were there. Risa's hair was darker and long. I had more of a reddish color to my hair and kept it short. Our voices were also different, though we could imitate each other if we tried. Her features showed a surprised expression. I didn't usually yell at her like this, so it must have come as a surprise.

"What the hell is this!" I spat angrily.

I threw the photographs at her. She flinched as they hit her face. They fell to the ground and scattered on the floor. Risa looked at the ground, probably to look at what I had thrown at her. Her eyes widened with surprise. Was she shocked I had caught her, or was it something else? She hesitantly reached down and picked up one of the pictures. She stared at it for a few minutes before she looked at me straight in the eye.

"Where did you get these?" She asked quietly.

"Like you don't know!" I shouted angrily.

"I don't! I don't know where you got these…but it wasn't from me!"

"They were in your room!"

Risa looked at me with an angry expression that matched mine. I wasn't sure why she was angry. She was the one that had passed the photos around school, not me. I was the only one with the right to be angry. My reputation was the one that had been ruined, hers was still intact. Everyone still saw her for the bitch she was. I glared at my sister before stomping away. I'd prove it was all her doing, even if I had to destroy her in the process.

(Risa's P.O.V)

I hadn't been through the door five minutes before Riku starts accusing me of doing who knows what. She threw some photos at me and glared. They were the same ones that'd been passed around school. Why was she blaming me? She was the one with the pictures! She was the suspicious one! Sometimes, I didn't understand what goes through my sister's mind. I hadn't done anything! She always blames me for things! Maybe it's time she grew up. Riku hasn't changed since we were kids…it's not a bad thing…but maybe it's time for a change.

I outgrew the whole twin thing and maybe it was time she did too. Sometimes, I just want to smack her. She always screws things up. When she was with Dark, she didn't dress up for him or anything. She doesn't know how to hold a man, that's why she lost Dark. What pisses me off is that she was the one that broke off the relationship. What the hell is wrong with her! There's no one else like Dark and she just let him go like that! Argh! If I had been the one with Dark, I would have done anything to salvage the relationship and keep him happy.

I had to get out of the house. If I didn't, I was sure I'd beat the crap out of my sister for being a dumbass! Right now, I hated her so much. I was just so sick of Riku and all her crap. First she's crying over Dark, even though she was the one that dumped him, and now she's accusing me of something she herself probably did. I picked up my bag and opened the door.

"I'M GOING TO HIMEKO'S HOUSE!" I yelled as I stepped out the door.

I made sure to lock the front door and walked towards the sidewalk. I didn't have a car since my parents thought Riku and I weren't responsible enough for one yet. I didn't mind walking, though. Himeko didn't live that far and I could take the bus. Himeko and I had become good friends; I went to her house often. She was fun to gossip with and exchange fashion tips. The only thing was…she had an annoying cousin. I think her name was Sakura or something.

They're the same age, yet they can't seem to get along. Sakura is shy and quiet, so unlike Himeko. The girl is so…the girl next door type. Himeko is loud and flashy. She loves pink and hanging out at parties. Sakura is not a party girl. She's more of a book worm. Personally, I think girls like that are a bore and Sakura is never going to get a boyfriend that way. I don't think she even knows what a boy is, she's such a nun.

I reached the house and knocked on the door. Sakura answered the door. She looked down at the floor and let me pass through. She was such a little girl. God! I hated that. She didn't look people in the eye and mumbled things or stuttered instead of actually talking to you. She should learn how to socialize.

"Is Himeko in her room?" I asked.

She nodded and avoided eye contact.

"I'll go up to her room then," I said cheerfully.

She just nodded again.

I walked past her and into my friend's room. She was blasting Utada Hikura's CD on her stereo and reading a magazine. I flopped down on the bed next to her and sighed.

"Okay, what's wrong?" She asked.

She always seems to know when something is bothering me, it's a best friend thing, I guess. Riku used to be able to make me feel better and always knew what to do, not anymore, though.

"Riku is accusing me of spreading those pictures!" I yelled.

"What pictures?" She asked.

"The ones with Dark and Daisuke!"

Himeko looked up from her magazine and looked at me. She stared at me for a few moments. I wondered what she was thinking about right now.

"What…made her think it was you?" She finally asked.

I shrugged. What had made Riku think it was me? The pictures weren't mine, so I have no idea how they got in my room, but I sure didn't take them. I hadn't even seen them before until the day they had been passed around school. I have no idea what Riku was talking about.

"I have no clue," I replied truthfully.

