Warning: Shonen-ai

Pairings: Dark x Riku, Dark x Daisuke

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This fic has point of view changes and all flashbacks are in third person point of view.

Japanese Terms:

Itsumo – Always.

Together Itsumo: Chapter One

(Daisuke's P.O.V.)

I watched Dark flirt with Riku, he'd had a crush on her for three years now, ever since his freshmen year. I couldn't stand to watch. I wish he'd look at me the way he was looking at Riku right now.


Guess it's time to head to class. I watched Dark wave goodbye to Riku. I guess these feelings for Dark started when we were about twelve, they never went away. Dark is seventeen now and I'm fifteen. I'm a freshmen and he's a junior. We only have one class together since we're in different grade levels; I get lonely without him.

"Alright class, today I will place you in groups so that you may discuss act four of Romeo and Juliet," said Yumi-sensei, my English teacher. (A/N: I was required to read that play for my English class. I hate that story. It's just stupid kids who end up making bad choices and ruining their lives.)

I like Yumi-sensei a lot. She's a very understanding person and always wants what's best for her students. She never forces you to do things that will embarrass you or make you uncomfortable in any way.

I was placed in a group with three other students whose names I don't know. Even though they've been in the same class as me since the beginning of the year, I never bothered to learn their names. I didn't think it'd be important. It wasn't as though I wanted to be friends with them anyway; I had Dark and that was enough. (A/N: I didn't bother to learn my classmate's names either…)

The people in my group got into a heated discussion while I did my best to ignore them. Personally, I thought the play was stupid.

"What do you think, Daisuke-kun?" Asked a brown-haired girl.

"Don't bother Sakura; he doesn't talk to anyone except Dark. The kid's weird and creepy," A black-haired boy stated.

"That's like, so true. He's like totally freaky. All he ever does is follow Dark everywhere. If I were Dark, I'd tell him to leave me the fuck alone," sneered a blonde-haired girl. (A/N: I hate it when people keep using the words "like" and "totally" in a sentence too many times.)

"That's mean…" the girl Daisuke now knew as Sakura, commented.

"Himeko is right, Sakura," retorted the black-haired boy.

"Thank you, Kyou," Himeko told Kyou.

I just ignored them all. I didn't care what they said about me. Dark would never leave me. He made a promise to me.

"Daisuke! Hurry up!" Dark called to Daisuke.

"I'm coming Dark. Where are we going?" Asked Daisuke.

"I'm going to take you to my secret place!" Dark said with a smile.

"Secret place…?"

"Yeah…I've only shown you…and you know you're my best friend and all…"

"Only me…really! Does that mean you really like me?"

Dark felt himself blush. Daisuke always did such cute things.

"Yes, I really like you," answered Dark. "We're here!"

The place was beautiful. There were flowers everywhere and a pond rested in the center of the field.

"Hey Dark…" Daisuke called to his friend.

"Yeah?" Dark answered.

"Will we always be together?"

"Of course!"

"Are you sure…I know people say bad stuff because you hang out with me…"

"Those kids are just being meanies!"

"Yeah…but they said you were a baby for hanging out with a ten year old…and they said you were a loser…"

"I can hang out with whoever I want! I don't care if you're only ten! You're my best friend and were going to be together always!"



"I want to be with you always, Dark…"

Dark always was picked on by his other friends for hanging out with me. He was two years older than I was and his friends thought it was childish to befriend a little kid. Dark never left me though. His friends finally accepted me, but I was still always left out.

I was never invited to parties, Dark was the one who got invited. I was never asked if I wanted to hang out; it was always Dark. No ever wanted to be around me; Dark was the one that forced them to be near me. I don't know if Dark noticed this or if he chose to ignore it, but sometimes, it bothered me.

Everyone always made fun of me whenever Dark wasn't around. They know I'm his best friend, so they don't do it when he's around. Maybe everyone's jealous that Dark spends so much time with me, or they just all hate me, but I've been picked on since I was small. I just ignored it, but sometimes words can really hurt. The thing that hurts that most is the thought of Dark leaving me.

It frightens me sometimes, how much I need Dark. What if something were to happen to him? I don't think I could live without him. I love him so much it hurts. I could never tell him this though. He'd be disgusted and leave me all alone. I'm happy watching him from afar. But sometimes, the pain is just too great.

When he flirts with Riku, it feels like he ripped out my heart. When I see the way he looks at her, I want to cry. When he talks about how great Riku is, I want to crawl into a hole and die.

Everyone tells him to ditch me, but he hasn't yet. Sometimes I think that it's only a matter of time before he gets sick of me and dumps me. I hope not.


Class finally ended. My next period was my favorite, art. It's the only class I have with Dark. Art is something I'm really good at. Dark has often complimented my paintings.

People stare at me as I walk through the halls. They whisper rumors and lies to each other. They always do that. Don't they have anything better to do than gossip about other people's lives?

As I go through the door to the art room, I spot Dark sitting in the back. I take the seat next to him like I always do. The teacher gave us our assignment and I got to work.

(Dark's P.O.V.)

I watched Daisuke work on his assignment. He seemed to really be into it; he didn't even notice me staring. The classroom door opened and I saw the most beautiful girl enter the room, Riku Harada. She was talking with the teacher and I guess she was transferred into this class.

