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Shadow Guardian,

Chapter 1 Looking into the past

Sounds of foot steps were heard as a young man enveloped in darkness moved through the hallway. He held no source of light, for he loved and longed for the darkness that surrounded his very soul, like a lover. He stopped suddenly and moved his hands over the ancient inscriptions embedded in the wall. These very inscriptions were the chains that held onto his soul keeping death at bay giving him what men has seeked for centuries "immortality". He looked away sadly as he tried to remember his mortal name, a name which he longed to hear from his lovers' lips. But it wasn't possible he had lost her long ago to Anubis, his ally, his soul keeper. Years have passed since that fatal day; to him it had felt like days. He could feel her hands holding him and pulling him closer to her, he could feel her salty tears as they fell on his blood stained cheek

Please don't leave she whispered as she cried, he moved his broken and blood covered hand to her cheek, shh everything going to be alright Anzu.

No I can't loose you again she answered back as brought her face closer to his. I will always be with you Anzu in your heart as he placed his hand over her heart.

Promise me something he answered back.

She held his hand anything my love you won't bury your heart with me Anzu, but you will fall in love and seek happiness. She looked into his purple eyes and brought her lips to his I promise, but you will always remain in my heart i will wait for the day when we can be together again. He gave her a small smile as he felt his soul leaving his body. She still cradled his body and moved her hands and softly closed his eyes i will wait Yugi for the day we can all be together again I won't forget you my love.

To be Continued…..

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