Okay, so this sounded like something I would do. In fact, if I had been the one to take the pictures, I would have done something much worse. I would have had them printed in the newspaper or shown on television, anything to make them miserable. I wanted Dark to ditch Daisuke. I wanted Dark all to myself! These feelings for him still hadn't gone away and I liked him a lot more than I had before. It wasn't fair! Riku had had him and now he was with Daisuke! Why didn't he notice me? What did I have to do to get Dark to finally see me?

(Daisuke's P.O.V)


I heard someone call my name as I walked out of the building. Dark was standing in the front and waving at me like a maniac. I walked over to him, surprised.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was sooo bored!" He whined. "So…I came here to hang out with you!"

He pulled me against his chest and held me protectively. Dark could be so cute sometimes. Okay…so he's just a pervert. I scowled when I felt him feel up my ass in front of my classmates. He was such a pervert! One minute he was this sweet guy, and he was a perverted boyfriend the next. Dark was odd.

"I can't hang out today…" I said regretfully. "I'm going to a classmate's house to work on a project."

Dark seemed to be pondering what I said for a few seconds. What was he thinking? All of Dark's ideas were bad ones…I that out the hard way.

"I'll go with you!" He said excitedly.

See what I mean? He has stupid ideas.

"It's a project! You can't come!" I insisted. "It'd be rude of me to bring my boyfriend!"

"If I don't get to come…" he began. "Then you owe me…"

"W-What do you want?" I asked nervously.

I didn't like the glint in his eyes or the way he was looking at me. I had two choices, I could either let Dark come and let him humiliate me, or I could do whatever it was Dark wanted…which would probably include something kinky… I think I'll go with choice number one. Damn him! He was good at getting what he wanted…though I got the feeling…it didn't matter what I had chosen. He would have found some other way to come along…and I was sure I'd end up doing something kinky with Dark anyway… Oh well…

"I'll tell you were she lives…" I sighed as I got into Dark's car.

This was going to be a long day and I knew it. I just hoped Sakura wasn't going to be too mad about me bringing Dark over.

(Dark's P.O.V)

I was so bored that I actually cleaned my room. My mom was out all day. She went to ruin my dad's life or something. I don't know, I wasn't listening to her ranting. I was so glad when it was time for school to get out. That meant I could go pick up Daisuke. I wish he'd gotten suspended too…it would have been more fun…yes…fun… Oh, better stop thinking like that. Daisuke was looking at me funny. He was too naïve for his own good sometimes.

"This is the place," he said as he pointed to a house. "Sakura gave me the address. She's staying with her cousin's family until her parents get back from an archeological dig in Egypt."

"Oh…" I replied.

We got out of the car and walked towards the front door. I took Daisuke's hand and he smiled at me. He was just so adorable when he smiled. I just wanted to eat him up…which I would…as soon as we left. He continued smiling at me, not realizing what I was thinking. Sweet Daisuke, you really should learn that I'm not someone you can trust. A girl opened the door. Man, she was painfully shy. Oh! I remember her! She's the one that told us Riku was the one with the pictures!

"T-Thanks for coming, Daisuke-kun…" she said quietly.

"No problem. I hope you don't mind…but Dark wanted to come too…" replied Daisuke.

"I-It's no trouble…please…come in…"

We entered the house and took off our shoes. It was a big home that looked very clean and well organized. Sakura led us to the kitchen where I guess we'd be working.

"Himeko is in her room and she has her music on very loud…I-I thought it'd be better to work here…" she quietly muttered.

Daisuke nodded and sat down. I sat down next to him. It looked like they were working on a repot. Reports were the worst projects you could get…they were boring…and boring. I sat there and watched them look through books and write down notes. I would have helped…but I didn't want to. It was so silent and the only sounds you could hear were the scratching noises the pencils made as Daisuke and Sakura took notes. I could hear the sound sounds of some music, but they were distant and I couldn't make out the words.

Suddenly, the music became louder as a door opened. I watched as Risa Harada walked out of the room. She stopped to look at me for a second and then looked over to Daisuke. She was surprised, to say the least, and so was I. What the hell was she doing here?

(Daisuke's )

I didn't know what to do as I watched Risa come out of that room. She had never liked me and I wondered if she was up to something. Risa was known for being a bitch and doing what she had to to get what she wanted out of people. I saw Himeko come out of the room behind her. I'd heard they were friends, but hadn't thought much of it at the time.

"What are you doing here?" Risa scowled.

I knew she meant me. She'd never talk to Dark that way, she liked him too much. I felt a bit angry. She didn't have the right to talk to me that way and I was a guest here, just like she was. She didn't live here and she had no right to talk to me in that tone. Sometimes she made me really mad. I tried to ignore her, but Risa wasn't someone that could be ignored. She was so loud and annoying, that you just had to snap at her.

"I was invited here!" I countered.