I've been in love with Riku Harada since I met her.

Dark walked towards the cafeteria. He was now a ninth grader and officially a high school student. It wasn't as big of a deal as he originally thought. Since the middle and school were connected, it wasn't like he got to go to a new school. On the bright side, he still went to school with Daisuke.

Dark gasped when he saw the girl standing in front of the cafeteria doors. She was gorgeous. Her hair was the perfect blend of brown and red, her eyes were big and round and she had a thin, yet curvy frame. He had to know who she was.

Dark walked up to girl; he was nervous. He wanted to make a good impression on this girl.

"Hi, I'm Dark Mousey," Dark introduced himself, while trying to act cool.

"I'm Riku, now buzz off pervert," the girl stated coldly.

Dark was not expecting that reaction. He had never been blown off before. He liked Riku even more now.

"Be my girlfriend."





Dark walked away looking defeated. He may have lost this round, but the war was far from over. Riku would become his girlfriend, he would make sure of it.

I never did give up. Every day I asked her to be my girlfriend. Every rejection just brought me closer to her accepting my offer. When Riku noticed me, she frowned and looked angry. Since there was only one empty seat, Riku was forced to sit next to me. I didn't mind at all.

(Riku's P.O.V.)

I can't believe I have to sit next to that pervert! All he did was flirt with me and stare at me all period long. God! Doesn't he have anything better to do? But…he's not so bad. I kind of like the attention he's giving me. I didn't know he was interested in art. This class is an advanced course and you have to be recommended by a teacher to get in.

Dark was already finished with the assignment. We were supposed to draw any person that was important to us. Dark had drawn me. It was actually pretty good. What caught my eye, though, was Daisuke's drawing. It was a picture of Dark. That wasn't what surprised me, what surprised me was how beautiful and carefully drawn the picture was.

It was obvious Daisuke had taken his time drawing it, he had talent. I had drawn Risa, my twin sister. She had the biggest crush on Dark and often picked fights with me over it. She said it wasn't fair Dark liked me and that I had some sort of secret way to attract men that I wasn't telling her about. She could be so stupid sometimes.


Wow, class went by really fast. Shit! I'm going to be late!

(Daisuke P.O.V.)

I saw Dark drawing Riku during art class; I wish he had drawn me. He's free to do what he wants, though. Anyone else in my position would probably loathe Riku and want to hurt her, but strangely enough, I don't feel this way. She can't help it that Dark likes her. It would be pointless to blame her for something she had no control over.

I was happy today. Dark promised to take me to the movies. It's something to do, just the two of us. We haven't spent much time alone lately, so this means a lot to me. I can't wait.

I hurry and head to my next class. My school is very strict when it comes to tardiness. I'd probably end up with detention for a week if I'm late.

As soon as the lecture started, I tuned out my teacher. Even though I made strait A's, I still didn't pay attention in class. It's a bad habit, I know, but it's hard to break. I really don't care what my teacher's telling me. It's just review anyway. I don't even notice how much time has passed until the bell rings. The rest of my classes were uneventful.

I never get called on by the teacher or anything. I have mastered the art of looking interested while actually daydreaming. My teachers all think I'm paying attention so they don't call on me.

I wanted to get home quickly. I hoped Emiko-san wouldn't mind me hanging out with Dark tonight. Emiko-san is my latest foster mother. I actually liked her. She didn't treat me like a freak. Not like the rest of them…

"We can't keep him, Kira!" Daisuke's foster father yelled at his wife.

"But he's just a little boy, Yukito…" Daisuke's foster mother, Kira, pleaded.

"He's…not right…" mumbled Yukito.

"I know Daisuke can be odd, but he's a good kid…" Kira said defiantly.

"There's something not right about him. He doesn't do things normal kids do. He doesn't do ANYTHING!" Yelled Yukito.

"That's not a bad thing…" Kira stated.

"It's not just that Kira…his eyes…they're so dead…it's like he has nothing to live for…and he's so sad and alone…I don't think we can help him…" Yukito told his wife in a calmer tone.

Daisuke heard his foster parents arguing. He already had all his possessions packed. He knew this lifestyle wouldn't last for very long. It had only been a matter of time before his foster parents got sick of him. It was fine, though. He didn't need anyone but Dark.

School finally ended and I was out of there before the bell finished ringing. Dark was waiting for me by the gate. We always walk home together. When we reached my house, he said goodbye and headed home. I watched him walk away. When I couldn't see him anymore, I entered my home.


For you Dark x Riku haters, I'm sorry. It was important to pair up Dark with a girl. You'll find out why later. It was either Riku or Risa. I absolutely hate Risa with all my…er…hatred. I can stand Riku, but Risa is such a bitch and evil slut who dared to turn down Daisuke Niwa! I didn't want to make up my own character either. It gets sadder, so get ready to cry. I like fancfics that are sad and where Daisuke is abused. I'm sorry Dai-chan, my laptop made me type it. I just started typing this fic and then before I knew it, I had a prologue and two chapters finished. I'm working on chapter three right now. Review if you want to read chapter two. Thank you Staryday for editing my story!