"D-Daisuke-kun came by to work on a project…Auntie said it was okay…" whispered Sakura.

She seemed uncomfortable and I felt bad for her. I hope I hadn't gotten her in any sort of trouble… If it was so much of an inconvenience, I'd leave. It was fine, we were almost done… I didn't like Risa's attitude towards me… She was acting like she was better than me or something, which she wasn't.

"We don't have to leave just because you want us to!" Dark yelled at Risa.

Risa looked hurt for a moment before she regained her composure. She looked like nothing had happened and smiled at Dark. She flipped her hair and tried to look cute…at least that's what I think she was doing. It's hard to tell…she's a weird girl…

"I wasn't kicking you out, Dark-kun," Risa sweetly told Dark. "I was just surprised to see you…that's all."

Dark glared at her and she cowered under his gaze. Dark could be scary sometimes…I could see why people didn't want to mess with him. He was strong and could kick ass, though he preferred not to fight. I watched him argue with Risa, though the argument was mostly one sided. Risa would never talk back to Dark, nor do anything that would make him hate her, though he didn't really like her to begin with.

That's when we heard the front door ring. I hoped it was an adult or something, but alas, the universe decided to screw me over today. I watched Riku enter the house.

(Riku's P.O.V)

My mom sent me to go pick up Risa. I was still pissed at her, but I went anyway. She let me borrow the car, so I got there fast. When I got there, I knocked on the door. No one answered, though. The door was open so I stepped inside. There was some yelling going on, so I rushed towards the voices. There he was, Dark. I was very surprised and angry. It'd be easier to get over him if he'd just stop showing up everywhere. Why was it that everyone I went, Dark was sure to be there? This was so unfair!

"YOU!" Yelled Dark when he saw me. "What the hell do you want!"

"I'm here to pick up my sister, you dork!" I snapped back.

He didn't say anything more, but continued to glare at me. He used to look at me with loving eyes and a smile, now he's cold and cruel. I hated the way things had changed.

"So now I'm your sister!" Risa cut in. "After all that crap about the photographs!"

"What photographs?" Dark asked suspiciously.

"She accused me of spreading those pictures of you and Daisuke!" Risa tattled to Dark.

What a liar.

"WE ALL KNOW IT WAS YOU!" Dark spat as he continued to look at me in a cold way.

"It was not!" I insisted.

Dark didn't believe me. This wasn't happening! Dark had never doubted me before…when we were together… I guess things were different now, but still…IT WASN'T ME! I wouldn't do such a thing!

"Yeah, Riku!" Himeko interrupted. "Fess up! I've been hanging out with Risa all this time and she hasn't done anything!"

"Shut up!" I yelled at my sister's best friend. "You two probably did it! You've both been hanging out together too much if you ask me! You two were probably plotting something!"

"How dare you!" Risa gasped. "I never did anything!"

"No one else but you could do such a thing!" Dark kept insisting.

"Riku didn't do it…" a soft voice said.

We all turned to face the speaker. It surprised me to find out who had spoken.

"Riku didn't do it…" repeated Sakura. "…because it was me."

We all stood in silence. Was this some sort of joke? Sakura! She couldn't even tell a lie, how could she have done this? I just couldn't believe it. Of all the people…Sakura! No one said a word. It was so quiet, you could hear a pen drop.

"Why?" Daisuke asked.

He hadn't spoken since I got here, so I had forgotten he was even here. Funny, he was always being forgotten. I don't know how he could have lived his whole life being ignored like that…

"It wasn't fair!" She exclaimed. "I-I'd known Daisuke-kun for almost as long as Dark had…but he just saw me as another girl in his class…I was so jealous…but I never said anything. It was so hard to get close to Daisuke-kun since he was always with Dark-san. It was like their worlds revolved around each other and there wasn't any room for anyone else. I-I really liked Daisuke-kun…so I was happy when Dark-san started going out with Riku-san…I thought…that maybe…I had a chance…"

She fell to her knees and sobbed. I felt so bad for her. She looked so pitiful and sad…

"I saw the pictures in Riku-san's room…" she continued. "When we came to pick up Himeko…I saw them…so I put them in Risa-san's room…I thought they'd blame her… I did all kinds of bad things when I found out about Daisuke-kun and Dark-san…I was just so hurt…and angry…but…I'm sorry…"

"Why are you telling us this?" Asked Daisuke. "Why did you confess?"

"I-I guess I wanted things to be right again…" Sakura whispered. "I'm really happy for you, Daisuke-kun…"

I watched Daisuke get on his knees and wrap his arms around Sakura as she cried. I wouldn't have been this nice about it…I guess…I can see a why Dark fell for him…but…that doesn't mean I'm still not going to give up on Dark.

(Daisuke's P.O.V)

The ride home was silent. It wasn't an awkward silence or anything; we just didn't feel like talking. I was glad Dark didn't try to beat up Sakura or anything. Gender never stopped him from trying to beat the crap out of someone. He always said that if a girl hit him, it meant she was ready for a fight. He also said that if someone messed with him in any way, the person would wish they'd never been born.

I was shocked…of all the people…Sakura! I mean…she was always so nice…and quiet… I guess it's like they say, it's always the quiet ones. Why had I not seen it before? How could I have been so blind? I should have seen the signs…but I didn't.

"You didn't know, it wasn't your fault," Dark sighed. "Don't feel bad."

I'd forgotten how good Dark was at reading my feelings and what went on in my mind. I think I'd had enough drama for one day. I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up in bed; I'd had enough. When we reached my house, it was late. Dark leaned over and wrapped his arms around me. It was comforting to know he was there for me. I could always count on him no matter what.

"Don't worry, Daisuke," he whispered. "It'll all be okay. It's okay."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"I know because we'll be together and everything is alright if we're together. Remember, I promised."

"Yes…together itsumo…we'll be together always…"

I smiled at him and closed my eyes when I felt him leaning in closer. The kiss was long and deep. I was gasping for breath when it was over. My cheeks were flushed and my hair was messed up. I got out of the car and waved at Dark as he drove away. I was in good mood by the time I reached the house. Dark always seemed to make me feel better. I liked that about him. I was surprised when I didn't see Emiko sitting on the couch. It was around seven and my mom never missed her soap operas.

The lights in the living room weren't even on. That was weird. I hoped nothing had happened. I noticed the lights in the kitchen were on, so I walked in. My mother was sitting down across from a man I'd never seen before. They both had a mug of coffee in front of them. The kitchen table they were sitting in front of seemed bigger than it usually did. I guess it was because they were sitting as far apart from each other as they could.

That was weird, it was like they wanted to be as far away from each other as possible and still be sitting at the kitchen table. How very odd… They were kind of glaring at each other, which was weird as well. Emiko never glared, that was rare. Sure she yelled sometimes, but to glare, not my mom. I was concerned now. Had this man done something to my mother? Was he…dating her? My mother had never dated before and she always said I'd get to meet anyone she was considering dating.

"Mom?" I quietly said as I cut through the thick silence.

It seemed my voice had startled both my mom and the man. They stopped looking at each other and looked over to where I was standing. I felt a bit uncomfortable right now. They were both staring at me in a weird way and I didn't like it. I shifted a bit and stared back at both of them. The man smiled at me and my mother frowned at him. This was more than weird…it was just plain creepy.

"What's…going on?" I asked hesitantly.

"Honey…sit down please…" my mother said sweetly.

Now…I was scared. The only time Emiko had used that voice was when she wanted to comfort me. OH MY GOD! I was dying, wasn't I? I had some sort of incurable disease! Or maybe…DARK WAS DYING! I sat down on the chair quickly. I didn't know if my legs were going to be able to support me if I kept standing. I was preparing for the worst and praying for the best.

"Daisuke…" my mother whispered as she looked at me. "Don't be nervous…you didn't do anything bad…"

Why didn't I believe her? Why did it seem like there was something these two were hiding something from me? I didn't feel any better.

"Daisuke, this man…he…well…" my mother began. "He's…um…erm…"

It seemed like my mom couldn't seem to find the right words for what she wanted to say. My mother not having something to say? That was a first. Emiko was never at a loss for words. She always had something to say over something. I looked over at the man. He sighed and smiled at me again.

"I'll tell him," he stated.

He had a semi deep voice. It didn't sound mean or anything, he sounded like…an adult. He sounded like a nice person. I looked over at my mother. She had closed her eyes and put her face in her hands. I wondered what was wrong with her. I looked back over to the man.

"Daisuke, my name is Niwa Kosuke," he stated. "I'm your father."

My eyes widened and I looked at him in shock. I felt my blood run cold and my whole body go numb. I couldn't believe what he had just said. It was a lie! I didn't have a father! He abandoned his family years ago. This was all some sort of sick joke. I had a mom now, and that was all I needed. This man was lying. This was…he…no… This wasn't fair! He couldn't just abandon me and show up when it was convenient for him! No, I wouldn't forgive him.

"I'm here to take you home," he continued.

"No!" I yelled.

With that, I stood up and ran out of the room. I ran out the front door and kept going. I fell down a few times, yet I still kept going. I couldn't stop; I just knew I had to keep running. If I were to stop, I knew that man would catch up with me. If I were to stop, I knew my father would find me.


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